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Horrible loan servicing!

Horrible customer service, you get a different story every time you call. I have an auto loan with them but cannot sell the car until it's paid off in full. They will not even talk of lien release until they have every penny even if you will tell them you are getting payoff for the car. Even if you have paid every month on time. They refuse to work with you one bit. I'm stuck with a car with high mileage and absolutely no way to get out from underneath of it even though a have several buyers interested with money in hand.

Bank of America


This is my first time posting a review. Being with BANK OF AMERICA for 7 yes or more, I am very dissapponted on what is happening now. I know they have helped me before with refund of overdraft fees. And for that, Thank you. But My account have been a victim of fraud three times. One is someone able to open a business account under my name and they use the account to get tax money.,then 2 is fraudulent activity including this last one that they are able to use my debit card, I dont know how!!! And the saddest part is when I called and inquire how will I close my account because I am really frustrated, the agents are not even concern and did not even ask if they can help me woth something. It sucks. And Iam still talking because Of dissapoontment, the agent jist hang up on me. So sweet!!

Barclays Bank

Waiting forever

If you are about to open an account in Barclays don't do it!!!! Every time I have to talk to an advisor it takes up to 2 hours.


A disaster for online banking.

Generally, I find there is about a 50/50 chance of getting the error message "We're sorry. The system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." on any given day trying to log into my Iberia bank account. I don't bother trying anymore as it is so often a waste of time. Additionally, my online account does not have any of the standard bill-pay or account transfer options found on my other online accounts with other banks, so I can't electronically transfer money from one account to another. Overall, I would not recommend Iberia for any online banking. They are not really what I would consider and online bank at all.

HSA Bank

Possible Fraud

My HSA medical account was held by Chase and then transferred to HSA bank. I didn't think much of it. However, when I tried to use my debit card at my doctors office, it would not process. I called the number at the back of the card and they said I needed to pay the bill myself and then go to the bank and get a cash advance in the future for my already paid expenses...In other word: pay myself back! A lot of nonsense and waste of time. Well, I did this once and the transaction processed. I did it again for a second expense payback- and my request was denied. Not once but thrice! So, back on the phone with HSA bank and they told me that I withdrew all the money from my account and my balance is now 0. WHAT?? I had a substantial balance that just disappeared?
Now, they want me to fill out claim forms, which they still haven't sent. In addition, they are claiming that my "regular bank" processed the cash advance four days after I was actually in the bank to try to get the cash advance. Now doesn't that sound extremely shady?? I don't trust these people/ institution and I wouldn't recommend that people continue using them. I think they have a known internal problem and we are the scape goats!!

Popular Community Bank

Incompetent employees

In 2012 I opened a checking account. They told me I could use the ATM to deposit . Once I return which was two hours from the location. I try to deposit and then work on ATM. I called the 800 number they told me that were I lived I was not able to deposit and ATMs. I left my account as it was since I was not going to drive 2 hours to make a deposit. I think it was a year and a half I noticed that $5 were taken out of my account every month. I called and they told me that my account was dormant and that was the reason why $5 were being taken out every month. I called to try to get it activated but they said that I would have to fill out some forms and send a picture of my ID to them in order to get it active again. So by the time I got the papers the $5 were still being taken out of my account. I finally received the papers fill them out and send it to them. 2 months went by and still the $5 were being taken out of my account. I called the bank to see what happens and they said they never received the papers and that I will have to fill out the papers again so they can activate it. After fussing back and forth on the phone with them they were going to send me the papers again. A month later I received a call from a manager that they were going to activate my account. I had not received the papers yet. But my account was active now. I went to my other bank to set up a transfer to send money to that account to keep it active. I registered online and waited for it to be activated. It said 3 days. After two weeks that I was not able to log in the account I called for help. First person looked into the problem but cannot figure it out. I registered again online and again called to get it activated. The second person help me took a while before he noticed that they had use my middle name as my last name. That I would have to go to the branch and fix it cuz they cannot do it online. So I didn't go to work because I was so frustrated and wanted to get this corrected and over with and not have to deal with these issues anymore with this bank. So I arrived at the branch and there was no sympathy for all the problems I went through. Explains all the situation to the banker. She looks into my account and tells me she could not fix my online account. She kept saying that my last name was xxxx on my driver's license. My license has my first name my middle name and my last name she kept pointing towards the middle please my last name is the last one. She told me she cannot fix my online banking. So I told her, I cannot deal with all these problems continuing So let's close the account. Her response was, you can close it with the teller. I said okay. Since you can't fix it - just close it. She stopped and told me but listen since you came all the way down here which is a 2 hour drive - will try to fix it. She end up fixing my online account. I just wonder why she didn't fix it the first time. So since I've opened up this account I have lost money on it the fees they took out which not even half were we deposited to my account. I also lost one whole day of pay having to go to the bank. My account is only open because I need the location in another country of the same bank but once I can find another bank that serves that country I will definitely close my account. Never again! I put one star because there was no option to put none.

