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SSNVet's Profile Image

Wallingford Stop & Shop branch reviewed by SSNVet

Mar 10th 2015

Customer Service misleading - now $180 in overdraft

Account(s) to be closed in Dec '14 as advised by teller/clerk when final drafts were drawn as discussed in Nov '14 once balanced had been "zeroed" which I didn't take literally. At the end of Dec '14, only $2.26 remained in the main account to be closed and $0.00 in second account - pretty much "zeroed" as far as I believed. I no longer wished to bank with People's United as I do not have access to actual bank counter for deposits, etc., in my new location and the random fees charged for having account(s) in lieu of just one - never advised or given an explanation that this would happen and after 18 months - fees started to be assessed. In Jan '15, my wife and I no longer regarded these accounts until I opened the 6th letter received in 3 days at the end of Jan '15. At first I had thought tax papers but after the 6th letter, I opened to find I now am being charged overdraft fees (3 and counting apparently) on an account thought to be closed. By the time I called them the following day, I now had 5 overdrafts from an auto pay bill my wife didn't yet switch but also didn't think it would be an issue since the account was supposedly closed - so I had thought too. Now neither can be closed until I pay for letting them keep $2.26 and according to their phone help center - "Enjoy your new bank while it lasts as we will do whatever it takes to prevent you from ever opening another account with ChecSys." BBB has been notified and I'm advising the Federal Reserve too. Personally, I advise all concerned parties to bank elsewhere and for those considering People's United Bank - don't do it!! Branch management advised over 3 weeks ago that they would call me within 48 hours to resolve - no calls as of yet. To date I am receiving 2-3 letters a week requesting payment.

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