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Old National Bank has 213 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is an established bank that has presence across at least one state, and most likely uses an ATM network, but we are not aware of it.

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Old National Bank was established August 1907. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 11.8 billion US dollars. This is considered a large bank that most likely serves a large portion of their region. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 11%. Lower is better!

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Old National Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • C
    Reviewed By Carie Jul 6, 2016

    Horrible Bank!

    Horrible Bank! Don't even try to go there! They bought my local bank and I should of gotten out then! They charge you for everything and if they can't they will make your account look how they want it to in order to get charges out of you! HORRIBLE DON'T GO HERE!

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  • D
    Reviewed By DEAN Jun 26, 2016

    ATM issues

    I will start by saying I have been an Old National Bank customer for over 50 years. Over the years I have been very satisfied with the bank and have used their various services without many issues. A nice hometown bank based in Evansville, Indiana with a good reputation in the community. I am now retired and live out of the country, but continue to use Old National as my bank of choice. Customer loyalty, I suppose. I depend on my Old National Bank debit card to take money as needed wherever I am. Until recently (this month) I never had an issue getting funds from my checking account using my debit card at any ATM. It seems that Old National has changed over to a new system and now when using my ATM debit card I cannot access any money from my checking account because the new system is showing I have exceeded my daily limit. As I have my retirement direct deposited into my checking account this is a very serious issue for me. I have contacted the bank and they tell me it is a glitch in the new system and they are working the bugs out. WOW. Millions of people depend on their ATM cards for convenience and necessity for everyday life. This is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, I will be looking for a new bank that can deliver when you need them the most.

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  • T
    Reviewed By thelastphass May 20, 2016

    Crooked employees

    Had been a customer at a bank that Old National bought out for over 10 years. The account had my name plus my fathers. When Old National sent out courtesy checks they had both names of the checks all statement had both names on them. When another relative was forging signatures and stealing money this bank would not help. I was told my name was not on the account at all. I ask for a signature card and was told they did not have one on this account. Employee then added the person stealing to the account. Now my father had only a few days to live but they forced him ( or forged signature) to sign a new signature card. He could not even get into the bank the employee took it to him. The day my father died the bank had issued checks with out my name or my fathers on it. Funny the account had been in mi e and his name only for over 17 years and employees took it upon there self to remove names from account and I'm guess destroy the original signature card. Do not use this bank unless you want to steal or take advantage of someone. In which case you will need to work out a deal with Ginny at the Madison location. She is they one who personally made sure she dealt with everything and don't worry if you ask to speak with the manager well they will just slam the door in your face. But before this all happened I liked the bank and had several account there.

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