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surfin45gmailcom's Profile Image

surfin45gmailcom reviewed BB&T

Oct 21st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

BOA to BBT Very Easy

My husband and I have been with BOA for several years. Our branch was purchased by another bank that started off on the wrong foot. So, we decided to move our banking relationship to BB&T. The sign-up online was very easy and straight forward. We opted to go into one of the many branches near our home to make our opening deposit. We were greeted as soon as we walked through the door. They were friendly and professional. The young lady who waited on us was well-trained and efficient. After looking at all the negative reviews, we came home (a 3 minute trip) and immediately checked our account online and the deposits were right and available. I went to order our checks online, but where it was a new account, we had to call the branch. The young lady, again, was pleasant, polite, and more than willing to help us. She took our check order and gave me the price of the checks.

Now, I see a lot of bad reviews because someone didn't pay their mortgage for 4 months and were sent to foreclosure and people and their overdrafts. If people would use a little common sense, they would know that if you don't pay your mortgage, you lose your house and if you make purchases on your debit card and write checks and don't have the funds to cover it, you will be charged a fee. Don't do something stupid and then complain when you get charged a fee or lose your home. All the fees I saw are perfectly reasonable and should serve as a deterrent from bouncing checks and making purchases without the funds to cover them.

My husband and I are your average middle class couple with three kids in college. So, we aren't rich by any means. So, the theory that BB&T caters to rich people doesn't hold water. The median income in our area is $32,000/year (we make more than that) and BB&T has most of the banking business for people in our area. We were treated like the most important customers they had waited on all day. So, I think this is going to be a pleasant banking experience.

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debm90comcastnet's Profile Image

debm90comcastnet reviewed BMO Harris Bank

Oct 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Does Not Take Care Of Their Customers

I had my account hacked and reached out to them asap. They did nothing to help me. In fact, while on the phone with the 800 number she told me that they were going to send out new cards anyway because of a security issue. This was the first i had heard. Chase, pnc etc, all keep an eye on their customers accounts and if there is any out of the ordinary activity they reach out asap. They also told me it could take 10 days to return my money. I've been with them since 98 and have decided it's time for a new bank!

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jferry26comcastnet's Profile Image

jferry26comcastnet reviewed Peoples United Bank

Oct 20th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Wouldn't Recommend-Particuarly For Business

Years ago my wife and i happily moved our bank accounts from bank of america to back of western massachusetts. We loved bwm! Over time bwm was purchased by chittenden then finally peoples united. With each merger are customer experience got worse. I can honestly say that people's united bank may actually be worse than boa ever was. Here is my list of complaints:

1) pu is progressively taking longer to clear checks-now often more than one day.

2) pu now counts all deposits made on saturday morning as being made the following monday. So if you deposit a check on saturday don't expect those funds to be available monday as they once were. There is thus no reason to bother making saturday morning deposits anymore.

3) we had recently attempted to refinance our home through pu and was given a loan offer with a laughably high amount for closing costs. We took that business elsewhere!

4) my daughter had a savings/checking account that went into a negative balance for a few weeks. I went to the local branch to deposit money into it but the account had been closed and could not be reopened without a fee. Td bank therefore got new 18 y/o customer as a result!

5) most important. Pu installed check reader machines two years ago that really do not work. Business deposits now entail watching the teller sift through those checks not accurately read by their faulty machines, (at least 10% of them). The time involved in making deposits has increased four fold. The bank staff are oddly unapologetic about this problem as i suppose these machines have made their jobs easier?

6) as pu has become a worsening customer experience the fake friendliness from the branch staff has increased!

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macokykagmailcom's Profile Image

macokykagmailcom reviewed Santander Bank

Oct 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incredibly Lazy

So this is the closest santander to me after moving from massachusetts almost a year ago. I had an issue with the atm in the lobby inexplicably going out of order one time, after my card was in in and i was trying to withdraw money on a sunday. The screen all of a sudden is showing chinese (or japanese) lettering, my transaction stops, there's no one obviously working on a sunday, after pushing the cancel button about 25 times, and finally waiting about 5 minutes... It kicks my card out.

No money, but hey... I got my card back. 2 weeks ago i'm driving through the drive thru atm about 4:30 on a tuesday. Insert card, start transaction to withdraw money, same thing happens. Some form of asian messaging, i hit cancel a couple dozen times, sit there and wait a few minutes, and notice an employee looking out of the drive thru window looking at me. I go over and ask if she can eject the card please, and get "sorry, we don't service that machine". Ummmm, isn't it a santander atm? "yes, but an outside third party manages it".

