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ClaireTak's Profile Image

ClaireTak reviewed Chase

Apr 24th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Chase is solid

While I didn't intentionally become a Chase member, I am happy with their service and checking account. I signed up years ago for Great Western, which was bought out by WaMu, which was acquired by JP Morgan Chase.

I have a regular checking account. The fee is waived each month because I use direct deposit. While I also have an Ally Bank checking and savings, I like to keep my free Chase account because I am able to utilize ATM machines pretty conveniently.

I have been a Chase customer now for about 5 years. Their online banking is easy to use, Chase QuickPay is convenient and I like finding ATMs on every corner, in LA and NY.

Until Ally makes brick and mortar locations, I will keep my Chase.

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AlCheri's Profile Image

AlCheri reviewed Wells Fargo

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank In The Nation!

Wells Fargo took over our accounts from Wachovia. My wife and I had personal checking, business checking, home equity line of credit and business line of credit accounts. After years of satisfactory service from the previous owners, Wells Fargo started adding fees and raising interest rates on all the accounts with no regard for our perfect payment history or our excellent credit ratings. Communication efforts were ignored and final responses were inconsistent. Representatives were rude. We finally had enough.

After much effort to give them every opportunity to improve, we decided to move all our accounts.

I recommend Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citizens National Bank, and City Employees Credit Union FAR AND ABOVE wells fargo.

It appears we are not alone in our disgust with the worst bank in the nation: Wells Fargo.

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zionoliver's Profile Image

zionoliver reviewed Bank of America

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Probably the worst experience every time

Wait time is the longest of any other banks

Customer Service reps have left me waiting various times for up to 10 minutes (which is ridiculous in this tech age)

I get nowhere half the time and just give up on my rep and call back so I can get another rep to help

Reps have outdated web help

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jossj's Profile Image

jossj reviewed First Interstate Bank

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful, old-school bank

I switched to FIB from Well Fargo about 8 years ago, looking for a more local, western bank. I am now pretty committed and have my business accounts, home mortgage, personal account and family savings.

Banking with First Interstate has been a horrible experience. Their online banking system is archaic and they take every opportunity to gouge their customers. Most banks provide free deposits using their smartphone apps. Not FIB, they charge for this service.

It is impossible to pay FIB mortgage online. Every month I have to make a phone call to a disgruntled worker in Billings who grudgingly takes my payments over the phone. I always get attitude during this experience and the employee always suggests it would be better for me to mail a check. Mail a check? Seriously? This is 2014 and I should be able to transfer funds from my other FIB account whenever I want.

Finally, when we received our mortgage, we had mortgage insurance in place. This was about $200/monthly and is only required until the principal vs lent ratio is over 78%. After over a year of having our ratio less than 78% I had to call FIB and remind them to remove the insurance. They darn well knew they could remove it, just chose to charge me for their profit month after month.

My 2c is find another place to bank. First interstate tries to act like they are this great local, western bank and they're really know different than the big banks (just less technologically inclined). They are based in Wyoming for pete's sake.

I think its time for me to go back across the street to Wells Fargo

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anna_desu's Profile Image

anna_desu reviewed Meredith Village Savings Bank

Apr 24th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Nice, local bank

If you're looking for an alternative to the "big name" banks, Meredith is the way to go. They are a local bank, with employees who actually care about Plymouth. They really do want to help you make the most out of your money. We recently purchased a short sale home that was owned by two different banks. We got our mortgage loan with Meredith. The other two banks took almost half a year to complete simple tasks and paperwork. We were lucky to talk to a human being when we called them on the phone. Meredith not only helped us make sense of the short sale process, but they did their end of the paperwork with great speed. They responded to calls and e-mails very quickly. We got a great interest rate, and a great loan, and we are very glad we did not go with another bank.

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CustomerinNewJerse's Profile Image

CustomerinNewJerse reviewed Chase

Apr 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Chase Ads are scams

I recently went to the new Chase branch in Franklin Lakes, NJ. I wanted to open a new basic savings account with their current promotion. It said open an account with $15000 and after six months get $200 bonus. They tried convincing me to open a different account. I said I didn't need it. Then, while they were completing the savings account paperwork, they insisted I give them my account balance information from where I normally bank, my mortgage amounts, any retirement savings account information, any investments and and any other funds I may have. If I didn't I couldn't open an account. They said they needed that information to service my needs. I said I was just opening a savings account and shouldn't have to furnish all of my personal information. Needless to say I walked out. I should have been more wary. I have never been asked to ever do that in a bank before.

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thecoachlady's Profile Image

thecoachlady reviewed FirstMerit Bank

Apr 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

I have a mortgage that started with Citizens snd now is held by First Merit. I love in Canada and make my monthly payment from my US dollar account drwn on a canadian Bank, as I have done for the past 10 years. I am now being charged $5 each time I make my payment, without any notification that I would be charged this fee. Not only that, I have a very small checking account that the fees have been taken out of and the balance taken for and "inactivity fee"!

The name on the account has also changed to be only my ex husband instead of for us jointly. The person at First Merit said it was because the loan is in his name. Not so! It is a joint loan, but I odn't show up anywhere.



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WaleedSeesee's Profile Image

WaleedSeesee reviewed Bank of America

Apr 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

the worst bank ever

this bank is full of excuses, every time you call customer services they give you different info for the same issue. bottom line is i wouldn't go for it even if it is the last bank in the whole universe.

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Rochey6957's Profile Image

Rochey6957 reviewed M&T Bank

Apr 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bank Broke...Obnoxious Overdraft Charges

Let me begin by saying, I am a broke college student. My first year I signed up for an M&T student account thinking that it would be the best thing for me and allow me to access what little funds i have at times with minimal issue. Boy, was I WRONG.

The biggest issue with this bank is their absurd overdraft charges on a "student" account. Possible due to late postings of purchases to the account, I over drafted my account for two transactions. One purchase of $37 and the other $6. I was waiting for a transfer from another bank which, on the morning of the purchases, said was available.These purchases were on a sunday. On tuesday, the transfer of $100 was "officially" posted to the account, followed by two overdraft charges of $38.50. The two charges put my account into the negative, which means I could have been charged an additional overdraft charge if I i didn't deposit $2 to put my account back in the positive.

I spoke with the bank manager who informed me that upon opening my account, I had opted in to the overdraft charges by allowing overdraft purchases. A $40 charge seems absurd and the manager agreed that it was a little high. however since I "allowed" the bank to charge me an overdraft fee, they did, twice. I questioned him more about if there was anything that could be done and all his response were "You authorized us to charge you, I cant do anything." He would not remove either charge and told me I should make a deposit so I wouldn't be charged a THIRD overdraft fee.

Overall I am very dissatisfied with the whole experience at this bank. The banks online system seems to be consistently a day behind on updating purchases, their fees are obnoxious, and the manager i spoke to was not helpful.

I will be canceling my account with them at the end of this pay period and am moving to a different bank with a more friendly "student" account.

The online banking and ATM deposits were nice and I never had much issue with those aspects.

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elvisbanker's Profile Image

elvisbanker reviewed BMO Harris Bank

Apr 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

worst bank in America

BMO is a money making bank for them ... they will not help the little people in America just themselves. I found this out the hard way, I was with M&I for 12 years after bmo took over i thought ill see what happens well dont stick around,,, fees fees fees

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