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Bank of America


This is the WORST BANK IN AMERICA! I was robbed at one of the Bank of America ATM machines by a person with a weapon, while I was making a withdrawal transaction. I called Bank of America and reported my claim. Bank of America did their investigation and falsely accused me for participated in the act. So Im like "really" you just accused me for robbing myself, because I cooperated during the robbery. What am I supposed to do? react to the robbery then find out later I'm no longer alive? Basically, Bank of America wanted me to risk my life over a $500 dollar fake check that the robber put into my account during my personal transaction and then BOA end up charging me to pay them back for that transaction when they're the ones who authorized it into my account. The robbery was clearly on camera and it was pervasive.

On top of that, they refused to give me a report to send to the police and has given me the runaround. I wanted the person name who was on that check and where it came from to give to the police in order for them to find the suspect. Bank of America refused to do so. Not to mention this bank have poor customer service. They are trained to transfer you to the wrong department's which takes up to an hour or two just to speak with someone. This has got to be the worst bank ever, they run their business like a dictatorship all they do is charge and take! and they are trained to waste your time.

They authorize false checks to make their customers vulnerable to get robbed, so they can turn around and charge you to pay them back. They are the ones who are participating in the robbery "if you ask me" because now they are robbing me.


BMO Harris Bank

The worst bank I have ever dealt with

I have been banking with BMO for 8 years. I had a nice community bank that Harris bought, then they merged with BMO. Over the last 8 years I have had my account number stolen (never the physical card, mind you) no less than 10 times. Getting my money back has been a challenge each time and I have lost over $1000 when they were not able to "prove" I didn't spend it. Right, I booked two hotel rooms in Australia, where I have never been! I have had my account used in France multiple times, again, never been there, and now someone is donating my money to GofundMe accounts! On top of that the security is ridiculous, I am constantly getting locked out of my account and getting it unlocked is a pain in the ass. They have never had my business tax id number right and my business partner is never authorized on the account, no matter how many times I give authorization. Just overall a nightmare. Why do I stay? I DON'T KNOW! It used to be just too much hassle to get all my business and personal auto withdrawals updated. Well not anymore! I am pulling my money out TOMORROW! I can no longer justify staying at a bank where the security measures seem to only keep me from my money while criminals seem to have no problem stealing it.

Synchrony Bank

Horrible Experience

My wife and I had a Synchrony Bank credit card through Sam's Club. We always paid off the entire balance when due and after my wife's death in January 2015 I continued to use the card. Everything was fine until after a trip to Florida in October 2015 I noticed unauthorized charges on the card and immediately contacted Synchrony's customer service. I was told that the charges would be taken off, the card canceled, the legitimate charges transferred to a new card, and a new card sent in a few weeks. After a month I still hadn't received a new card so I called customer service and was told that since the card was in my deceased wife's name that the new card had been cancelled and the balance sent to a collection agency. Shortly after that I began receiving a bill for the card that was supposedly cancelled, with just the fraudulent charges. When I wouldn't pay these charges Synchrony charged off the balance and informed the credit agencies. Thanks Synchrony for ruining my once perfect credit record. I still haven't heard anything about the legitimate charges that I intend to pay.

Suntrust Bank

Suntrust & Sopranos both begin with S

Yes I am being cheeky, but I feel like I borrowed 10K from Uncle Paulie. Please go right past the photos that they have on their site, like they are enabling families. They are takers. Pure and simple. I had accounts and my mortgage through Suntrust. I paid thousands of dollars in interest to them. All part of a mortgage. I get that. But the month that I sold my home, I get tagged with $17 "maintenance fee." I absolutely love the words. I get images of them polishing my gold coins. They did this because I sold the home they held the mortgage on, and unlike many Americans, I took a line of credit to fill the void the home lost from the housing crisis. I could have asked for a short sale, but elected to go more into debt. They rewarded me with the fee because they weren't bilking me for the interest every month. This despite still paying them $100 a month interest on a line of credit. Guess it is not enough to pay for those employee bonuses. Simply put, you are only as valuable as the amount of $ you can make them. Let me also highlight what you get with a Suntrust account. You pay for all services, ATM withdrawals, counter transactions and transfers, while drawing no interest.
Access to information: Here's a tidbit for prospective customers. Open their site. Look how easy it is to find products to "borrow" from them. Money for homes, money for college, investments. Now within 5 clicks, try to find out what their fee schedule is?

Washington Federal

They make mistakes and charge their customers fees for their errors

I've only been dealing with Washington Federal for 1 year when they updated their bank software with an unproven replacement. The new software in question couldn't process my house payment which was linked to my checking account through their so called EZ pay. I brought it to their attention and was told that they were working on it and it was just a glitch. They then in turn started charging me assessment fees and late fees when the error was on their end. This is the worst banking experience I've ever had and I am in the process of getting my mortgage refinanced to another bank.
I would not ever recommend Washington Federal to anyone for any reason. I am also filing complaints with the BBB and federal banking commission against them for their bad business practices.

TD Bank

my td bank

I think td is really Americas most convenient Bank. I have them since October when I went into my local branch. I had a large check to deposit, but I wanted to put the magarity in a savings and some in checking. The associate who assisted me was fast and she really set it up the best way for the money to work for me. I love td bank.

Ally Bank


Ally Banks owes me over 1600.00 for a warranty cancellation. They have given me a run around for 3 months.

Woodforest National Bank

Mobile deposit

Made a mobile deposit took all steps to make a deposit signed check for wood forest deposit only now my deposit is stuck in review no local branches and left with no money over the weekend as my deposit sits in limbo. I called and they said there's issues with there app no time frame of repairs... Why is it every time I call wood forest they sound like getto temp service tellers ?

Trustco Bank

Incompetence to the point of malice.

Incompetence to the point of malice.

Customer Satisfaction to Service Provided Ratio: 0%

TD Bank

Customer Service is suck!

TD bank's customer service representative do not have patient with their customers and the way they talk with their customer is been so rude! I feel they discriminate with non-native speaker! Don't suggest you to have account with them!