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TD Bank has 1,285 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a large bank that services an entire region in the country, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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TD Bank was established December 1851. That's more than 150 years ago! It holds assets of 254 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 9%. Lower is better!

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If you're looking for higher interest rates and lower fees, but are willing to give up the "walk-in" experience of a local branch, you may want to browse our curated selection of best online banks.

TD Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • K
    Reviewed By Kelster Aug 1, 2016

    Horrible Customer Service and Bank

    My account was hacked a week ago on Friday. They emptied it out. I was told that I had to dispute the charges and that they would try to expedite it. Today is Monday, I went back to the bank to find out why my account had not been credited. First, I was called Heather and that is not my name. She said as I told you Heather, I put an expedite on it. I said first of all, I am not Heather, secondly, this is a standard story for you? Apparently, TD Bank just likes to hold on to your money with excuse after excuse. The best one was the fraud department is backed up. What does that say about this bank. They were unsympathetic and down right rude. Note to everyone, if you get hacked with TD Bank they will hold your money for 10 business days. Completely ridiculous. Sad thing is is that I reported this 2 days before it happened and no one responded until 4 days after it happened. Stay away from this bank!! There are so many other great choices out there with a bank that will care about you and take care of you. This bank changes tellers constantly and on Fridays usually have only 1 teller working the drive thru and 1 working the window which leads to long lines while mgmt sits behind their computers and says someone will be with you in a minute. I called the 888 number after my visit was on hold for 30 minutes, finally asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold another 10 minutes and when I got transferred to "Steve" a supervisor, I was disconnected. Yes, I am back on hold again now and have been for 20 minutes. Why can't they handle themselves professionally? Whatever you do, DO NOT USE TD BANK!! ESPECIALLY THIS LOCATION!!!

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  • R
    Reviewed By rbailey Jul 1, 2016

    Canadians STAY AWAY from TD Bank (USA)! (Does not deserve even one star!)

    I am well aquainted with TD Canada Trust in Canada, and have always been given good service in Canada. I thought that TD Bank would be about the same. NO way! Don't be deceived...and do not expect the same level of service from any TD branch in the States. They are not the same! Take extra US cash with you from home (Canada), and do not try TD bank (USA)! Some reasons:
    *** Very poor customer service (waited about an hour just to try get an ATM card)
    *** Understaffed and inefficient at branch
    *** Staff at 1-800 number have very little access or ability to help solve problems with an account (e.g. helping you regain access to online banking if you forget your password)

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mkk Jun 25, 2016

    Awful experience at TD Lansdowne Mall Branch

    As a loyal TD customer, that was the first time I wondered why I have to stay with TD for years, as during the conversation with the employee of TD Branch in Lansdowne Mall who was in charge. The young woman talked to me loud like yelling, without any patience for customer service. The branch did not care what I had the same service from another branch in Richmond BC earlier 2016, but declined to take the cheque for the reason nonsense. The branch is the worst bank branch I have seen.

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