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luluc's Profile Image

luluc reviewed Citibank

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible is the word

This morning I walked into the

branch because my fiancées brother had a problem cashing Amex travelers checks abroad that we had purchased at that branch. We were greeted by a young lady .After telling her the reason for being there the bank manager spoke to us. She never introduced herself. .

She then said that she couldn't do anything because we don't have an account there. ( When we bought the travelers checks they took the fees and we were not required to have an account).

"I don't know what to tell you", she said. I told her she has to make some phone calls to resolve this problem. She said as far as she was concerned, "I can just tell you to take a walk". After much discussion, she made some phone calls.

She was told that we should open an account, deposit the travelers checks .

She called another bank employee to do that because she said "I'm the bank manager and I don't do that job.

A very pleasant employee, Patrick, opened the account for us. He also confided that other bank customers had trouble with travelers checks abroad.

This bank manager was rude, obnoxious, nasty and disgusting.

Citi Bank should have someone from their central office come in as an ordinary customer with a banking problem and see how this woman will respond to their problem.

I have accounts, Iras, investments and mortgages with other banks. In the 40 years that I have dealt with banks, I Never experienced such a terrible interaction. I wouldn't hire this woman to clean the toilets in Walmart!!!! Citi Bank with employees like this you only lose customers and ruin the reputation of the bank!!!

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BajaInsider's Profile Image

BajaInsider reviewed National Penn

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Protecting their Ass-ets

have a horror story of National Penn Bank, which is far more interested in protecting their ass-etts than in providing customer service and access to their monies. Their policies on credit card purchases is so restrictive that I could not have a laptop shipped to my home/billing address. I am currently in Mexico and need to travel quickly to my home in West Grove and wanted a simple laptop order from NewEgg to be there when I arrived to take care of my ailing 84 year old father.

I had to make a special international wire transfer of $2098 to cover the transaction yesterday, which was credited to my account. I have spent 80 dollars on the transfer ($16 of it to have my monies recieved and more than 7 hrs since 4Am my time this morning on the phone with customer service representatives, impotent to resolve the issue.

I needed this situation resolved promptly as I am an international businessman and will only be in West Grove a few days before traveling to my next assignment. My agency represents the interests of Prudential Mexico just to name a few.

The inability of Customer service to resolve this issue following clear personal identification, hours on the phone and a plethora of email exchanges, promising the issue had been resolve has provided me great frustration and a total lack of confidence in this bank to propperly administrate my money and account.

Under the guise of protecting customer liability your readers should be made clear my liability is limited by law, it is their liability that concerns them more than customer service,

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rameriwether's Profile Image

rameriwether reviewed Huntington

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Wow, I just got off the phone with a supposed manager. She kept talking over me the whole time. I was trying to figure out why some pending payments posted AFTER 6:30 pm, causing my account to go negative. She actually told me that they post charges AFTER midnight for the previous day. How would I know that the pending charges would actually go through that late? I even deposited money to make sure my account would be current, but did not deposit enough. Everything about this situation is terrible. I've never heard of a bank posting after the Fed closes. I've worked in 2 banks and we always told customers that nothing posts after the fed closes. That is why your deposits after 4 pm eastern time have that disclaimer that they may not count for that day.

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MichelBoston's Profile Image

MichelBoston reviewed Citizens Bank

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bogus fees

My wife and I have been Citizens Bank clients for 19 years. This week, returning from a week vacation, I got a mail telling me that my Checking account was in the red and that I had $ 218.00 in fees because of that. When we opened the account we set it up with overdraft protection. We are signed up for online banking and never got a notice that the account was in the red; we would have solved this problem in 30 seconds with our computer, considering we have money in our CD and our Savings account. This is just insane. I have talked to the branch manager and 3 people from customer service, but nobody listens. can somebody at Citizens tell me who I should contact to solve this issue?

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whinds's Profile Image

whinds reviewed Regions Bank

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank I Ever Dealt With

This bank is so terrible at customer service after years of being with them, that I finally pulled my checking & savings accounts & went to Chase bank who is wonderful! Unfortunately I still have a loan account through Regions.They lost a payment sent to them from Chase. (typical) and racked up tons of late charges on my account. When I asked them to please refund the charges after everything was cleared up. If something got lost in the mail it is not the banks error.

Wow, I don't want to give them even 1 star. Their customer service is NON-EXSISTENT!!!

