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Latest Customer Reviews

janetjt's Profile Image

Platt Village branch reviewed by janetjt

Apr 27th 2015

Phone number on website NOT active!

How can I call the branch--why wouldn't they have a working phone number listed on the website?

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delafuente27's Profile Image

Southmost branch reviewed by delafuente27

Apr 25th 2015

Very Disappointed Wells Fargo Customer

Very disappointment with Wells Fargo Bank on 2514 Southmost Rd Brownsville Texas. First of all they have a sign on a door that leads to the bathrooms stating "NO PUBLIC BATHROOMS" written in English and Spanish. And this bank was full of people in line an waiting area. I called the day before to inquire if a NOTARY would be present at the bank on the day I would be going to the bank. I showed up and waited for an HOUR.Two different employees knew that I was there to see a notary. When the Notary finally came out to help us, she ask what we were there for and stated that she only does bank related documents. That would have been nice to know when I called the day before and also would have been nice to know from two other employees that knew I was there for a notary. I had my dad and grandparents, who are in their late 70s, waiting because they were involved in what needed to notarized. Obviously, this facility needs to train their employees better on what questions to ask their customers. And if your going to offer a services make it known exactly how that service would be offered and limitations to that service. I usually go to the Wells Fargo on Ruben Torres/802 in Brownsville. There bathrooms are for public use and I have Notarized an unrelated bank document with them years ago. My grandparents live closer the the Wells Fargo on Southmost Road, that is why I chose to go to the WellsFargo on Southmost Road. Silly me should have stuck to what I know.

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vaughaj's Profile Image

Flagstaff branch reviewed by vaughaj

Apr 8th 2015

Dont bank with WellsFargo

They messed up my account and instead of posting a withdrawal correctly, they credited my account. The manager assured me it would be corrected and 20 days later I get a call from an auditor stating it is my fault and am overdrawn $2500.00. Went in to talk they said my account is ok and next day im still overdrawn my check direct deposit will be taken. There was no accountability for their mistake.

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