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Cherub's Profile Image

Cherub reviewed Union Bank

Jul 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Would not recommend for small business

I had been banking with them for a couple of years but their services are no good. I had so many bad experiences wherein I got many charges from rip off companies. I tried to cancel and changed my ATM card but it still kept charging me. The bank said they have no control of those scams so I decided to close my account with them. They sent me a cashier's check of the remaining balance of my account that has been closed. Two months later, they sent me a letter that I owe them a big amount of money with so many charges of insufficient funds. LOL! That's exactly the point why I closed the account to avoid those rip off companies and being charged with insufficient funds! I tried accessing my account online but it also says CLOSED! This bank is just ridiculous!!!

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PFontanelli's Profile Image

PFontanelli reviewed M&T Bank

Jul 29th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The worst in Customer Service

I have opened an account with Wilmington Trust but unfortunately M & T Bank took it over.

I have also opened a safe deposit Box at the Greenville Center Branch.

M & T Bank kept on charging me year to year even though I have sent them several notifications that I no longer have the use for the Box as I have moved away from DE (20 plus years ago).

I have than returned the keys (2) by certified letter which they have received on July 18, but looking at my account I was charged again on July 21. Tried several E-mail to no avail. Finally called the main line where my complaint was received less than cordially and eventually my call was transferred to the Greenville Branch. Spoke to a young lady named Gina she seemed to understand my scenario and took my telephone number and E-mail promising that Jennifer will be in touch with me later on the day, that was on the 21st and today is the 29th. And the charge is still exist.

While the charge is minimal only $30 but it is the principal and furthermore have been paying it for 20 plus years, since I have moved away from DE to MD, RI, NY and eventually FL. So it was finally time to cease these charges.

But it seems that the only way I won't be charged anymore if I close my account down and transfer all the funds to another Institution. ALAS!

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leavitt90th's Profile Image

leavitt90th reviewed U.S. Bank

Jul 29th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Mortgage Refinancing - Slow . . .

I submitted my refinancing application in early June. Today is my 55th day in captivity. The package was submitted to the Underwriting department 14 days ago. I have not heard from them. It is sitting in somebody's inbox, and they will not tell me how long the backlog is.

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Bfield reviewed M&T Bank

Jul 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incompetent/Runaround/Comedy of Errors

I requested a Mortgage payoff letter via fax, as directed by M&T customer service 07/17. I included all information requested of me. Name, Acct number, Pay thru day for payoff, and Address. Contacted M&T 07/18 to confirm receipt of fax request and request was confirmed. I was looking at 5 business days from that date to receive payoff letter per M&T. Contacted M&T, 07/21 to make sure we we were on track. I was told that the letter would be mailed out 07/23. I asked that the letter be faxed to me instead of mailed, and provided a fax number. Contacted M&T 7/24 as I had not received the fax. Customer Service Agent explained that I needed to fax to them my fax number. Really? Per their request, I faxed my fax number 3X's to ensure they had it. Contacted M&T 7/25 and asked where my faxed letter was. Customer Service Agent told me that I did not request a pay thru date for the pay off in my original request. Funny. It's on the original request, yet they continued to deny it. I gave the pay off date again. Contacted M&T 7/28. Customer Service Supervisor said that it had not been 5 business days. He was looking at the wrong fax request, the one from 7/24 with my fax number and not 7/17. He said he would email the department to expedite request. It's 7/29 and still no fax. Supervisor told me to email them if still no fax. I asked for an email address and they explained they cannot accept inbound emails. Hilarious. They would not transfer me to anyone in the "payoff department". Why is this so hard? $750,000 M&T. Don't you want it? Filed BBB complaint and just getting started.

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reynasd's Profile Image

reynasd reviewed Fifth Third Bank

Jul 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

5/3 bank is not the bank it used to be - long time customer

I have been a 5/3 customer for a long time. And, up until a year or so ago, I was very satisfied with their service. Recently, however I have had more trouble with 5/3 bank than I have ever had with any one business in my life.

They revamped the way they handle my accounts - forcing me into a "relationship" plan that has been nothing but a non-stop headache of mistakes on their part that take me hours of phone calls and on-site visits to repair.

And, even after they fix their mistake (usually a fee they're charging me that I should be exempt from because I do, in fact, have the minimum balance in my account at all times), and tell me that it won't happen again - it DOES happen again. And, I am back in the never ending vortex of phoning them (and, no never able to talk to a human at my local branch on the phone - since the local number automatically forwards your call to "customer service" in another city, where their best advice is that I try to call back when my local branch is not busy (but they can't tell me when that might happen)) and/or being told that I need to travel an hour and a half (each way) to the branch where I originally opened my account, to ask the wizard there to fix it.

It is exhausting and, apparently, never ending. After first encountering this problem a year or so ago, I started putting the bulk of my money into an online bank where I actually earn interest on it. But, I was careful to leave enough money in 5/3 to cover my regular expenses and to maintain a substantial enough minimum balance to avoid fees. I wanted to believe that they'd get their act together eventually.

I hate to leave 5/3 because I have had my accounts there for so long. They treated me well for many years. Generally, I'm a loyal customer. But, I have no choice. I can't keep subjecting myself to this. It's not a healthy relationship.

What happened, 5/3?

