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Guaranty Bank is a full service retail bank headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.
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Guaranty Bank, WI Location Map
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Customer Reviews

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Auru's Profile Image

Reviewed by Auru

Dec 27th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Great Banking Experience

Guaranty bank has great free checking. On the type of checking account i decided to open i get free checks for life with unlimited check writing!!! The type of checking account i opened also earns interest, gives me free bill pay, free visa check card, and all of this requires no minimum balance. It is worth it to look into the different types of checking accounts guaranty bank has to offer because guaranty bank is a bank that truly understands what the words free checking really mean. I recommend going into the evanston illinois branch and talking to the assistant branch manager, rhoda frost. She will happily talk to you about the different account options. She is very helpful and patient. Take advantage of truly free checking. Stop getting ripped off by banks that demand direct deposit and try to limit the number of checks you are allowed to write. Put a stop to high "account maintenance fees" that other banks charge. Guaranty bank is the bank that believes in putting the customer first.

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ozemus's Profile Image

Reviewed by ozemus

Sep 10th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Overdraft fees and Account Tampering

I have banked with this bank for close to 8 years now. Within the last year I have had nothing but issues with this bank.

They charge overdraft/NSF fees even when funds are shown the account. They state (when you call) that there backend systems show it is negative. They are never able to send me this data or confirm it.

This most recent time I was charged an NSF fee that set me over to $39, I rushed in and but money in the account to cover the fee. The teller told me that should put my account in the positive. The next morning my account was negative $108. And the data on my Transaction slip was different than the online banking, and it stated I got another fee 3 days before, which was not there yesterday. That is tampering with bank data, and it has to be illegal.

I would not send my worst enemy to this bank. Please someone shut them down.

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KeithFroelich's Profile Image

Reviewed by KeithFroelich

Apr 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Utterly inept and. for now. effective account tampering and ODP, up for which I did not sign.

This is truly a Mafia style operation where fair banking practices and customer complaints are not welcome. How many of us are out there, I wonder. I never had a problem with the bank until I called to inform them of two illegitimate charges. They instigated a two day investigation and pronounced the charges from FREE CREDIT SCORE and INSTANT CHECKMATE, two of the biggest scam artists online,to be valid. I called and talked to a very rude woman, i wish I'd written down her name, who was very adamant that I was lying and the charges would stand. She even referred to these bottom feeders as "merchants". Collusion-oh, obviously-why else would they accept the validity of the charges without considering what a 3 year customer says unless they got a kickback. Every other bank with which I've dealt, without questioning, gave me a provisional credit and made the charge back permanent within a month.(egTCF,the manager of local West St. Paul branch was incredulous over the story I'm about to tell you. I see now how they were setting me up for the largest cashectomy that's I've ever experienced. Absolutely diabolical. To my astonishment, they would not issue me a new debit card. Of course, once a customer becomes a mark, as I can see now that I was so considered, everything falls into place. I should mention they sent a couple goons who wanted to meet and "work"with me. A lawyer advised against it. The security officers who played dumb iare Jack Talbot and Todd Richarson, Pres and VP of Security'

Frightened, I withdrew $1400 from the bank, leaving enough to test their claim that when I was overdrawn, the card would simply be refused. GOTCHA! The card finally was refused but only after I had gone over my existing funds. I counted the original scam, illegal charges as part of the money left into the account. When I went into collect my SSDI check, they presented me with a statement which read -61.00. I immediately expressed my bewilderment and headed straight for the police.

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