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Susquehanna Bank Customer Reviews

rieger81313's Profile Image

Reviewed by rieger81313

Jul 16th 2013

Great customer service and amazing products

I have banked with Susquehanna for going on 5 years and not once have I been displeased with service. They have every account or service for every need and the are helpful to find an accomodation for you. The employees are always smiling and helpful and if they personally don't know the answers to the questions you have, they will find you answers from someone who does know. I would never even consider changing banks. Even the fees and other things are easy to resolve and as long as it's not a habit, they are willing to work with you if something out of the ordinary happens or you hit a hard spot. The community banking environment is one that I would not pass up for any other bank!

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Meganash's Profile Image

Reviewed by Meganash

Jul 9th 2012

Terrible, just another number is how I felt.

Obtaining a mortgage and have felt like I am a pawn in a game. I could have and should have switched banks weeks ago. They keep you dangling with false promises.

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Raccoontrapper's Profile Image

Reviewed by Raccoontrapper

Feb 20th 2014

I will never go back to Susquehanna

We had multiple accounts at Susquehanna for a number of years. I was never thrilled with their customer service. I always felt like I was just another number to them. They would never go out of their way to help you if you had a problem. Several times they lost large amounts of money from our accounts. We had the receipts to prove the money was deposited, but they could not account for it in their records. I did not have a good experience with them. I recently switched banks and will not be going back.

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About Susquehanna Bank

Susquehanna is a regional financial services holding company with assets of approximately $14 billion. It includes a commercial bank that provides financial services at more than 230 branch locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Through Susquehanna Wealth Management, the company offers investment, fiduciary, brokerage, insurance, retirement planning and private banking services. Susquehanna also operates an insurance and employee benefits company, a commercial finance company, and a vehicle leasing company.
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