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Trustco Bank

Fined for "unsafe" banking practices and consumer law violations (2015)

PLEASE DO NOT BANK WITH THIS INSTITUTION - They are a group of dishonest people. Trustco bank policy actually impact the lives of people who mistakenly of "trusting" the company.
"The federal comptroller of the currency, disclosed that the OCC found "unsafe" banking practices and consumer law violations - indicating that regulators may have found more fault with Trustco's procedures or internal guidelines rather than problem loans or accounting problems."

Bank of America

Most unfriendly and unhelpful people on earth

Most unfriendly and unhelpful people on earth. I will never step foot in this branch again 837 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, TN 37217. Ever!

Bank of America

You've read most of BoAs complaints in other reviews. Mine however is regarding the charge to those who have just turned 23 and still in school. You will get charged 12$ a month because you turned 23 years old. Unless you get at least one 200$ direct deposit to your core account, or have 1500$ in said account. I'm sorry Bank of America but why are you charging the poor people of the country you claim to serve in your name?


Horrendous customer service

My rating would be negative 5 if it was on the scale. I called Huntington today because I needed 5 yrs worth of bank statements for Job & Family Services to determine my mother's medicaid eligibility. We had to check her into a nursing home and we are not rich people. Therefore we had to file for medicaid. I got two years worth of statements online and when I called (and visited a branch - Hillsdale in Canton, OH) I was told it would be $5 per page for the copies. I spoke to everyone I could and there is no budging. In case you're wondering, that is roughly $700. I am absolutely furious and cannot believe this is what they call customer service! How can that be right? They said they'd file a complaint for me - I hung up on them. What good is a complaint when I need statements? Absolutely unbelievable. I will be closing the account I share with my Mom and my account with First Merit, which Huntington just bought.

The Columbia Bank

Another Bank goes bad

Columbia Bank does not care about its customers in the least. I have been with them for many years only to watch the bank continue to cut staff and pile the work on those remaining. They can't even get their own paperwork straight and of course they blame you for it. Good luck getting a call back from anyone who cares about the situation they created. I'm closing my accounts and moving on, good bye Columbia Bank AKA Fulton Financial.

Regions Bank

The branches need their own phone numbers!!

It is way too difficult to get in touch with the branch(es) you use. You should be able to get a phone number for each branch, without waiting for 15 minutes or longer to ask to be transferred and have to wait again.

Webster Bank

Welcome To FEEble!

Fees, fees, and more fees. I'm closing my accounts and NEVER going back. Go to Webster, get feed to death, and then try to feed your family to prevent them STARVING to death. Small bank with big bank-mentality. What goes around, baby ........

Wells Fargo

10 Day Hold

I have been a customer of wells fargo for 20 years. These guys put a 10 day hold on a check that has already cleared the bank. Do not trust this bank. They are thieves.

NBT Bank

Bank error yet keeping my money

Had a payment arrangement set up for $500 every 2 weeks, I called back and we set up a different one for $250 a week, checked my checking account this morning and $750 was taken out and over drafted my account. Nbt refuses to refund the $500 even after admitting the person I spoke with didn't leave good notes in the system


Horrible loan servicing!

Horrible customer service, you get a different story every time you call. I have an auto loan with them but cannot sell the car until it's paid off in full. They will not even talk of lien release until they have every penny even if you will tell them you are getting payoff for the car. Even if you have paid every month on time. They refuse to work with you one bit. I'm stuck with a car with high mileage and absolutely no way to get out from underneath of it even though a have several buyers interested with money in hand.