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CHASE BANK is holding me liable for unauthorized charges and have been the worst at so many levels. STAY AWAY

CHASE BANK is holding me liable for unauthorized charges and are refusing to investigate the fraudulent charges despite having provided them with more than enough information for them to never blame me, which is unthinkable, of having placed those purchases even after I had asked that I'd close my account to avoid having this issue, which had occurred in the last and was appropriately handled. But apparently, if that happens more than once, then it becomes the consumer's fault.
I hate dealing with CHASE. They are simply terrible and will be soon replaced by more ethical financial institutions with integrity. It might take a year, 5 or 10 years. That is irrelevant. I know they are starting to have the reputation that they deserve.
Don't make the mistake and bank with CHASE BANK. Shame on them

TD Bank

Left them in less than 1 month

I closed my account within 30 days. They charge for EVERYTHING.

When I transferred money to another account (external account) they charged me $3.00 and it took longer than any other bank I've made EFTs to/from.

I deposited a check once in the drive through. Guess what? $3.00 fee. lol. I mean damn I'm a new customer maybe I should have read all the fees carefully but at least remind me that the fee could be avoided if I deposit through the ATM for example.

I was already skeptical to pay $6.95 a month for a checking account in the first place.

My first experience was my chip enabled Visa debit card would work 5% of the time. Unrelated to the chip. It just never seemed to work when swiping it. I was told to go to a branch to get a replacement card. I did. And their machine was broken. Great. Glad I didn't transfer all my money to TD Bank yet. Since they'd likely charge me to withdraw it by teller too.

They send me a replacement card, guess what. This one works 85% of the time. WTF is wrong with their cards? I've never had a problem with USAA, American Express or any other credit card I've owned when it comes to swiping.

I think the final straw for me was $3.00 to do an EFT to another bank. Ridiculous.

I suggest a Charles Schwabb or Fidelity account (if you don't need a real branch). Everything is FREE. Even free checks (always)! No monthly fee! No ATM fees, they reimburse you for ALL ATM fees same day. MUCH better mobile banking app. You can deposit your checks via the app. Unless you need a brick and mortar bank, I suggest you go with one of the aforementioned banks. If you're ex-military, parents or spouse are military or ex-military then USAA is the way to go.

To hell with TD and their ridiculous fees.

People's State Bank of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania

Avoid this bank!

If you're looking for a bank that treats their customers in a condescending, abusive manner, this is definitely the bank for you. I have been laughed at on the phone while trying to correct THEIR errors, I have had branch managers verbally acost me in their lobby. I have had staff and management discuss personal information in common areas in front of other customers. I have had accounts closed without warning or any notice. I have even had then try to skim deposits I've made for their own benefit. The ineptitude and borderline criminal behavior common at this bank is appalling. I recommend banking just about anywhere else. This is not a bank that cares about you or that you can trust.

Regions Bank

I love it!

Great customer service


What a mess of a bank

We have been with this bank for 40 years. It is now BB&T. Just aweful customer service. Most of the time there are only 2 ppl working. My husband went through the drive through and gave the teller his transactions. He waited and waited and finally the other teller came over and asked if he could help him. Here, the teller that took his transaction went to lunch. Wow!!! We also find that if you transfer from your savings to your checking...only part of your money is available that day. It's your own money. What are they doing with it until the next day. Never the less...we are in the midst of moving every thing to another bank after 40 years. It's a pain to move everything but we need a bank that cares about it's customers. Please beware when deciding on this bank.

Bank of America

Trying to get my 1098

I have been trying to get my 1098 interest statement from BOA since January, 30, 2016. I paid > $600.00 in interest so they are required by law to mail it to me.
I have called multiple times, gone to my local branch, submitted a complaint on BBB.
Wait times to talk to someone in the HELOC department are longer than 20 minutes and you are lucky if they don't hang up on you.
BOA even created a "special" 1098 department, but wIt times exceed 30 minutes.
Today is 2/11/16 and I still do not have my 1098.
My next step is to go to the consumer advocate reporter on the local TV station.
Don't know what else to do.