TCF Bank

refused to close my business account

refused to close my business account they want all the names on the account to be present. and when I went to another branch , they said that is not true. they just gave me hard time. bad staff, does know their duties and rules

Banner Bank

Don't have your back

I've been a credit union person all of my life. I was forced to open an account with Banner because of the affiliation with our business' lender. I am not a financially irresponsible person, but sometimes people write checks and give you the wrong amount. Sometimes numbers get transposed and occasionally a check doesn't have sufficient funds. In this case, I deposited funds that I believed to be enough to cover a check. I was $7.32 short. I realized it the same day and called immediately, ready to run down and cover the amount. Was Banner willing to be understanding and honor the check? Nope, they had already returned it. Were they willing to waive their fee for someone who hasn't had these issues in the past? Nope - $30, no willingness to be flexible. The people are friendly enough when you go into the branch, but this kind of lack of service is ridiculous. Oh yeah - that reminds me. I gave someone my name there a while back to ask about a construction loan and never got a call. Hmmm... not surprised.

TD Bank

Terrible Bank for Small Businesses

Horrible bank for small businesses. Huge staff turnover (major red flag). You can work with someone one week and the next week that person can be gone. This is a common problem - staff changes constantly - bad sign if you are small business and need that bank staffer connection who understands the need's of your small business.

Also, the wait time on the phone is horrendous - think an average of 10-15 minutes before you even get someone on the phone.

Had a fraudulent check go thru my account. Thankfully, I was closing this acct. so no money was withdrawn but when I repeatedly asked for a report for what happened they just said they don't rush on fraud cases where no money was deducted. I'm now going on 4 months and have yet to get any kind of report and I highly doubt I"ll ever get one. I actually had one of the managers of my bank ask me "why I needed the report".

I'm in the process of moving my accts. I cannot wait till I don't have to deal with this horrendous bank any longer.

Bank of America


This is the WORST BANK IN AMERICA! I was robbed at one of the Bank of America ATM machines by a person with a weapon, while I was making a withdrawal transaction. I called Bank of America and reported my claim. Bank of America did their investigation and falsely accused me for participated in the act. So Im like "really" you just accused me for robbing myself, because I cooperated during the robbery. What am I supposed to do? react to the robbery then find out later I'm no longer alive? Basically, Bank of America wanted me to risk my life over a $500 dollar fake check that the robber put into my account during my personal transaction and then BOA end up charging me to pay them back for that transaction when they're the ones who authorized it into my account. The robbery was clearly on camera and it was pervasive.

On top of that, they refused to give me a report to send to the police and has given me the runaround. I wanted the person name who was on that check and where it came from to give to the police in order for them to find the suspect. Bank of America refused to do so. Not to mention this bank have poor customer service. They are trained to transfer you to the wrong department's which takes up to an hour or two just to speak with someone. This has got to be the worst bank ever, they run their business like a dictatorship all they do is charge and take! and they are trained to waste your time.

They authorize false checks to make their customers vulnerable to get robbed, so they can turn around and charge you to pay them back. They are the ones who are participating in the robbery "if you ask me" because now they are robbing me.