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ecb's Profile Image

ecb reviewed BB&T

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks


BB&T is such a horrible bank. And after 2 years of banking with them, i finally realized it. I had a credit card payment come out of my account w/o my permission which caused me to overdraft. i called that credit card company, said that they needed to put that money back to my account asap because they were not authorized to take it in the first place. They said we apologize, the money will go back. i called BB&T to let them know that hey, I had something come out of my account and it wasn't suppose too and now i overdraft and i was also charged 36$ for an overdraft fee, but that payment is going to be refunded to me, so will everything go back to normal? the rep said ABSOLUTELY YES. in the meantime i had other bills that come straight out of my account which made me overdraft some more. I called again, gave them the story, they said all we need to see is that credit card refund and everything will do a REVERSE. I said great. Refund came a week later. i had two charges that came out after the credit card payment, along with 4 36$ OVERDRAFT FEES ! IN ONE WEEK!?? They not only took my refund, but my credit card company is SO NICE AND GENEROUS they gave me an additional 50$ for the trouble and BB&T TOOK THAT MONEY while I'm still left with A NEGATIVE BALANCE including 3 36$ OVERDRAFT FEES!! I called them up and said wait a min, my refund came back why didn't a "reverse" happen?? Not to mention it took me 37 minutes to get a rep on the phone. the rep tried to tell me, even if that payment never happened your account would still have been a negative bc you didn't have enough funds for the other transactions coming out of your account... HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH AN ASSUMPTION???? so now, the paycheck that i worked so hard for at my gone. they took it all. and after 2 LONG and STRESSFUL weeks, my account is being looked at for fraud. BB&T IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST. NOT PROFESSIONAL. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. AND THEY'LL TAKE EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE.

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DaveMcArthur's Profile Image

DaveMcArthur reviewed PNC Bank

Aug 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Banking Experience In My Life

I have had a checking account with PNC for less than a week and all I want to do is to close the account. This being the 21st Century, one would think that opening an account online would be a simple process. The only simple part was PNC taking my deposit. I never received a signature card, I have never been able to create my online account, it has been locked out since I open the account and despite calling the Customer Service number multiple times to get the account unlocked, that should never have been locked in the first place, it remains locked out. At this point I am so frustrated with the abject stupidity and run around I have received from this so called bank, I am ready to surrender my $100 deposit just to never have to deal with the run around and frustration ever again. If you are considering using PNC , do your self a favor and DO NOT do it! You would be better off keeping your money under your mattress.

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GreenThumbPhi's Profile Image

GreenThumbPhi reviewed Chase

Aug 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very bad for small businesses & nonprofits.

We opened Corporate nonprofit account. The banker put the Secretary as the owner although a non-profit in California cannot be owned by a person .

The account was flagged for closure days later, before the debit card arrived. No debits. Fraud department ask for supporting documents then admitted they had them as if the Santa Clara County registration paper was over looked the entire time; they apologized for the mistake.

They couldn't reverse the decision, account closed and balance check of about $3000 was said to be in-transit; to the company's mailing address. That was 3-weeks ago, no sign of the company's money apparently Chase is keeping it.

Branch name: Bernal Rd, branch number 744522 San Jose, CA

Banker who opened the account calls himself "Bob" for short.

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thorny432's Profile Image

thorny432 reviewed Homestreet Bank

Aug 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Took >4 months to close on a house!

We had an absolutely horrible time at the Salem Branch. The person we worked with never returned our calls promptly, ignored emails, and failed to follow through on deadlines and promises. We ended up taking more than 4 months to close! And that was with us pushing and prodding every other day. Even going to the manager did not help. The other branches may be fine, but ours was a nightmare to work with. Stay away from at all costs!

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TrevorBriggs's Profile Image

TrevorBriggs reviewed U.S. Bank

Aug 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


16480 Boones Ferry Rd

Lake Oswego, OR 97035-4208

United States

I do not have an account with US Bank,and after today I NEVER will. I had a STATE of Oregon issued check in the amount of $7400,that was stamped with payable through US BANK. I went into this branch because it is the closest to my residence to get it cashed. I walked in and was told since I didn't have an account they would need a thumbprint,no problem.After that the lady told me I would have to pay $5.00 to cash it,no problem. Then she came back and informed me that the bank did not have enough large bills to cash it,no problem.I told her twenty's would be fine because I was going right across the street to Wells Fargo to deposit it in my wife's account. She came back with my $7,400 in twenty's. She then told me that she would need to get an override with her manager because my STATE of OREGON issued driver's license was too new.I just had a birthday and my license expired in June so I had my license renewed in July.Then the manager came out to inform me that the bank did not have enough money to cover cashing my $7400 STATE issued check. Instead of informing me of any other options they told me basically to leave. So, I did, and went across the street to WELLS FARGO and opened my own account and deposited the money and had a POSITIVE experience with WELLS FARGO. I will NEVER RECOMMEND US BANK to ANYONE in the future. It was by far the MOST NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!

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