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Salem Five

Very pleased with SalemFive

I've kept my personal checking account at SalemFive for 20+ years and always been happy with their features and customer support. I like the fact that they're a small, local bank. Customer service on the phone is always quick and helpful. I keep my savings in an online bank and transfer funds seamlessly between the two. The billpay system is straightforward and convenient, and the fees seem fairly easy to avoid with direct deposits. Their mobile app is as helpful as anyone's, so I seldom have to visit a branch.

I was prompted to write because I saw two very negative reviews. That's just not been my experience with SalemFive - I've been very happy for years.


This bank will close up your account for no reason and hold your money.

I opened this account as a holding account for a school co op. Simple said that was too much like a business account and I needed to close it. So we agreed that I would transfer out that money and just use this as a personal account. A month ago I deposited a few checks (via the photo app deposit) and just today they tell me that they are closing my account because I am using it for business reasons. So they deemed that a personal check is for business, which it is NOT. They shut down my account and told me I can have my money (almost 5K) back via a mailed check in 2 weeks. They would not allow me to speak to a supervisor or even just transfer all my money out. They are HOLDING my money. They won't answer my emails and won't allow me to get past the entry level customer service on the phone.

Is this a SCAM??


Treated like a nobody

I visit this bank almost everyday of life. My husband and I have been doing business with Chase for 20 years!!! One day I forgot to complete a portion of my deposit and and when the teller referred to a newly promoted manager I was schooled and embarrassed in front of other customers. This newly promoted manager who used to count the millions of dollars I push through Chase Bank every year seems to think that just because she sits at the fancy desk now she can speak to me as if she doesn't see my face on a daily basis. Do yourself a favor and visit one of the other branches in Patchogue because this employee and her big ego have seemed to have gotten in the way of her professionalism and common decency towards clients who are loyal and hard working.

First Technology Federal Credit Union

Just NOT good anymore!!!

I have had an account with this conpany since it was HPEFCU (Hewlett Packard Employees Federal Credit Union)! I was 5! When it was acquired by Addison Avenue, their quality of service remianed, so I remained loyal.... NOW, well now not so much... They have been acquired yet AGAIN, this time by the current company FIRST TECHNOLOGY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION. Let me say, the customer service, TERRIBLE!! The quality of products, TERRIBLE!! Their willingness to help long-time members-NONE!! Even their fraud department is THE WORST!!! My card constantly has fraudulent activity on it, which they miss! BUT they freeze my card without giving me notice when I am making legitimate purchases! And the customer service repa in the fraud department are RUDE and rarely know why you are calling.... Like they are confused that you are RETURNING a FRAUD ALERT CALL?!?!? Really?!???!
Not to even get into the fact that their "NEW AND IMPROVED " website won't even allow me to log on! So I can ONLY use the mobile site or call in to do my banking, because there are VERY FEW local (and NO convenient) branches... Just about the only redeeming quality about this bank is that they do still credit your ATM fees from other banks. To me that alone is just not worth this inexcusable customer service and failing quality of product when dealing with my finances and life savings!!
As stressful as it is after 28 LONG YEARS my husband and I are now bank shopping...

Nationwide Bank

Car refinance

I received a preapproved invitation to apply for an auto refinance. The advertised rates were lower than my current loan so I thought I would go for it. BIG MISTAKE! I was denied, I now have a hard inquiry from Nationwide on my credit report AND my credit score is 750. Fyi, they pulled from TU.


BB&T = Burglars, Bandits & Thieves

A National Penn customer who was assured that Burglars, Bandits & Thieves (BB&T) would continue to service in the same way that National Penn did. WRONG!!!! This is absolutely the WORST BANK EVER!.. Stay away...STAY VERY FAR AWAY! They steal your money. Lost $72 in overdraft fees they caused by deducting money from my account two days before they were instructed to. Can't even get customer service to respond, let alone get my money back. Do yourself a favor and give this crew a wide berth.

