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Latest Customer Reviews

ccastro's Profile Image

Hunt Valley branch reviewed by ccastro

Mar 9th 2015

zero customer service with walk in customers

ive made 2 attempts to open an account for my 8 mos old daughter and both times ive left the hunt valley branch without being waited on. There is a complete lack of urgency to help customers. i have multiple accounts at this branch and im contemplating taking my business elsewhere. If this branch continues on this path eventually it will be shut down because people like myself will not bank here!

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errata201's Profile Image

Lycoming Mall branch reviewed by errata201

Dec 30th 2014

Tellers have no clue what they are doing.

I am on mobile, so forgive my syntax. I stopped here, to hurry and deposit sum funds into my links accounts overdrawn during holiday. Because I was roughly 15-20 dollar negative, they could not cash a check drawn on their bank so I could deposit just sum funds, to bring out of negative, yet provide me with funds for lodging and expensis. Matt the teller, tried to tell me, waving the M amd T check I had presented, that this is not valid as funds, till deposited and cleared. And that technically I had to have enough in my account to even cash it. This is not correct, when a check is presented, when drawn on same bank, and check is good, which in this case, it is. I notice small town banks always try to pull, what cannot be pulled in large metros. Poor Matt, his only authority in life is when someone like me enters the bank, and he is suddenly thrust into the role of GOVERNOR! Regardless, I cashed a check not long before for 3 times the amount, with little to no funds in my account, due to the fact, it was written/drawn on this same bank. If Matt was correct, very little "checking and receiving" would be done, and everyone would sit to wait for checks to clear, even if drawn on same account and any large checks would go unchecked unless someone was wealthy enough to have the funds to match it. I find it hard to fathom that Matt can continue to work there unchallanged on a daily basis, as he messes up protocol and makes M and T look like a bunch of idiots!

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MCFJR's Profile Image

Route 30 And Penn. Avenue branch reviewed by MCFJR

Dec 1st 2014

Difficulty Using ATM At Bank

My wife tried to withdraw $1,000 at the atm machine this morning before the bank opened. The machine said the transaction could not be completed, but it gave my wife a withdrawl slip for $1,000, and the monitor displayed "pending. ". This was very upsetting to my wife. My wife called me and i went to the bank this morning and talked with the branch manager, who referred me to a woman called beverly. Both the bank manager and beverly were very pleasant, but they are not aware of the policies at m&t. They both told me we can only withdraw the maximum amount of $500 from the atm.

I told both of them that my wife and i have a gold card and we withdraw $1,000 on a regular basis from other branches, particularly the branch in dover, pa. Beveraly told me all the branches of m&t are the same and she called what i assume was the technical office of m&t. That office told beverly that $1,000 may with withdrawn from the atm with a gold card, which we have. Beverly then accompanied me back to the atm and the atm said the transaction could not be completed. Beverly called the technical office and they told her the problem must be with the atm at the 425 loucks road office.

Beverly finally prepared a hand check and we wainted in line for a teller and then completed the transaction, which should have only taken my wife a couple minutes. This was process wasted 50 minutes of my time this morning, which i did not appreciate. My wife and i will avoid using the atm at 425 loucks road, even though it it convenient to where we live. The personnel at that branch office should be educated as to how the atm functions. I rated the branch a one star, because that was the lowest rating i could give it.

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