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FirstMerit Bank has 377 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is an established bank that has presence across at least one state, and most likely uses an ATM network, but we are not aware of it.

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FirstMerit Bank was established October 1890. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 25.2 billion US dollars. This is considered a large bank that most likely serves a large portion of their region. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 10%. Lower is better!

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FirstMerit Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • A
    Reviewed By Anonymous777 Feb 11, 2016


    This is by far the worst bank I've ever unfortunately banked with. Terrible from customer service to the mobile banking. So close to illegally scam it's ridiculous. I wish I would of read a review before got suckered into banking with these filthy people. So embarrassing being a customer here.

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  • T
    Reviewed By Tired_of_the_games Jan 22, 2016

    Mother and father in law passed away with a mortgage due....

    My husband and I are trying to pay off a mortgage that my in laws have with this bank and having to do it with no helpful information from this place is a joke.
    The 'executor' of the will is no help she will NOT tell is what the remainder is due thru First Merit and they First Merit won't help us figure it out but they sure do want their $. We have no clue as to what direction to go.

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  • R
    Reviewed By Roott2 Jan 22, 2016

    Frustratingly First Merit

    I have been banking at this bank with very little issue, but today's experience has me questioning my banking choice. I was charged an overdraft fee and assuming it to be an error (because my account was still a positive balance after the overdraft fee). I went to cash a paycheck from work. Due to the overdraft fee and "pending charges" they wouldn't cash my check but would gladly deposit those funds in to my account to cover the charges.

    I Discussed with the teller, "If I had not been charged an overdraft fee, I would have had sufficient funds in my account to cover my debits.

    She replied, "that would be a correct statement."

    I then added that I had remaining funds in my saving account. She was still unable to assist me and I asked her to return my check so I could get the situation cleared up.

    I went into the main branch and was treated kindly. The fee was corrected. Later in the evening I went back to the drive in- bank and decided to deposit my check and some cash after all. I was speaking with one lady and then was apparently switched to another teller mid transaction. She apparently did not hear my request (or outright ignored it) and deposited some of my funds to cover "charges to my account" and then returned some cash. I sat there and pushed the button to speak with a teller and had to wait several minutes as they had dismissed me. (Note: there was only one other person in line next to me and more than one teller present inside) I stated that I had asked for my funds to be deposited so was confused as to what transaction had just occurred. The young teller insulted me and my vehicle. For some reason I was embarrassed and apologized for any behavior on my behalf that could have been deemed rude and deserving of her sarcastic and unprofessional behavior.

    Not necessarily done with this bank but I shall refuse to use the drive thru portion again.

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