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The Bank of New York Mellon Customer Reviews

mikecallan1's Profile Image

Reviewed by mikecallan1

Sep 29th 2011

Never Had A Problem With My Bank

Opened free checking account , now have advantage account, have had no problems with bofa.

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DoeSr's Profile Image

Reviewed by DoeSr

Jan 30th 2012

Terrible! Worst bank ever! Do business with another bank if possible.

I have an HSA checking account. I made an error on the balance of my account. I then call Melon and tried to depost into my account to cover the check BEFORE it would overdraw. My request was "I would like to make a deposit into my HSA checking account such that it credits in today's business day." This at 11:30 AM EST.

This bank's policy (from manager Nona) is that they do not accept deposits electronically. Must be snail-mail check. In the meantime they will charge NSF funds for each time the check is re-submitted. This is even though I'm trying to deposit funds to cover the NSF BEFORE the check gets there!

I spent more than an hour on the phone, and I had to escalate to the third manager. Put on hold for more than 30 minutes. REALLY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I would be ok paying the fee's if I discovered the problem after. But why can't they accept my deposit on the same business day? The only reason is that their system allows them to charge NSF when people make minor errors.

I recommend using any other bank, if you have a choice.

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aleola's Profile Image

Reviewed by aleola

Oct 4th 2013

Worst experience ever!

We are waiting for an international transfer that unfortunately has to go through the Mellon Bank and we have been waiting and waiting. They don't contact anyone that there is some issue with your transfer, they just keep your money without calling your bank or the european bank that sent the transfer. I don't know what they think, that we will forget about our money? They don't pick up phones, there is no way to leave a voice mail. Nasty, nasty, nasty experience!

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