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Mutual of Omaha Bank operates 44 locations in Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas and Iowa with assets totaling approximately $4 billion. It is a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha, a 99-year-old insurance and financial services company with more than $22 billion in total assets and very high ratings from major ratings agencies.

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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Mutual of Omaha Bank Bank Customer Reviews

  • K
    Reviewed By Kathy Mar 16, 2013

    Beware of their mortgage division!

    Our mortgage with Mutual of Omaha was set up to auto pay from our checking account. We paid off the mortgage on Feb 27th and I confirmed the pay off of the mortgage via telephone and our online account.
    On March 1st they attempted to debit our checking account $1984 for the mortgage payment even though it was all paid off costing a $30 NSF fee with our bank. I called and spoke to a "Chris" a supervisor in Customer Service for Mutual of Omaha. She assured me this was an error on their part and it would be corrected immediately. Additionally, I mailed a letter documenting the conversation to their Research Dept. and sent a letter requesting the auto pay be stopped and the $30 NSF fee refunded.
    On March 4th Mutual of Omaha attempted to debit my checking account a second time for $ 1,984 which failed costing me another NSF $30 fee. I again notified Mutual of Omaha via mail and their website to stop the auto pay and reimburse the NSF fees charged by my bank now totaling $ 60.
    On March 12th I received a demand letter from Mutual of Omaha for $ 1,984 and an additional $ 20 NSF fee. I filed a response via mail and e-mail which was answer on March 16, 2013. They are refusing to waive the $20 NSF fee or reimburse my combined $ 60 NSF fee from my bank. Their position is that to date they have no written authorization from me to stop the auto pay debits and they need a 30 day notice and will continue to try to take the money from my checking account until then even though the mortgage is closed!

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  • CM
    Reviewed By Cat M. Jun 10, 2013

    How do they get new clients?

    Their website had no button to register as a new client. Hunted all over. I e-mailed them for instructions, and was told to ring them. Doing this did not help, as customer service referred me to a button that did not exist (5th button in a list of 4). Their website actually says âEasy to Open.â I asked if they could just post me physical forms; told no. Most merchantsâ websites are in your face with links to join, but these guys have gone in another direction, where you have to go on some hopeless safari with Marlin Perkins.

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  • MN
    Reviewed By MofO n. Jul 20, 2014

    Deception by Mutual of Omaha Bank - Mortgage Services

    We had severe home damage during a baseball-sized hailstorm and rain. I am so completely dissatisfied with the service (or should I say, lack thereof) from Mutual of Omaha Bank, that I feel others should be aware. Our particular situation will require several different contractors for repair. The only job that has been done (by [Redacted]) cannot be paid, due to the inept supervisors that I've spoken with at Mutual of Omaha Bank - Mortgage Services, in Lake Zurich, IL.

    Their policy simply does not work in this type of situation. We still have windows, drywall, insulation, flooring, and painting to be done before our home is put back together. Because of Mutual of Omaha Bank's inability to understand that this is not one job, and will require several different contractors to be paid, we are trying to come up with the money, on our own, that our insurance company has already given to them. I received a letter yesterday, stating that the remainder of the money will be available when "the job" is completed, even though I was told the second disbursement would be completed 2 days ago. I'd call that a blatant lie. We are expected to hold the roofing contractor hostage (as we have been) until Mutual of Omaha Bank can understand that the American Family Insurance money (that they are holding hostage) needs to be released in order to pay contractors?

    I'm well aware of issues with contractors. However, in this case, it's not the contractors who are causing issues. It's our mortgage company. It's truly been like trying to explain why sticking your fingers in a fan with metal blades is not a good idea, to a two-year-old. They just don't get it, even though it's been explained over a dozen times. Then add insult to injury by telling me over the phone that a second disbursement has been made, but it hasn't. It really shouldn't be this difficult, should it? Wish there were "negative" stars to rate with. Unacceptable behavior by a financial institution.

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