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Hudson City Bank Customer Reviews

jamie H's Profile Image

Reviewed by jamie H

Mar 16th 2011

Hudson City will Not Modify my mortgage

We have contacted Hudson City many times with our ability to pay our mortgage payments. The same old, Hudson City does not modify delinquent mortgages is said by everyone that I speak to. After a long period of unemployment, I am gainfully employed and the home has dropped in value far under the mortgaged amount. I do not understand why they will not work out a program, but choose to foreclose aggressively without even serving the correct address with paperwork. The shareholders should know that they would rather take 200,000 loss that work out a payment plan. I am not alone, as I have spoken to many people with HCSB loans in the same position. Many of the clients are self employed and enjoyed success and used Hudson because they were the best in town for larger (Jumbo) loans. Please email me at jamiehogan@rocketmail.com because we need to get to shareholders meeting. .

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maleesawilliams's Profile Image

Reviewed by maleesawilliams

Mar 17th 2014


I frequent the bank often with deposits but the last two visits were not pleasing. The two young ladies greeted me with the I don't want to be here look, very miserable, no smile, no thank you or not even one your welcome. Jersey City Branch. I bank with this bank for convenience but soon I'll have to withdraw my monies and bank elsewhere all due to the customer service.

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tlynn211's Profile Image

Reviewed by tlynn211

Feb 6th 2012

This bank needs to get with the 21st century

This bank was my only option in terms of who would offer a mortgage rate for my situation. Initially I was happy I was able to re-mortgage BUT was soon dissatisfied with the lack of customer service, inability to accept payments on line and pay homeowners insurance through the escrowed funds. it made paying my mortgage each month more of a hassle than anything! Explore other options before going here is my best advice.

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