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M&T Bank

M & T is terrible

For the 2nd time in 2 years M & T has fraudulently reported that I have a mortgage with their company. The first time I flied a complaint with Consumer Finance Protection and M & T corrected the issue. This time they sent me a fraudulent tax statement showing that need to pay taxes on a 175k mortgage. The mortgage was actually owned by Chase Bank and was completely discharged in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2013. M & T needs to get their records straight. I reached out to them but got the run around. Time to contact HUD, The Federal Trade Commission and an attorney.


Worst service EVER!!!

I was working on a project at the mall which required me to have 3 $100 bills. I went to the bank, took money out of the machines (paid the $3 extortion fee) and unfortunately it gave me $20 bills instead of the 100's that I needed (which is normal but no big deal since the bank was open). I went into the back to exchange the bills for the denomination that I needed and they refused to give me the other bills because I was not an account holder.

This was ridiculous, they gladly took my money at their machines (the massively excessive 'in'convenience fee) but couldn't be bothered to give me what I needed (after patiently waiting in line for 20 minutes). I know that this is not a big deal in the larger scheme of things, but I can't just idly stand by and let these huge corporations take advantage of me, especially after they were paid for the transaction.

Giving me change was certainly not a burden to ask of this company. They have the change readily available... I don't even understand why making change was such a big deal... after all, THEY ARE A BANK...

I own several businesses and would NEVER bank with faceless drones like this!

Loser bank!
Crappy service!
Awful people!


I would give zero stars if it was an option.

My son is away at college. His bank statement came in the mail and I noticed some strange transactions from Nicosia, Cypress. I called him and he went to the bank on Fri. Feb.12. He filled out the fraudulent claim forms and they cancelled his card and gave him a temporary card. He was told it would be 5-7 days for him to get his money back. Since they had taken everything in his account, only leaving him $ 0.71, I went to the bank Saturday morning and deposited cash, so he would have a little bit of money till the processed the fraud claims. He went to the ATM that same afternoon to withdraw some cash. That money was gone also. I called the banks Customer Service, I explained exactly what happened and voiced my concerns about him filling this claim on Fri and the next day, they let the same company take more money. She told me since those transaction were already pending on Fri, they couldn't do anything about it. #1, they could have informed him when he was at the bank that he had pending transactions from that company and not to put any money in until the dispute was resolved. Now I have a child at school with a -$14 balance and not a penny in his pocket and I am basically told tough shit from the customer service representative! Huntington will be losing two accounts over this and hopefully anyone reading this will pick a more compassionate and caring bank to handle your money!


Help while in trouble...

My wife and I were having an unpleasant hotel experience while vacationing out of town, and the hotel held a large amount of our funds on our card. We wanted to leave and the hotel refused to release the funds while going as far as denying they were holding any funds at all.

My wife spoke to an amazing Keybank rep over the phone, who managed to persuade the hotel manager to release the funds. During a 3-way call, my wife heard this rep use authoritative language and not accept the hotel manager's antics. Thank you Keybank!

American Express

Never once a problem in years!

I have made various deposits and withdrawal of many months and always satisfied with the service. Interest rate, while seems low from years back, stays far above banks and many CD's without tying up funds for any amount of time. Some folks might not understand that this is not a debit card and it might take a day or two to complete a transfer.

PNC Bank

Smoke, Mirrors & Dirty Tricks

I worked for the old PNC in the 1990s on the investment side. Today's PNC is nothing like the institution of 20 years ago. Read the fine print CAREFULLY. There are a number of nuances that can trick a client into making mistakes that cost money and impact your credit score.

The online banking site is a landmine field full of quirks that will cause payments to be initiated but not processed. Of course, errors are the customers fault.
I closed personal and business accounts 2 years ago and never looked back. I'm paying off a personal VISA card that inevitably leads to a monthly phone call or branch visit due to administrative error. Apologies are made, fees are reversed (temporarily) and the game continues on the 4th of the next month.
I have an easier time dealing with BofA and Wells Fargo....that alone speaks volumes about PNCs crooked, anti-consumer & disorganized operation.

Bank of America

Only one teller, long long lines, poor customer service every day of the week.

Only one teller, long long lines, poor customer service. All year long, the lines inside have been absurd. There are plenty of people available to open new accounts, but only one person to service existing ones. I've had enough. I'm Closing my account.


Huntington Bank is a Sexist Company

Huntington Bank is a sexist company...
I wanted to do some quick online banking yesterday with Huntington Bank.
I wasn't able to get in so I called the 800 number and I spoke to representative Seth, who informed me in order for me to do banking online I would need my husband's permission.

I explained to him, that my name is on the account as well, which he proceeded to explain to me without my husband's permission I would not be able to move forward...

When I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, and the spelling of his name, he proceeded to tell me to get my husband or he was going to hang up on me... and then he hung up on me.

Not good Huntington Bank woman have just as much rights as men...
If not for the wonderful manager at the branch office I would not be a Huntington customer today.

What if this had been an emergency I would have been left out in the cold.

PNC Bank

100% Capital Funding

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Washington Federal

Involuntary supporter

Involuntary transfer from BankofAmerica when they closed in Yuma, AZ. Washington Federal is in Washington state. They do not allow address changes or account changes online. Fees continue to accrue during the period you have not personally contacted them. Address updates online also impossible. Awful bank. Similar to PNC from what I understand. Can't wait to get this account closed.