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TIAA Direct

Excellent customer service

Their customer service is excellent. My call was taken right away. The agent understood what I needed and handled it very professionally. All in all I am very happy with my choice in banks. I had to move around a lot of banks before I was able to find the right fit.

Ally Bank

Wire transfer episode

I joined Ally a couple of years ago because of the savings and CD rates (and obviously the reputation and security). On a Thursday evening, I made a wire transfer online to pay for my 16 year-old son's first vehicle I was purchasing from an individual (as a surprise). The next morning, I rec'd a call from Ally to verify the action. I talked to a rep and it was verified. Four hours later I called Ally again to ask if the payment had gone through. I was told by this rep that everything was done and to have a good weekend. Later, I returned home to see on caller ID a call from Ally. It was a message to call them. I called back and spoke with a rep and this rep said that I had missed the deadline to verify the transfer and that instead of going to get my son's vehicle, it would now be three days later before they could wire the transfer because after 3 p.m. on Friday, they don't wire anything until the following Monday.

I tried not to blow my stack with the rep because I didn't need further problems but they completely left me hanging out to dry. There was nothing I could do at that point. The amount was significant enough that I couldn't transfer to a checking account because that additionally would take two days. The point of my post is that they advertise 24/7 banking and are available anytime to help. That didn't hold true.

Fulton Bank

Herndon Rude Manager

I'm a customer of Fulton Bank and the employees have always been wonderful. They recently got a new manager which is not one of the most friendliest persons to deal with. I had a few questions about our accounts and got the impression that she was doing us a favor and that it was an inconvenience. Customer skill training would be helpful. As I mentioned before the other employees are wonderful and helpful which keep the small town bank atmosphere.



Just spent 1h on the phone with EVERYTHING but useful. One of the reps didn't even know what a Citi Prestige Credit Card was. Nearly impossible to get someone on the phone if you don't have a Citibank account, also, which is kinda funny I guess they don't want new customers. I was to go with the Citi Prestige CC, but I might stay with my good Amex Experience and apply to their Platinum Card instead then.....


Poor Excuse of a Bank

My husband and have banked with Chase since 2009. Today my husband had to go withdrawal all of our money and take it to a different bank. Unfortunately we were victims of a scam. Chases response to our misfortune was to freeze all of our accounts. We were treated like we were the criminals in the situation. I do not recommend this bank after this experience. Not to mention the fact I had to unload all three of my children to go in the bank because their teller drive thru was NEVER open. They had signs posted to use their 24 hour drive up ATM. Sorry excuse of a bank and poor customer service.

The First Capital Bank of Kentucky

Horrible Experience

The worst bank I have ever had to deal with in regards to my commercial loan experience. Marcy Mudd is one of the laziest, non-communicative, lack of diligent person of I have ever worked with. We are now going on 3 MONTHS for this loan to close all because of he did not take the time to DO HIS JOB. I am utterly at my wits end with him and this company. Knowing they have a very frustrated and unhappy customer, you think they would do everything in their power to remedy this situation. Unfortunately, setting them to this basic standard is asking too much.

Ally Bank

Frustration at your own expense

I opened a new account with Ally reading reviews and per recommendation from my company in the month of May. In a couple of days somebody from the bank reached out to me asking for identification documentation. I sent all that I had and asked a follow-up question. It's been a couple of months since then and I have called the helpline many times and sent many many emails without resolution of question. Now the great people at bank have revoked my access to my account and my money. (Yes, I was stupid enough to keep my money and salary with them!). They have got me down on to my knees to get me access to my own money. I am at a stage where I don't need the account just my money back.

Where do I go now?

M&T Bank



Suntrust Bank

Customer service

Suntrust customer service sucks I will closing my account and going to a different bank

Citizens Bank

Scam artists

They will alter your transactions if your balance is close in order to get as many overdraft fees as possible. I have paid the same credit card bill (not a citizens crdit card) for years using my citizens bank checking account. If my account is not close to being over drafted, the payment takes daysss to go through. However, if it will cause an overdraft, amazingly it goes through that day. They have also taken it out several days later and posted it for a date that was earlier. It is sn extremely deceitful process and they are 100% doing it on purpose if you are someone who has a problem with this. They were just sued for 14 billion for "reordering" transactions based on amount. Yes that's right, they would re order transactions highest to lowest in an effort to get 4 or 5 overdrafts instead of 1. I can remember during this time they would also put a hold on debit transaction for several days.....a hold on a debit transaction in which I used my pin to make the purchase??? They are all about profit and they will get you any way they can.