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M&T Bank

Illegal Activity!

My mom and I had a great 20 year relationship with Hudson City Bank. Visited Hudson City a few months ago, provided POA and closed accounts, to pay bills for mom in assisted living center. Now I require 5 year history for Medicaid app and went to M&T Bank in Wyckoff. With the POA, AGAIN. They tell me...Well we don't have any record of the POA on the account, so you'll have to get a lawyer to send it to us. Also you'll have to have your mom sign forms allowing the lawyer to act on her behalf! Outrageous, I guess they don’t know the definition of a properly witnessed, signed and legal durable POA! ..DONT open any accounts with these criminals

Wells Fargo

The bank gave fake $100 bill

I took some cash from the wells fargo tailor and he did the machine count before handing the money to me. I went to deposit in my other bank account in less than 5 minutes time interval and the ATM in the other bank found out it was a fake $100 bill. I went back to the wells fargo bank and told the problem, they can not help since I walked out of the bank already with the money. I am never going to trust their money counting machine again. I lost $100 for nothing.

Evans Bank, National Association

They try to charge added late fees once your late one and pay the fee it shows up for multiple months

I will never do business with Evans bank in the future, was late one time and Evan's charged me a late fee the following month. I pay the fee and each month for the next two months I am getting a notice saying you have compounded fees when in fact I have proof that the original fee has been paid and they keep saying your payment was not added so not only did I pay the monthly charge they say I did not. Each time I call the call center in Hamburg NY I get placed on hold for over 20 min. I get you don't have staffing to save costs but if I can not talk to customer service what is the sense of calling if no one answers. I personally believe it's their way to make more added money $$ because how many people would just blindly pay without reading their statement, think about some customers who don't check if they are doing it to me, how many others do not check and are paying blindly! So, Now this is the second month so finally talked to a customer service rep again and they say again it is an oversight but really for the next two months??? Come on. Integrity is lost and my future business. So you can make some extra $$ when the late payment has been paid two months ago! With many banks out there I will not be back and hope the world sees they do not have values or standards like a trustworthy bank should....


Please don't waste your time, they are the worse bank!!!!

So I've had the account open for 4 months everything was great couldn't asked for anything better. So recently my bank card was stolen and my card was used and i had an unauthorized charge on my card as soon as it happen i went online and blocked my card i attempt to notify them but they were closed. So i contact them immediately the next day and advised them what happen. So days went by i didn't hear anything from them i called the customer service which they advised me someone will look into the issue and get back to so the rep Noreen sent me a message within the app asking what happen ect, so again i explain the story along with telling them i'm willing to submit a police report no response after about 14 days with nothing sent in the mail no follow up email, i called requesting to speak with a sup after about two calls and speaking with about 3 supervisor's they applied a provisional credit which i don't think they wanted to give me a credit. So here's when things get crazy noreen sent me another email on a sunday night asking the same exact questions she did prior after i answer the question along with sending a police report about 5 days later she sent a message saying they didn't find a error with my dispute and they will remove the provisional credit within 5 days, so i called customer service upset because i wasn't sure how this wasn't a error and needed answers they were unable to provided me with anything but i'm sorry and kept telling me to send a message in the app which is very frustrating. So i sent a message or two requesting copies along with other thing i get is a email saying my account is closed because i didn't meet the requirements of Simple's account agreement. This was a Friday i was getting ready to go out of town and they block my card and advised will send a check when all transactions settle i called immediately the rep was unable to provided any information but that i didn't meet the requirements of the bank and he advised me that i'm not eligible for phone support any longer i would have to send messages in the app and he hung up on me. (YES HE HUNG UP poor customer service) So i called and spoke with another rep and request a manager he then advised he has to disconnect the call because i'm not eligible for phone support and he also hung up on me so i sent several messages and never got a response until about 5 days later with the same pre set message along with a link, moral of the story is this they never answer my questions, they closed my account without a proper explanation on why , they have poor customer service, this bank should be shut down the way the scam people. please don't get this account.

