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Barclays Bank

Barclay customer for 45 years then insulted by customer service

My wife and I have been Barclays customers for over 45 years , never in debt , always in credit . In fact we never had an overdraft . I went into the Kendal Barclays Branch to try and sort a problem out with my daughters account , now I understand they cant talk about the account detail as is not my account . I tried to explain I just want to talk about the way she was being treated , my daughter suffers from bipolar and struggles under stress . I was completely insulted by the muppet who was in the bank hall , he kept going into the back office to consult his master . I was told they would not talk to me at all, whne i said I was going to close our accounts he was still not interested in even finding out what was my problem . When i said my only option was to go to the banking ombudsman he said i should go there . Absolutely unbelievable treatment . Closing my account is to easy form them , I am going to make it my mission in life to make this the most expensive free account they have .


Government Travel Card

Horrible customer service over the phone. I am a Government Credit Card holder so my payments are made by the government without me ever touching the money. I didn't know that somehow I still had a balance until I returned home from a 12 month deployment at which time I had accumulated late fees. I called them and explained the situation, the lady told me there was nothing she could do and I would have to pay the full amount with the late fees. They cannot accept debit cards over the phone because they are still in the dinosaur age and I had to provide them with my bank account and routing number in order to make the payment.

PNC Bank

Not the bank I used to know

I worked for PNC bank 15 years ago as a teller and the bank back then had great customer service . It was "client" driven. I opened an account based on this and the experience has been nothing but horrible. I had the banker open my account and my number one request was NO statements to be sent to my address I wanted paperless banking. Guess what paper statements were sent to my address with promises it would be corrected. After the third statement and empty promises to correct the issue I closed the account with a fee (not disclosed to me upon opening the account -of course) I felt that fee should have been waived considering the bank couldn't provide me the number one request of paperless banking . The banker sure doesnt listen to clients needs , just way to interested in taking your money and making a deposite so he can get his commission. Its all money driven now. No desire to correct the wrong. Keep burning those bridges PNC. I will never recommend this bank to anyone, actually would discourage them from obtaining an account.


Worst customer service!!

This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with!! I opened an account and wrote a check for $400.00 and it went through the day before direct deposit...thinking 24 hour grace right? NOT AT ALL! They reversed it then closed down my account sending it to the fraud! They can't give me my money they will write me a check. No I need my money the ONLY nice person I dealt with was the branch manager in the office I went to! He really went to bat for me to get my money back and we will see tomorrow if I can get it back. If I were you I would NOT EVER open another account with Huntington bank!! EVER! No wonder they had lawsuits before! Oh and to top it off I purchased checks from them that I will not get my $ back for! Lovely!!!

Ally Bank

Former Bank Teller/ Poor customer service

I worked in the banking world for a long time. I have a very strong knowledge of banking security standards. I applied for a checking account online and didn't receive any commutation from Ally. I called the customer service 7 days later, verified my information with the Ally representative not once, but 3 times. She (Kelly) placed me on hold multiple times and then, placed me on the phone with a supervisor. He (Ryan) stated, "The reason I have been added to the call is because you can't verify your personal information with us." He then asked me the SAME questions that she had already asked me three times, said everything was ok, and said she would now answer any questions I had. After the supervisor hung up she said, "We have sent a letter out and she can't see what's on the letter." That was the end of the conversion. She no longer could help me. If someone applies for an account with a bank, and the representative can pull your information on their system, they can see the status of your application or transfer you to someone that can.
Side note: If you ever have to file bankruptcy due to loss income, injury, or divorce, Don't do the right thing and file Chapter 13. Go for a 7 and you will be back on your feet in less then 2 years. In Chapter 13 you repay what you owe, but with reduced interest rates and the attorney can sometimes settle on a reduced amount. The right thing will follow you FOREVER. Chapter 7 erases all your debt, you repay nothing, and you are back on your feet in no time, and able to move with your life...Buy a car, house, open a checking, etc... It doesn't matter if you have since got back on your feet, built a company, and have thousands in a account. Chapter13 is a way for honest people to screw themselves.
I will continue to bank with Bank of America and have my investments with UBS...Thank you Ally


Unhappy Customer

When we lived out of the state, we were with BBT and had no problems. However, since our bank became BBT last October we have had the worst service anyone can experience. One of their managers is so condescending is scary. You really need to let her go find a job where she does not deal with people. She has absolutely no people skills. I dread having an issue with that bank because every time I walk in there I end up having to put up with her. We are currently planning on leaving this bank. We may be small depositors but we are treated like garbage since they became BBT. Do yourself a favor - BANK SOMEWHERE ELSE. Less than 1 star rating for this branch in Manheim.


awful customer service

ive had a checking account with iberia for more then 10 years. at least twice a year i have issues with my bank. whether they resequence your transactions (which is illegal) to the worst customer service. i recently attempted to deposit funds, written from a trust account. the teller immediately started off with an attitude. not only did she argue with me, she argued with the manager in front of other customers! i even brought paperwork to show i was a trustee for this trust account. she did everything she could to hold those funds as long as possible. when i called to make a formal complaint, the regional manager told me "thats just how she is" like that makes it all better. i should not have to argue with my bank to deposit VALID funds into my account. i would have been better off going to a check cashing place. stay FAR away from iberia bank. They are not there to help you.

Customers Bank

Robert White President of Customers Bank

Customer Bank Executives including Robert White.

It's amazing to all of us that you hire a person like Robert White to represent the bank.

See this very disturbing blog sent to us about the newly appointed President.

Orders of Protection

The shareholders will not be pleased.

State Farm Bank

Good Bank, Great Customer Service

I really enjoy State Farm Bank. No complaints.

Discover Bank

Bait and switch--- horrible customer service

Discover Bank took it upon themselves to mail me a $300 bonus offer for switching to them.
It's confirmed on my application confirmation. I fulfilled all the requirements and now I received an email stating "This promotion was for targeted customers, and we do not show this on your account"

I uploaded a confirmation; which they say is not sufficient proof.