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What a lousy excuse for a bank.

This bank was trouble from the start, I shouldn't have kept pushing to stay with them. It took more than a month to just get started with them, then they held my money numerous times. And now I can't even zero out my account because they have made transferring money impossible. I can't write a check, I can't use the same email. I can't do anything with this bank. Please do not use them for your own sake, they cause nothing but trouble.



Key bank has made a policy change for mobile deposits without notifying it's customers our household has 3 accounts and one is for business use. They only stated the change in the statement which we have not received yet and they will not provide any alternative solution. I mean we can deposit the said checks in the atm and have the $100 instant availability but no longer with the mobile deposit. If we knew about this change the checks would not have been mobile deposited as we have employees to pay. A change like this is not a small deal. E-mails should have been sent, phone calls should have been made, a direct policy change letter should have been sent through the mail or something of that sort. This is just simply very bad business practice as in business 101 you learn that things like this are unacceptable and bad for business, once the funds are available all 3 accounts will be leaving Key not to mention my entire family as we all use mobile deposit for this very reason.


Things were good until an unauthorized charge

There was a charge that came out of my account for someone who's name isn't on my account. I contacted Simple the day it happened, didn't hear anything until two days later. I was sent an form to fill out. I completed it. Two more days past, I heard nothing. Contact CS at simple, they tell me to contact someone else. This transaction happened on July 6th. Today is July 25th. I thought when something like this happens, you receive a credit for the funds. I guess not at Simple.

U.S. Bank


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Investors Bank

Commercial Mortgage - Scam

I'm a small RE investor and called Investors Bank for a commercial mortgage for a purchase. Rate was decent and terms were acceptable. Gave them contract of sale and deposit etc in early February. Got commitment letter at end of April. Delays on the bank end have pushed closing to August. They charge "extension fees". Been in review for legal for 2 months. Legal Keeps asking for more info which is time and they keep losing documents.

Extension fees have already mounted to $5,000 and I complained to the loan production about this and they are not on your side.This feels like scam to increase the bank fees. I've already paid the bank fee, appraisal fee and 50% of legal which has mounted to $10-$12k.

I would not use them again.

State Farm Bank


Applied for the card it said zero interest for transfers for 12 months and they lied now they are charging me 2%!!! I've been with State Farm for 30 years and now I know why I don't bank with them!!!


Horrible call Center

I have had multiple incidences with my debit card being declined at regular merchant locations when there is thousands of dollars in the account. Every time I call they have no idea why it is happening and are unable to fix it!! It is extremely embarrassing when you are declined and especially when you know there is plenty of money in the account. Get this fixed or you will lose me as a customer I refuse to be embarrassed for your ignorance!


Money First Customer Last

They never have managers or supervisors on staff to assist customers and when you leave a message they do not respond. It's obvious that employees are treated badly. It used to be they were treated well and in turn they would treat us well even if we were under extreme duress. They had the common sense and decency to take control over the situation. Now a minor problem becomes a massive problem.

They are also cut off your credit/debit card without warning and are not available nights or weekends so you are left with no access to your money. They are vengeful. If you have a problem they won't help you. They don't have to, they've gotten so large they can spin situations to best fit their narrative. The government backs banks terrible policies, resulting in huge financial gains for the banks and petty theft from your account.

They charge huge fees when a transaction declines. It used to be that if you didn't have money, you didn't have money. There was no fee to be broke. Not anymore, whether or not they pay out a transaction you are charged a fee. They will take money to cover a debit from an unrelated account but they won't tap it to help you avoid a fee.

They can also allow other companies to use predatory policies against you. Paypal can try to debit your account 3 times resulting in 3 insufficient funds fees in addition to the 3 that USAA charges. That is $150 for one $5 transaction. USAA colludes in predatory practices.

Because they are so large now they are able to hang up on you, not help you, not be experts in their field resulting in a total loss of confidence. Since they know I am not a high rolling customer they can continue their bad service as I have no other options. Back when I first joined they treated the most vulnerable customers with the most care, now they have followed in the path of other unethical banks.

To be fair, they are 'nice' they just don't follow it up with action so I'm inclined to think, errr they ain't nice.

TIAA Direct

Excellent customer service

Their customer service is excellent. My call was taken right away. The agent understood what I needed and handled it very professionally. All in all I am very happy with my choice in banks. I had to move around a lot of banks before I was able to find the right fit.

Ally Bank

Wire transfer episode

I joined Ally a couple of years ago because of the savings and CD rates (and obviously the reputation and security). On a Thursday evening, I made a wire transfer online to pay for my 16 year-old son's first vehicle I was purchasing from an individual (as a surprise). The next morning, I rec'd a call from Ally to verify the action. I talked to a rep and it was verified. Four hours later I called Ally again to ask if the payment had gone through. I was told by this rep that everything was done and to have a good weekend. Later, I returned home to see on caller ID a call from Ally. It was a message to call them. I called back and spoke with a rep and this rep said that I had missed the deadline to verify the transfer and that instead of going to get my son's vehicle, it would now be three days later before they could wire the transfer because after 3 p.m. on Friday, they don't wire anything until the following Monday.

I tried not to blow my stack with the rep because I didn't need further problems but they completely left me hanging out to dry. There was nothing I could do at that point. The amount was significant enough that I couldn't transfer to a checking account because that additionally would take two days. The point of my post is that they advertise 24/7 banking and are available anytime to help. That didn't hold true.