Oh, that's wonderful to know!! She tells me that the machine won't kick the card back out, she'll have to cancel it, and order me a new one. So already frustrated knowing i'm now going to have to change my card number on at least 5 sites that i pay bills directly online with, i ask how long. "it will be 5-7 business days, what's your account number"? So i tell her, and wait. And wait. And wait. Today, 10/20/14, would be the 8th business day, no card in the mail, so i call the 877 number for santander to ask what's taking so long. Guess what? She never ordered me a new card!

Not only that, didn't cancel the other!! There is an option to rush my new card, but i'm told that's $30. Why would you waive that fee? I mean it was your lazy employee that couldn't be bothered to order me a new card as she said she would. Thanks santander, finally after being with sovereign/santander since 2000 it's time to switch to a bank that cares about it's customers

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pinkberry539gmailc's Profile Image

pinkberry539gmailc reviewed Wells Fargo

Oct 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service

Very poor customer service experience, on numerous occasions. The girl in the drive-thru had attitude from the start (not a first time), made me wait 10 minutes just for her to tell me to come inside. I was already running late, however i made the time to go inside and just get it over with. There, I was "greeted" (not what you would expect from a store manager-unprofessional ).

The store manager had attitude with me as well, i didn't appreciate her tone of voice. All i wanted to do is withdraw my money and pay a credit card and be on my way. The whole process took 20 minutes, it was awful. I will never go back to this branch again. In fact, Wells Fargo in general. I always get great service with Chase Bank and that's where I'll be doing ALL of my banking from now on.

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kumokklivecom's Profile Image

kumokklivecom reviewed Central Pacific Bank

Oct 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service

The teller, japanease women, is very rude. She treated me as an idiot. I think she doesn't deserve to have any customers.

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isidrohggmailcom's Profile Image

isidrohggmailcom reviewed Bank of America

Oct 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Never Got My Debit Card In My Mail


i just want to express the frustrating experience i had with bank of america, i opened my account on july and now (oct 18, 2014) still dont have my permanent card, a total of 4 times i requested the card to be re-issued since i never got it in my mail, and now, i decided to close my business with this bank since they keep saying they will re-issue again the card, that is bad service for me. Service at the branch is ok though, but this issue with the card was very frustrating and so i will stop doing business with bank of america. At the same time in july, opened another checkings account with first tech and i got my card immediately at the branch, that was super fast and very practical. Isidro hernandez

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topper781yahoocom's Profile Image

topper781yahoocom reviewed Salem Five

Oct 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible, Out of Touch

Salem Five is the WORST bank I have ever dealt with. EVER. They do not clearly explain that if you use their cell phone deposit feature that your check takes additional time to collect, so the convenience means that you don't have to schlep to one of their few branches or ATMs, but instead you can bounce checks. It takes weeks to get a replacement debit card, they screw up the activation process and their "phone service" is horrible at best. This is a bank for neighborhood people only who have plenty of time to sit around waiting for everything.

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amd710earthlinknet's Profile Image

amd710earthlinknet reviewed TD Bank

Oct 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't Buy TD Bank Gift Cards

After purchasing 3 gift cards in the amount of $25 for my college son I found that the monies were eaten up with a $2.50 service charge leaving $7.50 on each card. Contacted the toll free number, went to the TD branch and horrible customer service. Really disappointment in how TD bank was non-responsive. I am a long time TD Bank customer. Warning - do not buy TD gift cards.

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goshtigianaolcom's Profile Image

goshtigianaolcom reviewed Santander Bank

Oct 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Why Have A Drive Thru If No One Works It?

Ok so it was the second time this week that i pulled up to the drive thru teller with no one in front of me and it took 20 min to make a simple deposit. Ist time i was not even acknowledged for 15 min and had to keep ringing the bell so they knew i was there. Same thing happened today, i pulled right up to the drive thru with no one in front of me. Took 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge that they had the canister with my deposit and told me it would be a few minutes. I then watched someone walk into the bank and be waited on before me (huh).

The best was the car who was behind me decided to pull around and park and i could see him thru the large window (lets face it i can see everything) walk in and also be waited on before me (are you kidding! ) so now that there is no one in the parking lot or the bank a teller finally took my transaction. Next time i will bring my nail polish and do my nails while i am waiting.

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