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Alexandra's Profile Image

Alexandra reviewed BB&T

May 29th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

This branch exemplifies BB&T - excellent

I have banked with BB&T since it bought First Virginia, and before that banked with FV. All in all, I've been a customer since 1968 and have seen no reason to change. The Twinbrook location is branch banking at its best, and surrounding branches are fine too. Not to be corny but the Twinbrook tellers and managers are like family to me!

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babsiel's Profile Image

babsiel reviewed First Niagara Bank

May 29th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Eileen is THE BEST!!!!

Don't have a lot of occasion to go inside the bank....but over the years of being with this branch (through all the different names, etc.) "my" dear Eileen has ALWAYS been there to help me! Listen to me (especially when my Mom died) and is just always so pleasant and friendly! It's a stone's throw away from where I live so it couldn't be more convenient...LOVE their "bill pay" program!

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NewRehobothDeposit's Profile Image

NewRehobothDeposit reviewed TD Bank

May 28th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

The management of TD bank has worked to get things right.

This relatively new bank, the result of several mergers and acquisitions has been working to provide excellent customer service. As a new depositor, somewhat unhappy with some of the more traditional stand-bys, I was impressed with their personnel from day one. Within moments of my first cash deposit, I had a new debit card in hand (remarkable) and checks bearing my account number to walk-out the door. This occurred withing minutes, not even a half-hour. Their haute "stores" are ultra in appearance and convenience featuring not only short teller lines, but an in and outdoor ATM for security, a free coin counter and some thoughtful edibles and beverages. Since a smile costs nothing, seeing a TD Teller or Manager deliver service with a smile and courtesy suggest that everyone associated with the Bank is on board the "service train.

Their on-line banking is superb, clear and user friendly. Their website explains how accounts are handled, deposits and withdrawals are posted, and other items about fees and charges with no small print. They may not offer free checking without a minimum balance, but their service should earn your trust and appreciation. They have been working to improve and exemplify what a bank can be, and have attained remarkable success in their effort.

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breezes60's Profile Image

breezes60 reviewed Woodforest National Bank

May 27th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

???????????????? MY WOODFOREST BANK !

I just love this bank ! The associates are very friendly & so helpful I was originally referred to them by a friend who had stumbled upon them inside of the Wal-Mart & at first I was a little a skeptical about them since I'd never heard of them & because they were located inside of the store but much to our surprise it's even better than we thought. They seem to be very knowledgeable and whenever I've needed assistance or have any questions about anything they have always been helpful .

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Msmith333's Profile Image

Msmith333 reviewed Comerica Bank

May 26th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Great Branch

Real Talk, Justin and Coy keep this branch going. Always friendly and courteous, I would highly recommend visiting this branch and dealing with these two bankers.

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Allison's Profile Image

Allison reviewed PNC Bank

May 26th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Attentive Staff, Helpful Manager

The customer service at this PNC branch has exceeded my expectations. Manager David Landals helped me get organized in a way that has helped me grow my business. I recommend that any young entrepreneur or start up to get signed up with their business banking services as it can be difficult for an artist/creative person to get organized. David's patience and zen-like quality made it much easier.

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itsjustme's Profile Image

itsjustme reviewed Suntrust Bank

May 24th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

my wife and I got schooled

My wife and I just opened a new account at this branch in frostproof,

I have banked with other banks and never knew what we had learned about banking on this day,

Nichole Peters, was this woman's name and she knew what she was doing she told us everything we needed to know and then some, she gave great advice on bank accounts, credit, how the different bank accounts work and which account would be best for us and why. So I googled the stuff she taught us and I am only amazed with what all she knew about it all. When we went in the bank we had never met this woman and within just a very short time she had us feeling like we belonged there. This is someone who you would think wrote the book of banking. Very nice and polite and now with her knowledge past down to us we will start to build a future for our selves and our children. If you are able to read this Nichole thank you very much for your wisdom. Sincerely Steven and Angie Young

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HectorT's Profile Image

HectorT reviewed BBVA Compass Bank

May 23rd 2015

5 out of 5 marks


I visited this branch to cash my payroll check and with a little help from Mimie, decided to open a checking account. She was very nice, professional, and smiled. I noticed that both, her and the other teller, greeted incoming patrons by name. In my opinion, that's personal banking at it's best. Thank you.

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Shamaro8's Profile Image

Shamaro8 reviewed Bank of America

May 22nd 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Exceptional Branch Manager

Will not say what I went in for, but the Branch Manager Jason, was exceedingly professional and friendly...I was thinking, the tellers must enjoy their job, with such leadership present!!

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jimashley's Profile Image

jimashley reviewed Huntington

May 21st 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Huntington has treated me very well

In 2009, I worked at a call center in the town I was attending college, and my only means of banking was a prepaid debit card because of some mistakes I made with prior checking accounts. I hated not having an actual bank account, but the prepaid card taught me sound financial responsibility. One day, the call center had several businesses from the town in the break room to offer their services to employees. There were several banks, and Huntington was one of them. The other two banks told me to "get lost" when I told them I was in ChexSystems.

The guy at the Huntington exhibit said he'd override my ChexSystems record and open me accounts. It is mid-2015 and I am STILL with Huntington. Longest I've been with a bank. Shortly after I opened my account, I had to move back to my hometown. Luckily, there was a Huntington branch. That local branch has treated me very well.

They (tellers, bankers, and even the branch manager) all know who I am, know that I have several accounts (personal and business), and my personal banker even knows me on a personal level.

With their no-fees accounts for personal checking & savings and business checking (I pay $4/month for my biz savings if it falls under $300 avg balance), it makes a lot of sense for me to bank there. They run circles around the local banks around here, as well as the national guys with branches here in town.

Customer service on the phone has always been exceptional. Granted, there's been a few frustrating moments, but with patience, these problems do get solved. Plus, 24 Hour Grace gives me a chance to correct the occasional overdraft mistake that may happen due to me being a bit forgetful sometimes about automatic payments.

I would absolutely recommend Huntington Bank to anyone who asks me where they should keep their money. To me, they're the exact model of how a bank should operate AND treat their customers.

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