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PlanningVacations's Profile Image

Countryside branch reviewed by PlanningVacations

May 5th 2015

Where Banking Human Again Is A Joke

Closed account today. TD Banks ATM in the front of the building ate my debit card while depositing money after hours to avoid overdrafting my account. The toll free number said the branch will handle it. This was Friday night and I knew I would be unable to get to get to the branch during business hours for a few days because of work. I go in to straighten it out and the lady I sat with REFUSED to waive my two overdraft charges of $35 each. The higher up also refused. I was then told, in front of other customers, if I refused to pay it will negatively affect my credit score. It was a completely demeaning experience. The KGB like atmosphere at this branch was a far cry from the "bank human again" commercials on radio and television. I'm extremely disappointed because I feel like my family bought into that and we were duped. Don't be fooled.

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sacjjmc's Profile Image

North Haven branch reviewed by sacjjmc

Mar 25th 2015

poor customer service

Very poor customer service. Branch assistant vice president , store manager rude and unhelpful and doesn't return calls. Misinformation given and no one accountable. I will stick with my credit union Connex for my large accounts. I would never trust TD bank with more then my play money and still strongly consider just closing the account. Be aware and read ALL small print .

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