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Guaranty Bank is a full service retail bank headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.
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Guaranty Bank, WI Location Map
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Customer Reviews

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mochamom's Profile Image

Reviewed by mochamom

Jul 22nd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Check Hold Hell

I've had issues with Guaranty Bank's check hold policies for several years now. I frequently find that different branches seem to follow different rules, and I've learned that the branch inside WalMart is much mire customer friendly than the other branch in West Bend, on Main Street.

Several years ago, my husband and I withdrew a cashier's check from a credit union we have an account with. We brought it to the Main Street branch to deposit it. We were told that there would be a hold on the deposit, even though it was a cashier's check. What? As a former credit union manager, the idea that there would be a hold on a cashier's check was completely foreign to me. We went to the WalMart branch and explained the situation, and the teller explained that we could simply cash the check. Why this was not an option provided to us at the other branch, I'll never know.

I have frequently, over the 10+ years I've banked with them, experienced inconsistent check hold policies. Sometimes I deposit a check and they put a hold on it, and sometimes they don't (and I'm talking about payroll type checks.) Often, one branch (Main Street) will place a hold on the deposit and WalMart will not. Very recently I deposited one of these checks (payroll) and the Main Street branch put a hold on it. Because I took some cash back from the check, a hold was placed on my account that exceeded the balance. A debit transaction came through when the hold was in place, and while it cleared, it generated a $37 overdraft fee. I went to the WalMart branch to find out why the hold was placed this time, when it wasn't when I deposited a check from the same company two weeks ago. The branch manager told me that as such a long time customer, I should be subject to these check holds at all, and that not all branches follow the same policies. I've learned my lesson and will exclusively use the WalMart branch from now on.

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ozemus's Profile Image

Reviewed by ozemus

Sep 10th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Overdraft fees and Account Tampering

I have banked with this bank for close to 8 years now. Within the last year I have had nothing but issues with this bank.

They charge overdraft/NSF fees even when funds are shown the account. They state (when you call) that there backend systems show it is negative. They are never able to send me this data or confirm it.

This most recent time I was charged an NSF fee that set me over to $39, I rushed in and but money in the account to cover the fee. The teller told me that should put my account in the positive. The next morning my account was negative $108. And the data on my Transaction slip was different than the online banking, and it stated I got another fee 3 days before, which was not there yesterday. That is tampering with bank data, and it has to be illegal.

I would not send my worst enemy to this bank. Please someone shut them down.

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JoeDirt1's Profile Image

Reviewed by JoeDirt1

May 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service

My wife and i have been banking there for 10+ years, and every time we go in there, the tellers are extremely rude and seem irritated to help the customer. We are planning on withdrawing all of our funds ($5,0000+) and going to a different bank. We are not rude to them, what gives them the right to be rude to us? Unprofessional doesn't even describe it. They act like "lil" ghetto" people.

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