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Latest Customer Reviews

Shellerkins81's Profile Image

Acton branch reviewed by Shellerkins81

Mar 30th 2015

Horrible Exerpience

I had my first account with them 4 years ago. At the time that I opened it, I was pushed into applying for a credit card by the bank manager, Masha. I told her it wasn't going to go through, but she insisted that I try because "she has never had anyone declined before." Guess what - I got denied. The teller experience is a joke. I used it twice because I had a sleeping infant in my car and I needed to go to the bank. They took everyone inside before they even acknowledged that I was at the teller window. I eventually closed my account because I was so disgusted by the lack of attention.

Then two years ago, my husband, opened up an account for our business. While he was at it, he decided to open up a joint account with them, since Citibank had just closed our closest branch. Again, Masha, in her fast talking and paper pushing, got his signature on something that he was told was overdraft protection but in fact was a line of credit - which was suppose to be without any fees. Two months letter we get a bill for the a fee pertaining to this line of credit. Which was a headache to close.

Now we are dealing with closing our business account. He came with a bank check from another bank. When he asked when it would be available, they told him a week. He asked to speak to a manager because that is absurd for a bank check to take a week to clear. The manager came over and again, Masha with her fast talking did nothing but get him agitated. To make matters worse, they accepted the check, which they both looked at, with his signature instead of the business signature. Now, we are trying to get the check back after we were notified that it was signed wrong. Meanwhile, we are accruing overdraft charges because we payed off our business partner. Masha is no help. Personally I think she is too incompetent to be a manager of a bank branch. I'm still wondering how she got all those awards in her office. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THEIR TRUST!

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wendij74's Profile Image

Bristol Shaws branch reviewed by wendij74

Mar 21st 2015

so far so good

I have had a very pleasant experience w everyone in the office so far. They have all been very helpful to me. My only problem I have experienced is the "bankers hours" lol being that they are only open til 5pm. Other than that I like them

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cyesko's Profile Image

South Yarmouth branch reviewed by cyesko

Mar 16th 2015


I have been a happy customer for 14 years. The transition from Sovereign to Santander was seamless. The tellers are friendly, professional and very helpful, and they greet their customers by name. The knowledgeable manager is available to assist with unique circumstances, and online banking is great as well. I would highly recommend this branch for all your banking needs.

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