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Latest Customer Reviews

coconut's Profile Image

Pantops branch reviewed by coconut

Mar 20th 2015


My credit card company charged me hefty fees because of Suntrust. When I did an automatic payment from my checking account which is linked to a larger savings account, the bank posted insufficient funds. What a hassle. Now I have to call Suntrust to find out why this happened and re-pay the credit card company. I am not sure why the Pantops Suntrust branch is so screwed up, but I really love the branches that are further away from my home in town. Only recently (in the last 6 months or so) has this branch gotten competent bank tellers who smile at you and greet you. Devin is the BEST!

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Doerayme's Profile Image

Cloverly Safeway branch reviewed by Doerayme

Feb 22nd 2015

See Cliff!

Amazed at the professional and quick service from this small branch in a safeway! See Cliff. He has helped our family tremendously and i left another bank just to open an account at suntrust. Seriously, the best move.

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CasRogers's Profile Image

Oleander branch reviewed by CasRogers

Feb 13th 2015

Horrible Customer Service in Wilmington

Went into the Oleander Drive Branch today. My teller was Tamica K. I Needed a counter check and she said "We dont do that. We dont have the technology." Worst experience I have ever had at a suntrust. She gave me No hello greeting or have a nice day at the end. I had to ask her why and she said "thats not what we do here." Instead of saying another word i just figuered she's "Racist" and left. So much for 21st century at the Oleander Drive branch. I will NEVER Do my banking there again. Makes me wander who's hiring at that location. Also Zero Minorities working on this day And its Friday.

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