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They got all the services and accounts that other banks have, but take a lot more interest in who you are. At Greer State Bank, they prefer handshakes and first names. They are part of the community, and sure, we even know who won the Friday night game.
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Reviewed by SC_bank_user

Dec 8th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Friendly Tellers, Poor Bank Service, Unstable Financial Health

Greer state bank has mostly friendly tellers at their main branch office in greer, sc. They do not apply the same customer service at each branch location. At one location you will be able to take care of all of your standard banking business at the drive through, while the other branch office makes you come inside for minor things. Unlike their local competition bb&t their online banking gives you heads-up on external ach withdrawals not generated with their debit card. Still their deposit times are limited so unlike other banks in the area if you make a late afternoon deposit it will not be available to you that day.

High fees, not flexible with short term lending, and overall a bank that makes you worry how the will last due to their bad financial health and their conflict of interest in the local community. They were heavily invested in the now semi-defunct blue ridge plantation subdivision of greer, and financed or "bank rolled" (pun intended) the election of the local major who serves as one of their vice presidents as well. Best part of their service. Let's say you have $1000 in your checking account let's say it is one day before your next direct deposit from your employer.

Now imagine you needed the $1000 and took them out of your account. You can do that, and nobody will say anything to you. You get your $1000 and you go home. The next day you go online to do some online banking with the money that you were expecting from your employer. Surprise, your account is gone! Yes indeed, as soon as you take your money out of your account down to 0 they close your account. Thats it. Done. They will be so kind and hold your employers money in their hands for a full day, and will return the deposit the next day - potentially leaving you in a huge nightmare. This happened to me, and they claimed they had called me many times but had no good number for me, but unfortunately their computers displayed my correct numbers when i asked what they had on file. Useless!

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