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bfoodbuyer's Profile Image

bfoodbuyer reviewed First Niagara Bank

Nov 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Amzing Eileen

Eileen has been there so long that I frown if she is not visible when I go in. With a smile on her face and an unstoppable way of helping, she has, on many occasions, got me thru what I felt were insurmountable tasks. When my young son was faced with heart surgery, I had many banking and fund transferring things to tackle as he was out of the country and needed to get home. With that smile of hers, and a a helping hand she helped me get thru what was one of the toughest times in my life. I love her, and she is the reason I would never consider leaving First Niagara.

Roberta Krukowski

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Mandy1's Profile Image

Mandy1 reviewed Citibank

Nov 22nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Fraud Protection on my Credit Card

I have had a Citibank credit card for many years. If I make a transaction out of my "normal routine" my card will be declined and I will be immediately notified. Although it is inconvenient to have my card declined, I feel good that they are looking out for me. I have learned to use the travel notifications so I can go away and not have my transactions interrupted. Also, I can now authorize a transaction via text message. I hate to say it, but I'm actually happy when my card is declined. Thanks Citibank!

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Sylvester7's Profile Image

Sylvester7 reviewed PNC Bank

Nov 21st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Those People At PNC Are So Nice

This is a quote from my 18 yr old grandson who doesn't know much about banking as yet. He went in to cash a check that i had written to him. He was nervous because he had never done that before. I just got a text from him saying "those people at pnc are so nice! " he is working with another bank to open an account. I think because they are not as "nice" he will be changing it over to pnc. Thanks for being so kind to a young person who may turn out to be a great customer in the future. Karen b.

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VinBar's Profile Image

VinBar reviewed TD Bank

Nov 21st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

The Best Bank

It is a pleasure to do business at the TD branch on West 231st St, Bronx, N.Y. All employees are exceptionally pleasant, helpful & knowledgeable. I would never change banks!

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CAP717's Profile Image

CAP717 reviewed TD Bank

Nov 20th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Most Accomodating Bank

Every one is extremely friendly and helpful, the manager comes over to say hello, asks about your kids, no charge for cashing in coin, has special little gifts for kids and in ma they even have treats for dogs. It is truly old school, where even my college sons will not change banks, because since they were little and depositing change from bottles or cash gifts, they treated them like they would treat an adult customer.

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Guelfogc's Profile Image

Guelfogc reviewed Capital One

Nov 15th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

This Location Is Permanently Closed. Capital One Signs Gone.

This was my branch. It was open as normal week ago. Today nov 15 it is closed. Atm gone, front doors chained and padlocked, no capital one signs to be seen. What has happened to warrant this closure?

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2findthesafestbank's Profile Image

2findthesafestbank reviewed Arvest Bank

Nov 13th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

This Bank Is A Good Bank

Although no bank is perfect, as nothing that has people running it could be. This bank is in the tops. For one, they did not take government bailout money (as the largest banks did). They didn't need to because they did not make a lot of bad loans. That says a lot! They are not nation wide, i think they are in 4 states now. I read that the are the largest bank in arkansas though. I have moved but have decided to keep my account after all the research i have done on banks. With this economy you want to be sure your money is in a safe bank. I can do online and photo check dept. And i have no problem with anything.

When i bought a house, they serviced my loan too through Arvest Mortgage. That was nice because i've heard horror stories about mortgage loans from friends and clients who had home loans with bank of america. As i already stated, they are not perfect, but i would say compared to many others, they rate very well in all areas of banking.

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lmoore's Profile Image

lmoore reviewed Mercantile Bank

Nov 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Financial Connection

Financial Connection "phone service banking" is a great idea. Day-to-day function & availability is an all-out disaster. Seems they let the inmates run the asylum. Need professional manager to manage with priority given to customer needs)NOT the "techies")--time to "clean house"! Bank image being affected.

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rr's Profile Image

rr reviewed Univest National Bank and Trust Co.

Nov 11th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I am surprised to find all the negative comments here. I left Harleysville National Bank a few years ago because they were taken over by First Niagra. I don't like big conglomerates and the online banking when down the tubes. I do most of my banking online, and I prefer small town U.S.A. where people are people and not machines, which is why I chose Univest. I only have personal accounts and I don't download my transactions except as a pdf, so I can't comment on what jaallender wrote, but the online experience has been great including the online bill pay which I use regularly.

I bank mostly at the Green Lane, PA branch and have found the staff there knowledgeable and courteous. The only negatives I can say, is that I am on the edge of their branch territory so sometimes it is a little inconvenient if I am going the opposite way from where the branches are, and want to make a bank stop. The other is that the online banking times out two quickly, meaning I get prompted to click "Stay Logged On" too often. It happens even if I am in Bill Pay clicking on things. I don't think it should time out if there is activity. However, I do find this happening with other online pay systems such as my credit card systems.

My one daughter banked there until she moved away. She is the reason I went there. She recommended them and allowed me to check out the online banking before I signed up, which was a big plus. I personally have 3 accounts there, and my youngest daughter opened up an account a short time ago. I give them like a 4.8 only because of the frequent online time outs.

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bradlhutchisongmai's Profile Image

bradlhutchisongmai reviewed IBC Bank

Oct 30th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great People

Have my personel account there and our business account. They are very friendly, always take great care of me. The sales associates are super, and the branch manager is great!

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