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State Farm Bank, F.S.B. received formal approval for a thrift charter from the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) in November 1998 and is generally referred to as State Farm Bank. Its focus is on consumer-oriented financial products, complementing State Farm's insurance focus on personal lines. State Farm Bank is a nontraditional financial institution and does not have branch offices. The bulk of direct customer interaction and product assistance is provided by State Farm agents.
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MattNYC's Profile Image

Reviewed by MattNYC

Jun 20th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Great Experience for a Remote Bank

I really have had a great experience with SFB. Getting started is a little quirky since you have to deal with your local agent, but I did most of that via e-mail and fax anyway. I think that actually helps keep it small enough to manage everyone well. If it grew too fast that might change its character.

Customer service has been amazing--I usually use the on-line webform. I hate that you have to speak your information into the phone when calling teh automated service--even if you are in the middle of a crowd. I find that highly unsecure and have asked them to enable touch-tone entry (haven't checked recently so they may have fixed that). Due to some slow transfers and mis-timing (on my part), I have had a few NSF fees; however, if you are in good standing, you can request up to three "courtesy" rebates every 12 months (so I have never had to actually pay that).

I LOVE the ATM fee rebate--but I still try to go to the cheapest ATMs so as to not reward the "vampires." I used my card in Mainland China and got a much better rate than from the currency exchanges and also (again) paid NO fees. (No foreign transaction fees either.)

Their on-line scan-to-deposit site is great--I scan checks I receive and have them in my account within one business day (if over $500, they hold the excess another business day). I believe they still offer a service where--if you are depositing at least $100--you can print out a free, pre-paid FedEx label and overnight it to them. I haven't used this since the introduction of the electronic method I already mentioned.

I have no complaints. I was nervous making a remote bank my primary checking account, but I cannot imagine doing it any other way now.

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AlaskaAKUser's Profile Image

Reviewed by AlaskaAKUser

Jan 4th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

State Farm Bank In A Word: Incompetent

I've had numerous accounts with multiple institutions. I've never seen a more poorly managed and stunningly inconsistent financial institution. I continue to receive conflicting information based on what part of the Bank I'm in contact with depending on the issue. For example, one part says the bank can't do this or that while other staff at the bank say my account is fine and they absolutely support this or that. I've actually got a form on my desk from one part of the bank requiring my signature while another part of the bank says I don't need to sign it and that everything is fine with my account.

Also, when using State Farm Bank's secure email system (required to do basic account functions), you have to give them an account number: the system isn't actually linked to the user! They also take an average of four days to respond to requests.

The nail in the coffin for State Farm Bank is the fact that they don't support Mint.com or Quicken. Yep, it's 2012 and State Farm Bank does not allow you to download transactions into Mint.com nor do they allow you to download transactions into Quicken (Express Web Connect or Direct Connect). What's amusing is that over the four weeks it took me to confirm this with State Farm Bank, their online support staff would say that it does, then they would get their terms wrong (not knowing the difference between "Direct Connect" and "Express Web Connect"), and then say that they don’t support Mint.com or Quicken at all.

Their telephone support agents are polite and cheerful. However, they can only do so much. The bank's back-office staff are poorly trained, uninformed, and (based on their very poorly written communication) stupid.

I can summarize State Farm Bank up in one word: incompetent.

I can not, and do not, recommend State Farm Bank for anyone. Look elsewhere for your banking needs. The benefits of ATM access are not worth the hassle and stunning incompetence that is State Farm Bank.

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kgoblinger's Profile Image

Reviewed by kgoblinger

Nov 21st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Very Bad Customer service

Back in 2007 I secured financing through State Farm Bank which my insurance agent recommended. After several times talking to state farm bank i told them that I wanted the due date of the loan for the last part of the month. When I received the paperwork they had the payment being due on the 13th of each month. after several phone calls to their customer service they told me that i had a 10 day grace period. With that being said, I made my payments every month on the 22 or 23rd through their automated system which they charged me additional 10.00 fee for using that system. Come to find out that if i Made the payment on the 23rd it was late. It was a 78.00 late fee. I made 18 payment on the 23rd. Their customer service was very rude, argumentative and just down right nasty. They will not release my title until i make additional 1400 payment. I am pulling all my insurances car, home and life and going elsewhere to be treated like a human being.

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