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TCF Bank has 388 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is an established bank that has presence across at least one state, and most likely uses an ATM network, but we are not aware of it.

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TCF Bank was established December 1922. That's more than 50 years ago! It holds assets of 20.1 billion US dollars. This is considered a large bank that most likely serves a large portion of their region. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 12%. Lower is better!

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TCF Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • S
    Reviewed By Steve3PO Dec 31, 2015

    TCF Employee Mrs. Samantha Sanchez is a lying bank fraud accountant

    TCF has an employee named Samantha Sanchez, who has lied to me about account fees and then proceeded to steal $2000 from my TCF Savings Account. I reported Mrs. Samantha Sanchez to the Maplewood TCF branch supervisors and the Region Manager for TCF. They did a two month investigation and believed the lies Mrs. Sanchez told them. I have had $2000 stolen from my Savings Account by Mrs. Samantha Sanchez, I have reported her to the TCF management and they say that they have no record of money being stolen from my Savings Account. I have documented TCF Account paperwork that says money was removed from my Savings Account by Mrs. Samantha Sanchez without my permission. The TCF management has dismissed my report and stopped the investigation because they believe that Mrs. Samantha Sanchez has not done anything wrong. I have closed both of my TCF Accounts and withdrew the last of my money. Don’t waste your time trying to bank any of your finances at any of the TCF Bank's branches. TCF Bank should be shut down and they should return all of the money that customers have in the TCF Bank accounts.

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  • J
    Reviewed By JAufdie Dec 26, 2015

    Online hours INCORRECT!

    Saturday hours online are listed as open until 2:00. When I arrived at the bank I was very disappointed to find out that they close at 1:00 per the decals posted to the windows.

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  • N
    Reviewed By Notatcffan Nov 25, 2015

    What a joke

    Horrible bank. Account was .72 cents overdrawn. They charged. 37 dollar fee. Refused to waive it. Long time customer who will no longer be. Customer!

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