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Gina G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gina G

Aug 19th 2008

feels secure

Since HSBC has no physical building anywhere near my house, it felt odd at first putting money in here. However, now that I'm more comfortable with it, I am able to appreciate how easy it is to transfer money on-line to and from this account. The interest is always better than the interest offered at the savings account offered at my bank.

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upcean's Profile Image

Reviewed by upcean

Feb 24th 2014

Closed 2 Accounts, No Communication

I had an account with HSBC for over 10 years. One day I attempted to log on like any other day and I received a strange error message simply instructing me to call Customer Service. Not thinking much of it and assuming it was a minor problem - I called my bank and to my surprise, "We show your account is closed." My jaw dropped. "Where's my money?" is my first thought. "It has been sent to you." Sent how? What's the tracking? Of course no tracking and of course by the slowest method possible. I never got this first check, by the way. Frustrated and growing increasingly panicked, I opened a second account with HSBC. The first account was closed due to the "amount of withdrawals" on a Savings account. It is funny how after having an account 10+ years and using it borderline the same way month-to-month, suddenly it became a problem but that's another story. The second account I would open was a checking account to bypass this nonsense. I just used the account as a "deposit and forget" type situation - no bells and whistles. Eventually I work out a way to "cancel the check I never got" and have my funds deposited into a new checking account. This required multiple phone calls, having to repeat the same situation over and over. So I get this setup finally and about 2 months later, I get the dreaded "unable to log into your account, please call customer service" number again on my new checking account. Guess what? It was closed. My money is again in "HSBC Land"(that's the HUGE space between myself and my bank) in a digital and modern age of fast notifications and fast, reliable shipping where I will receive neither. When I called Customer Service last night, they told me the "department I needed to speak to was not open" and to "call back". I called back today and guess what I was told by a woman on a static-filled headset, "There is no department that can tell me why

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Nikhil J's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nikhil J

Mar 31st 2010

I've had issues .... not just issue... issues...

HSBC is most disappointing bank I ever done business with. I had credit card account with them for the same they harassed me like anything. Last year in December as I was planning to visit some other country, I closed my credit card account and paid my all dues. Now, one month back they called my parents and asked them to pay remaining dues. When I checked with their customer care reprehensive he said that I need to extra fine as I paid my original dues by cash. Funny thing when I explained him my problem that I can't pay you by check as I am going to be out of country for few years, that customer care guy told me that he can't help me and I am not allowed to opt for online transfer. Then yesterday my parents again received harassment call from HSBC asking for remaining dues (fun fact: this due is very small).

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