First Citizens Bank

Busineses Don't bother - Horrible customer service

I've been with First Citizens with the 2 business that I am co-owner of in Greenville for many years. For a bank that was founded on "helping small businesses grow and suceed" they are quite comical since they are not helpful at all. A bank should partner with a business to help and work with them. Instead I have had years of battling every little incident and constantly hear them pass the problem off to someone else. If my business should encounter a problem with credit card processing, online access, account withdrawals, etc, I always felt like there was NO help to be found at First Citizens. Are we just not BIG enough? One company has been in business for 52 years and the other for 8 years - we're doing something right! As much of a headache as it is, I will move both companies to a bank that is helpful and not such a robot. Year after year - No help - EVER! There are much better banks out there! Run from the Augusta Road Branch.

I wish I had bothered to look at online reviews sooner. I cannot believe the number of sites that rate them a 1 star consistently. Obviously, they are used to this type of outcome since I told Kendra (branch) that I planned to post my experiences of terrible customer service on every media outlet I could find and she replied, "Okay!" The branch manager, Lesley Baker, which has never bothered to meet me did not care to speak to me herself... wow, great business service!

Bank of the West

Just terrible

I have a lease through Bank of West and they are the most difficult company/people to deal with. First off, to make a lease payment you have to call in and use one of the payment sheets from this little check book thingy that you get in the mail, do they know that there is this handy dandy thing called the internet??? When you call in and try to use their automated system to make payment you have to input your account #, which the system never recognizes. Then your transferred to an agent who is unpleasant at best but mostly downright rude. I have asked each agent, every month I make a payment, why the automated system doesn't recognize my account and they always have the same response; "I'm sorry, but I can help you make your payment". How about answering my question!?!?!
Secondly...I recently moved to another state and need a power of attorney to register both of my vehicles as they are both leased. When I called on another vehicle, financed through a different bank, I told them that I have moved and that I need said power of attorney, their response..."no problem, we'll get that handled for you, would you like it mailed to your address or the DMV?"
Next I had to call Bank of the West for the same power of attorney. The agent I got to acted like I was speaking Russian and basically had no idea what I was talking about. She then said I need to get a form from the DMV in my new state and fax it to them, WRONG! There is no form to fax to you!!!!
I will never finance or lease anything that requires me to use this bank again in my life, they are absolutely the worst!!!! They don't even deserve the one star they got but I couldn't rate them a zero....

Florida Bank of Commerce

Quick Last Minute Mortgage!

Having been a customer of Chase for over twenty years, I was relieved when my local banker told me I was pre approved for a mortgage on a property I had been trying to purchase for ten months. Unfortunately, the sellers bank gave me just 45 days to close. My Chase banker assured me we would make it happen with time to spare. With just roughly two weeks remaining before my required closing date, my long time bank, with whom I maintain four accounts, informed me that they were very sorry, but the upper level decision makers declined the loan down. My friend, who recently acquired a small business loan from Florida Bank of Commerce, suggested I contact them. With mortgages averaging about thirty days from start to finish, due to a stronger market and home owners refinancing histirically low rates, I was somewhat scepticle about being able to close such a large mortgage in half the time, but I had nothing to lose.

Fortunately, I was referred to Dan, one of FBC's mortgage brokers. I was quickly relieved when he told me that everything would happen in-house and would not be bogged down with the beurocracy of a big national bank mentality. To make a long story short, I was no less than amazed to recieve my mortgage in just NINE days from start to finish! In addition, their rates were very competitive with no hidden fees. Of course I'm not suggesting that anyone wait until two weeks before closing to attempt to secure a mortgage but the bottom line is that they did make it happen, given my rigid contract restraints.

In the future, you won't see me waiting in line at one of the big banks, just for the privilege of feeling like a number, but rather comfortably sitting at the desk of my local FBC branch with the knowledge I am in good, competent hands. Thanks Dan & FBC!

First National Bank

Love this bank!!

This is a great bank! When I walk in, the teller and manager, Kia and Rick, always address me by name, hey how are you doing, etc. it's nice to finally have a bank that is so personal and I've been with a few. I would definitely recommend this bank. They do have a drive through and they are open til 5. I've been to the Catonsville one too and it was just as consistent.