Wells Fargo

Terrible Practices

Worst bank EVER! Have plenty of money in my account, went to purchase furniture to replace because we lost everything in a flood. The "bank" declined my charges because it was over 2,000.00, left me standing and embarrassed. Spoke with the "I don't have authority to do anything" customer service clown, gave her all of my identifiers, last transactions to verify my identity to see if they will give me a limit increase, she said I didn't "qualify". Really? It's MY money, NOT credit!. When I received an insurance claim check from this so called bank, I took it to deposit it into WELLS FARGO, a check from WELLS FARGO and they said they have to hold the check to make sure it CLEARS! Their insurance claim process is TERRIBLE and you get a different story from different people about the same topic! I have a credit card through them and have had AUTO PAY for EVER, the auto pay fell off (don't know why) I asked them to waive the late fee (never late with them before on cards or mortgage) you know what they said? Yep, "I don't qualify for a fee waiver". I asked If they would set up my auto pay AGAIN, they said, "since the auto pay is NOT paying out of a Wells Fargo Bank, they cannot" them trying to make you have them as their sole bank! When you want to transfer money on line to another bank they want to know why, like it is their money! I am making formal complaint, with documentation to the attorney generals office and I cannot wait until Monday comes fast enough as I am pulling ALL of my money out of this so-called bank and refinancing my home loan with a REAL bank that I have been with for years! Terrible bank, terrible practices, terrible customer service, terrible claim process.

TD Bank




No star if I could

I went in deposit a personal check, at the counter it was fine and dandy . After I left the branch in Lafayette that the bank called me, they can't put the money in my account becuAse they have to sent it off . I was okay with , and then when i checked my account they have charged me 35 dollars fee for sending it for collection , which no one has informed me , I also have chase bank account , this issue never came up . I m a Canadian I work in Lafayette la 6 months and 6 months in Canada . Don't feel the need to cancel my account in either country . So took 3 weeks later I recieved the money missing another 65 dollars from the check I wrote . I was trying to find out where my 65 dollars went . They don't know why . Initially Iberia bank told me they think Canadian bank charged me , so I called my home bank they told me , they didn't take anything giving back exactly amount I wrote and then they were on the phone with Iberia bank rep . They told me they were not able to find out who the the Money and then they told me to go to my branch and I went there and sat with the manager , they just couldn't figure out where the money went . Told me there is nothing they can do . With a sorry note . So I wrote a check for 5000 US dollars got 4900. They had no idea where the missing money went . My Canadian home bank sent out 5000. So you know my gist . Chase I had no problem at all ! Go figure ! Terrible bank new Iberia ! Horrendous customer services

BMO Harris Bank

Terrible Service

Westland Plaza
33703 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ, 85262
I'm sorry to say that I had a bank account here.
I had an service that was taking money out of my account, even when there was not enough. After the first time this happened, I asked the man I talked to to have my account not allow any money to go out if there is not enough in my account. I thought that shouldn't be too hard to do considering my other bank does that.
Well, it happened again in 3 months. I went in to pay the balance and asked if there would be any other fees to pay. He said no.
I checked my bank account again and it was -$85 then two days later -$97. I went in the bank to ask what was going on and the man that I talked to before told some other guy to help me and I explained to him that the last time I was in that the other guy that had pushed me off to him said that my account was at 0. I wanted to know why it was at -$97. He said it was because I should have known that I would be charged $35 for the over draft. I told him that the other guy said the account was at zero so I assumed it would stay there.
He then told me he could waive his fees and I would only need to pay 35, I told him this is really poor customer service and that I am telling people not to come to this bank. Then he said, I'd have to pay the 97.
I told my husband what happened on the phone right after that. This was yesterday - Friday evening.
He went to get $97 from our other bank and then we went to another branch of BMO to close out the bank.
I can honestly say these guys at the BMO on N. Scottsdale have no idea of how to keep a customer. I just got a new job making 250+ and I was hoping to keep my money in BMO. However, I'm going to a bank I can trust: Chase, and I will tell everyone I know about these two bullies at BMO N. Scottsdale.


Non-existent customer service

A 30 minute wait for a 2 minute transaction! Multiple people kept asking me how they could help me. I said they could help by opening up another teller kiosk. The two other people in line agree. Wish they wouldn't bother asking how they could help if they aren't going to do anything about it. Makes the long wait more frustrating.

Bank of America

Worst Bank in the World

Where is the Negative STAR. Bank of America doesn't deserve a STAR. They are Spending more money paying Security Guard then hiring extra Telling. Worst customer service. Even in a third World country you have an efficient customers service and Less Wait time than Bank of America