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Latest Customer Reviews

heychrisbaker's Profile Image

Broadway & 70th branch reviewed by heychrisbaker

Jun 22nd 2015

Great Customer Service...

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service which I had received from Personal Banker Alexis Cooke (NMLSR ID: 598904) in my last visit to the 2040 Broadway Branch. Ms. Cooke was very warm and accommodating, and very helpful to me with my business banking needs.

Alexis gave me first-class, 5-star, A+ service and it is duly noted.

I hope that this is the kind of service that will be present in all your Wells Fargo Branches permanently as this is exactly what the customers want to have.


Christopher Baker

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MamaBear's Profile Image

Niceville branch reviewed by MamaBear

Jun 8th 2015

Poor customer service

The lady (Joani) in the teller window was more than annoyed at helping me with my drive through business, complaining at me depositing checks, paying mortgage etc. I was told I take up way too much time for her. SMH.

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adg030's Profile Image

Monument branch reviewed by adg030

Jun 4th 2015

Wouldn't cash Wells Fargo check unless fee paid

I presented a check from the title company drawn on a Wells Fargo account. Since it was a large amount, cash was not available but I would accept a cashier's check. They would only cash the check if I paid a $10 fee, or wait two weeks (they would get sufficient cash) or (as an other option) open an account with Wells Fargo. The manager absolutely refused to waive the fee. I absolutely refused to pay to get money I had a right to. Any potential for me to become a customer have evaporated.

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