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dani9755's Profile Image

dani9755 reviewed TCF Bank

Jul 29th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I want to take all my money out and take it somewhere else

I have had many bank experiences over the last 10 years, one being how I've had to change my checkbooks because of new ownerships. I finally ended up with TCF Bank. I have had some minor issues but they always get resolved. My last banking experience got me to the point where I was telling the employee "I'm taking all my money out and going somewhere else". I was upset because I wanted to activate my new debit card and I had to pay a fee even though it was at a ATM at a TCF Bank. I went through the ATM and it used to be where you had that option "activate". No longer there, so I just pushed a button, maybe show my balances, not even sure, I never use the ATM> I went to the desk just to find out if I was activated and found out that I was, but it "only" cost me $1.50. Okay, yes, only $1.50, but the fact was I went to a TCF bank exclusively so that I could activate for free. I was so pissed off and I wanted to take all my money out and take it somewhere else, based on principle. I didn't. A couple of days later, the TCF banking manager called me personally and reassured me that the fee would be taken off. I wish I would have asked for him sooner. I only started going to this branch because of this manager. He is such an asset to this industry, I can't even say enough! We need more people like this! He took care of my "1.50" and as ridiculous as it sounds, my $1.50 was important enough for him to make the call and deem me enough as a valued customer. So rare in this time and age. Thank you TCF

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Incredulous's Profile Image

Incredulous reviewed Citizens Bank

Jul 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

You guys are gonna love this one!

You won't believe this one! I go to Citizens in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and deposit 240 dollars which I then transfer to my best friend's account because it's linked to mine. It's an immediate book to book transfer-funds are debited from my account and posted to hers instantly.

The next day Citizens reverses the order of events, saying I transferred the money to my friend's account BEFORE I deposited the money into the atm! This is IMPOSSIBLE because their system WON'T LET ME TRANSFER THE FUNDS unless they are there and available. So they say I transferred the funds before they were deposited and charge me a thirty five dollar overdraft fee!

But this is the best part! When I complain about something that was clearly not my fault they get all defensive and CLOSE MY ACCOUNT! UNBELIEVABLE!

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Response by Citizens Bank

Responded by

Jul 29th 2014

Hello Incredulous, I am from Citizens Bank's Office of the Chairman. I am very sorry to hear about your experience, and I would like to learn more to see how we can best help. In order to talk with you regarding your concerns, we need to speak with you one-on-one. Can you please email your name and a phone number we can reach you at to (Please do not include any personal information such as social security numbers or account numbers in your email.) Thanks -- we look forward to hearing from you!

noreencavanaghyaho's Profile Image

noreencavanaghyaho reviewed TD Bank

Jul 28th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Never Buy a TD Bank Visa Gift Card

I received a $50 TD Bank Visa gift card as a present and it has turned out to be the worst gift ever. I tried to use it at a restaurant where the waiter told me he was unable to get the funds off the card and I needed to call the bank. I subsequently paid the bill in cash. Over the last six months I have called many times about this dispute. Originally I was told that I would get my money if the merchant did not respond in 30 days. Subsequently I was told the merchant did not respond but the dispute was constantly being reviewed and someone would get back to me.

In late June / early July, I was told that in order to get my money, I needed to produce proof of payment. It is ridiculous to ask a customer to provide a receipt six months later. I spoke to a representative who told me the initial representative had given me bad information, would work to get it resolved and call me back in a few days with an update. Obviously I never heard from him and received a letter in the mail closing the dispute. Calling back I was told there is nothing that can be done without a receipt.

The lack of customer service on this issue is appalling. Amazing that you can call yourself the friendly bank and criticize other banks for their lack of customer service.

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pipen123's Profile Image

pipen123 reviewed Chase

Jul 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I banked with Chase for a number of years and had several accounts with them during this time. However, decided to close my account with them because there is a bank closer to my house. I am a busy person, and gas is expensive these days, so I did what any reasonable busy person would do--CALL and close it over the phone. Here is where my troubles is almost 1 month to the day and I STILL do NOT have my money--despite the fact I told them I needed it for rent and bills.

After waiting 5 - 7 business days and realizing the check was NOT in the mail, I immediately went into a branch and was told that I should probably wait another few days because they were going to have to stop the check and it might make it go slower. I waited another 2 days and then called the phone center and explained my check hadn't arrived yet (I was on the phone being routed to the right person and left on hold for 30+ minutes). I finally spoke with someone but was told I'd have to fill out an affadavit to report the lost check and that would be best to do in the bank. So, off to the nearest branch I go...only to find out I need to go to the branch the call center rep had spoken with. Finally, it's Tuesday and I'm in the branch and I coordinate a call between the gal I was speaking with and the banking specialist at the branch. I sign the affadavit and am told that I will have my check by Friday. Saturday, still no check and I take another trip to the branch and meet with the manager who calls the call center (and she is on hold forever, she tells met to go and she'll "call me"). The branch manager never called back with an explanation or apology!

It's Monday, I'm LIVID...still no check, still no answer. I call and escalate this to the top of the call center and am told that I will receive a call with an answer "in an hour"....well, that hour is long past.

CLOSE your account in the branch QUICK, or be prepared to CHASE your money! -10 customer service

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tkchou's Profile Image

tkchou reviewed Northern Trust

Jul 28th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Offensive security guard

The security guard at your Chicago - Oak Street location at 4 pm on 7/28/14 needs to mind his business and do what he was hired to do. His offensive attitude towards dog owners will serve your customers well as I'm sure half your customers and/or their families are dog owners. I will be sure to share my experience with my high net worth dog owning neighbors. Have a good day.

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