Suntrust Bank

Their online banking sucks! Overdraft happy bank! BEWARE!!!

We are so happy to be leaving Suntrust Bank after 7 years of having a mortgage with them as well as checking and savings account. Below are a few things that we have been unhappy with.
1. The online banking is terrible. The website is outdated, and has not changed in the 7 years we have banked there.
2. Our account got hacked in 2012, and it took Suntrust 3 times before they stopped the transactions.... I'm in Tennessee, and my card was used in Middleton New York! Thy only called my cell, never my husband...
3. BEWARE they are an OVERDRAFT HAPPY BANK! Never mess up... And even if a charge has been cancelled or not accurate, and is still PENDING.. THEY WILL CHARGE OVERDRAFT AGAIST PENDING TRANSACTIONS THAT MERCHANTS HAVE CANCELLED!
4. They changed our checking account type without even telling us!!!! For over 6 years we had the top checking account that would typically cost you $30 per month... Because we have a mortgage with them, we got it free, or that's what we were told when we opened the account! One month, the charge started showing up and I called to find out why..., they said it was because we paid our mortgage down under $250k, and our combined accounts no longer totaled $250k+, so we would be charged... I told them to please make it right, that's not the way it was presented to us initially. We thought they fixed it per someone at the local branch... They did, they changed us to the crappy free checking account.
5. Transactions take FOREVRR TO POST! You can spend something on Friday, and it not show posted until the next Wednesday!!! And sometimes it will disappear the day it's batched, and your balances are screwed up for a day! Again, Online banking terrible per above! You can't rely on it!
They need to get with the times and improve some of their systems! I would not recommend them at all!

Ally Bank

Crap Service/Took forever to get our lein release after payoff!!!

I will never deal with Ally ever again. They give you the run around for everything. We paid off our car loan and I overnighted a cashiers check to expidite the process and it took just as long as if I hadnt wasted the $25 I spent on that. Useless customer service. Spent 2hrs on the phone only to be told they could put a request for my lien release to be overnighted the approval would take 24 to 48 hours before it was processed then it may not be approved so no guaranteed to be overnighted.

Bank of Okolona


if i could have gave no stars i would have gave a negative!! they dont honor their debit card policy when someone steals your card and uses it!! someone scammed over $1000 from our bank account they knew who it was they returned money to us then two months later reversed and gave it back to the theif!! the theif had made a duplicate card i was 800 miles away showed the bank proof they also had proof by my actual transaction that I was 800 miles away when it was used but they just gave my hard earned money away and told me to hire a lawyer knowing it would cost more to hire lawyer so we are out $1000 and it was at christmas time aand it was really hard to tell my children they had no santa visit this year I felt like my life was taken away! we live paycheck to paycheck as it is to have it taken was wrong! dont do business with them!!!!

Wells Fargo

Terrible Customer Service plus discriminatory treatment

Today, at exactly 4:58pm I pulled up at the Wells Fargo branch at Barrett Parkway, in Kennesaw, GA. I knew that I was running a bit late, but when I saw another pull up and get out of their car and ran up to the door, I did the same. A black Wells Fargo representative came up to close the door as the white man reached it. I was literally 3-4 footsteps behind when the representative opened the door for the white man and let him in. As I made a step forward to enter the Wells Fargo representative closed the door. I was so shocked I asked him if he was not going to let me in too. He said, "No, sorry ma'am. The bank is closed." I went back to my car and called customer service to report the discriminatory incident. Of course, it took them a full 7 minutes to get someone the phone. As usual, I received only apologies. All this time, the man who went inside has not come out.
I believe that I should have been let in just as the white man was let in, and I regard this as a discriminatory incident. Tomorrow, I plan to go to the bank and make my mortgage payment, which was what I was there to do. I will be canceling my accounts with Wells Fargo, since this has not been the first time I believe that I was treated unfairly by Wells Fargo's service.