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Suntrust Bank

This is a very discriminatory bank!!!

I opened my account online and had one in person interaction with this branch. Even after showing two forms of id to verify that I had an account with them, I ultimately walked out twenty minutes later with a frozen account and a message left in my account to have it reviewed for closure. I've contacted their customer service 4 times and NOBODY can tell me why! Is there a new law against banking while black!?

Ally Bank

They sell your info to other businesses.

They sell your your credit history to the general public. I just got their email and in the fine print it said they basically sell your info to make money. No wonder I've been getting spammed a ton. Taking my entire 30k saved elsewhere.

Bank of America

Bank of America sucks!!!!


Bank of America

Bad Service from Start to Finish

I have had four recent problems with Bank of America.

After 18 years as a customer, B of A is sending out a demand letter to re-verify personal information that was verified less than two months ago. Unless I comply with their duplicate request, they will arbitrarily close the account. They make a veiled reference to Federal law requiring them to do so with no cited authority for their demands.

It took five phone calls to receive a BankAmerideals incentive due me with the repeated message that I could not speak to the Research function and I would have to wait five to seven business days for a response.

Even though I had a scheduled appointment for notary service, I waited over half an hour past the appointment time at the branch before the one notary became available.

Bank of America took ten days to transfer funds from my account to another Bank of America account through its on-line bill pay system adminstered by its third-party contractor, FiServ. B of A claimed it can't electronically transfer such payments and must waste money and computer time generating a paper check and sending it via snail mail. Are we in the 19th or 21st Century when it comes to banking processes?

Bank of America clearly can't service its accounts efficiently and effectively.

Regions Bank

Beware of Phoney Bonus Offers From Regions Bank

Beware of Regions Bank ! This is a dishonest nasty bank advertising and promoting fraudulent bonus offers for opening new bank or credit card accounts. After you sign up and satisfy the requirements for their bonus, they will hassle you endlessly when you try to get them to actually pay the bonus they advertised. It quickly becomes obvious they have a systematic plan to frustrate your bonus request with time-consuming irritating repeated questions and so-called "confirmations-and-verifications" of obvious information they already have. They will also transfer you from department to department so you have to endure their questions multiple times - a sustained effort to frustrate, delay or deny your bonus request. Even letters to their President and CEO won't help - all you will get is more questions and NO bonus. This bonus seeker writes from experience and is now seeking government consumer protection agency and attorney general help to obtain an earned bonus. STAY AWAY FROM REGIONS BANK !


Agree with the 200+ other reviews

The worst banking experience for 10 months. Everything about the bank is sub standard including the music while on ridiculously long holds.
Do not bother, there are many other banks in WV that will provide a pleasant experience.



Somebody walked into Chase and withdrew $1800 cash with a fake ID. Chase never asked for 2 forms of ID because transaction was under $2000. Immediately made police report. Officer went to bank to review video, Chase refused to show him tapes unless he contacted Chase Global security and then wait 30 days for video to review! Was told by Chase they would refund money within 24 hours, now 35 days later and being on hold for over 9 hours total they finally credited my account. When you call Chase Fraud department, immediately ask for "supervisor" otherwise you will be lied to concerning when you will get a refund. When asked why don't they require a pass code before withdrawing cash they had no response. Banked with Chase for over 20 years, no more. They simply don't care about their customers. YOU SUCK CHASE!!!

U.S. Bank

U.S. bank is a joke!!!!!

I visited a branch, with a check written by one of there customers. She told me there would be a $7.00 fee, because I don't have an account with them. The manager agreed with me, that they should honor there own checks.
I put the fee on my Discover card, I disputed the charge and the charge was refunded.
I recommend a Boycott!!! On this money hungry, fee charging, Un American Bank!
Further more, tried purchasing Tabs online this morning. Guess What? Can Not Be Done, WITH OUT PAYING, us bank A FEE !!!!

U.S. Bank

no atm

once again i went to use the atm and guess what, it was not working this is the second time this month that they did not have the atm working they moved it next to the bank several years ago because they said it was better but if you go late in the morning you can't get to it because there are 2 or 3 cars trying to go through the drive up window very unhappy with the bank service and the unhappy people that work here looks like the bank accrose th street has better service


Seemingly very unorganized.

I have to work a lot in the New Orleans area, yet I live in Northern Alabama, and the only bank account I had prior was a local credit union, which meant I couldn't use a bank while I was away for work. The only reason I chose IBERIABANK (even after all of the concerning issues), is because it is the only bank that has branches in both my hometown, and New Orleans (aside from Regions, which I refuse to use as every single person I know has constant issues with Regions).

So, I applied online for an account which was simple enough. After I applied, I received an email from them, saying they needed a copy of my driver's license and a copy of a certified piece of mail to confirm my identity and address. Okay, a bit of a hassle, but understandable. I called the customer service number to ask if the documents I was going to provide were adequate, the man told me it was OK, and gave me his personal company email to send it into. I thought this was a kind gesture, thinking he would go ahead and process my information immediately himself (I was wrong). Instead, I waited two days for an email back and never got one. I called the number to see what was going on, and the same guy answered. I asked if he received the email, he stated that he did receive it and somebody should contact me 'shortly'. I then waited three days and was never contacted. So, I called again, and the guy recognized my number and answered, calling me by name frantically (he probably knew I was going to be pissed), and before I had a chance to say anything, he said "I'll process this right now and send you an email". Sure enough, he did it within five minutes, and in the email was some paperwork I needed to sign and send back. Signed it, scanned it, emailed it back to him, and asked if I would be getting a debit card or if I needed to order that separately. He assured me that he had placed an order for a debit card.

On the paperwork, it stated that someone will email me separately to give me my online banking login info. I waited another 3 days for this and never received it, so I had to call again, thankfully a different person answered and sent me my info immediately. It also took about 3 days after sending the paperwork for my deposit to go through my primary bank.

I still don't have my debit card; I'm sure I will have to make another call.

It's not necessarily bad customer service, everyone I spoke to was very friendly. It just seems to be like pulling teeth to get them to do anything. Hopefully once I receive my debit card, everything will be fine.

I also want to point out that this is just a simple checking account, as simple as you can get really. No savings, no interest, no credit, no loans, just a plain old' checking account.