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Rabobank Group is a full-range financial services provider founded on cooperative principles. We are a global leader in Food and Agri financing and in sustainability-oriented banking. The Group comprises 153 independent local Dutch Rabobanks, a central organisation (Rabobank Nederland), and a large number of specialised international offices and subsidiaries. Food & Agribusiness is the international prime focus of the Rabobank Group.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

ssimms64's Profile Image

Reviewed by ssimms64

Aug 13th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Staff are good but Financial Officers need some Educating

We use to be with Butte Community Bank for 5 years, which was awesome, when the change came and Rabo Bank took over Butte Community, there were signs that this was not good, firstly as a bank, there should be some professionalism and knowledge coming from the Financial Service Officer or one whom controls a great deal of files and paper work that needs to be checked and sent to the appropriate place, well this one at Paradise CA needs much more training or needs to go back to school. The staff are absolutely wonderful and greet me at the door as i enter, but as for the Financial Officer, she forgets to call us back, does not notify us when other papers have to filled out or if any thing was missing, (we called the bank as to why it was taking 3 weeks to find out if our Secured Credit was approved considering it was our own money that we gave as security) does not know what most of the policies are and has to check with head office and then call us back,

Incompetent, that's the problem. Other than that The Bank itself and the staff are great. Now I'm at a gateway trying to decide which other bank would be better suited for us, because i am fed up with having to answer to an uneducated Financial Officer. I want some one who is knowledgeable and can give me an answer there and then not days or weeks later.

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RobinRose's Profile Image

Reviewed by RobinRose

Nov 7th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

I love Rabobank!!

I joined Rabobank about 8 years ago when my bank of 20 + years (WA Mutual and its predecessors) refused to give me a credit card--I didn't have bad credit, just no credit rating. Rabobank was willing to give me a 'starter' card. And lo and behold, I discovered this wonderful bank with a fascinating history and a global presence and moves with social and environmental consciousness. Everyone at my branch (Santa Cruz CA) is warm and personable and the bank has a family feeling to it. Any problems I have (mostly on my end) have been dealt with graciously and with good humor. I like this bank so much that when I moved to WA state, which has no Rabobank presence, I stayed with the bank, in spite of having to go through the hassle of mailing checks and so on. How many people can actually say "I love my bank."

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bankergirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by bankergirl

Jul 28th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Small Town Banking With A World Wide Bank

I have been banking at rabobank for a little over 2 years now and i love my banking family. Coming from chase i always had issues with the customer service and the way no one ever remembered who i was. I would go into chase everyother day to make a deposit and everytime it was the same thing. "Next!" "Deposit?" "Here you go." Or "Can i see ID?"

it was like banking with robots! At rabobank i am always welcomed as i walk in the door, 99% of the time by name! If i ever have questions on my accounts i know i can call my local branch and the tellers or the manager have always been able to help me. The employees are knowledgeable and thankfully they are growing. The stockdale branch is my primary branch and i just love the managers bea, erwin, and deanna, and now that they have expanded in bakersfield i get to get the same quality service over at the riverlakes branch with managers pam, lisa, and jennifer.

Its refreshing to know that rabobank is a bank that has finally gotten things right in this town, from their rates to their customer service, and i am happy that they are in my town and they are my bank!

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