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Santander Bank

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible bank, worse customer service than comcast!!

Plain and simple, if you become a customer, their customer service will not help you out. I've tried calling several times, and it got worse on every call. I managed to get in touch with one person with some sense, but the information they told me turned out to be incorrect.

I really feel that if you have a loan, or account with them they want you to fail...I'd provide more details, but I see that they have already been buried in one star ratings....if only there was a zero to give to them, they are that incompetent and deserving of it.

Wells Fargo

Will not patronize a business who chose to use Wells Fargo Financial

My husband purchased hearing aids which the business chose to go threw Wells Fargo, we have never used them before. They said they sent a statment (first one) in June (2016) but we did not receive a statement till July (2016). So a late charge was attached to our balancestors. To make a long story short, we asked them to remove the late change. They said they couldn't because they show the statement was sent out in June. I even spoke to her supervisor. Will not give them a good reference.

Discussed ex-customer.

Wells Fargo

Disappointed is an Understatement

I financed a piece of jewelry through Wells Fargo and paid it off in full a few weeks later. A few weeks after that I returned the jewelry to the retailer. The retailer said that since I financed the jewelry, the reimbursement must go through Wells Fargo. The return took place on July 11. On July 14 I contacted Wells Fargo and the rep said I would be receiving a check in the mail in two to three weeks. Today, July 28, I called to ask about the status of the check and was told I will be receiving it in 45 to 60 days. I about came unglued, that is completely ridiculous, very disappointed. I even asked to speak to a manager and he said he could do nothing about it. So, now I have to wait until the end of September to get reimbursed for a purchase I paid in full. Not knowing how else to express my displeasure I thought I would post here and warn others to stay away from Wells Fargo. Go with a locally owned bank where you can actually meet with someone to resolve the issue.

Citizens Bank

Overdraft fee happy

I've been banking with citizens bank for the past 5-6 years. I'll admit I made a mistake and over drafted my account because I used the wrong card (I have 2 checking accounts with citizens). I fixed my mistake the very next day (surprisingly it went they the next day instead of taking the usual 3 days to process). Only the next day for them to charge me the overdraft fee of $35. They seem to take overdraft fees and not care how they get them. They refused to return any of it even after I told them I was going to close my account. I have all my money directed through this bank. My regular job, my part time job and my side jobs installing have equipment. All over a $35 fee that they refused to return. Even after I corrected my mistake before they even caught it.

Bank of America

Late Fee Scam

I believe that there should be a class action suit against BOA. It revolves around the email notification that a statement is ready.

For one of my other banks, I use 4, I get notice of a payment on the 25th that a statement is ready that is due on the 27th. I use this as an suggestion to log on to my account and see what is happening. I make a full payment and things are good.

With BOA I get a notice on the 26th that there is a new bill. The minimum amount due is $25. The date it is due is the 22nd of the next month.

So four days after a minimum payment is due on this month I get information that my next months payment is due on the 26th. But when I first started getting these online notices I did not realize this timing was going on and I looked at my account and found out that I was late on the account that was due that month by four days and was given a late penalty payment.

There are also threats that there might be late fee's up to $37 and an increase of the interest rate to a penalty APR of 29.99%.

I went and talked to them stating that I received an email notice from my other banks notifying that a payment was due before the late date. Only BOA sent out the notice after the late date. I suspect that their lawyers will say that the notice was for a date almost 30 days in the future and therefore I was wrong in saying I did not get advanced notice. Like I said, all other banks provide communications a few days before the due date so you can resolve things without penalty.

I eventually figured out their convoluted web page and got automatic payments established. I asked my wife about her experience and it was the same as mine and we both have extensive computer experience including creating web pages and other things.

So I propose that this situation is aimed at the less informed and will basically guarantee that they will miss payments and be subject to the penalties. If they have less confidence they will likely not ask for a refund and will loose their money.

If you look at the millions of possible customers who might be hit with something like a $37 payment and a 29.99% interest rate you can see that this adds up to a very significant amount of money. But any individual will not have enough loss to make it worth going to court over.

So this is a situation made for a government crack down or a class action law suit to get them to change the format of their notices and to repay the fees and reset the interest rates for all those possibly affected.


My closest branch is terrible

The closest branch to me is terrible. The ATMs (both drive up and walk-in) are most often non-functioning for deposits. The branch is 4709 Ross Avenue in Dallas, TX. The lines are always long, and the tellers are never happy. This points to one thing: bad management. Of course, it's been like this for years with multiple managers so I assume it's a problem with the district/regional management. This used to not be a problem as there was a motor bank about 8 blocks away from that branch. However, that branch has been shuttered. Now, I have to drive 5 miles to get to another branch ATM when the aforementioned ones have failed. I've been with JPMC for 10 years. It might be time for a change.

NBT Bank

Terrible Customer Service

Very unprofessional and abusive operators. You would think they would want to keep good customers. Our payments were never later. The issue we ran into had to do with our last payment being a different amount, which is understandable. Don't call and berate us about it though. We will never do business with this company again.

Umpqua Bank

Terrible service

I would give a Zero Star rating if I could. Obtained a loan through the auto dealer. Refinanced through Wells Fargo. Asked for a payoff. Was charged $30 for the statement. Could not open the secure email, requested it again charged another $30. Tried to get a refund, answer sorry no refunds even though it was their fault. Run don't walk from this bank.


What a lousy excuse for a bank.

This bank was trouble from the start, I shouldn't have kept pushing to stay with them. It took more than a month to just get started with them, then they held my money numerous times. And now I can't even zero out my account because they have made transferring money impossible. I can't write a check, I can't use the same email. I can't do anything with this bank. Please do not use them for your own sake, they cause nothing but trouble.



Key bank has made a policy change for mobile deposits without notifying it's customers our household has 3 accounts and one is for business use. They only stated the change in the statement which we have not received yet and they will not provide any alternative solution. I mean we can deposit the said checks in the atm and have the $100 instant availability but no longer with the mobile deposit. If we knew about this change the checks would not have been mobile deposited as we have employees to pay. A change like this is not a small deal. E-mails should have been sent, phone calls should have been made, a direct policy change letter should have been sent through the mail or something of that sort. This is just simply very bad business practice as in business 101 you learn that things like this are unacceptable and bad for business, once the funds are available all 3 accounts will be leaving Key not to mention my entire family as we all use mobile deposit for this very reason.