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murraydsj's Profile Image

murraydsj reviewed Bank of America

Sep 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Anti-Customer Oriented

When I moved to Texas 11 years ago my husband and I opened an account at Bank of America (BOA) and remained a customer until February 2014. Having worked for banks for 14 years I understand the competitiveness and know the biggest difference is customer service. I brought all our business to them, 2 checking accounts, my retirement account, and a savings account and because of lack of customer service they lost it. Fraud occurred on my husband’s card 3 times in one year and 4 times in two years.

I had fraud on my card only one time; however when they issued me a new card they issued it for the wrong account and I drained my daughter’s account and faced the embarrassment of being told in a store my card was no good. A year ago loss my job and I closed out my checking and credit card with BOA because unemployment ran out and I had no income and wanted to protect my credit. I did not want to be tempted to spend more than I had.

I stopped my only known audit debit and received a letter from that company that my audit debit was stopped. My next statement showed a zero balance and then I received a letter from BOA that my account was closed. From time to time I would receive mail but I assumed it was advertisement and threw it away. A month ago I discovered I had a balance and when I call up am told they allowed an auto debit through two months after I closed my account.

Now I not only had to pay for the auto debit but fees on top. We are only talking about a balance less than $50. They tell me I had 60 days to protest the charge and failed therefore I have to pay the fees. I didn’t even know there was a balance to protest. They have been rude and have told me pay the bill that they have every right to charge me. So, in anger I will pay the bill but I want to make sure everyone knows that BOA is not a customer oriented bank. There are too many choices, choose another bank.

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Koijute's Profile Image

Koijute reviewed U.S. Bank

Sep 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service

I have been a US Bank customer since it was called first bank and i lived in mn. I moved to ca and still was happy. I live in stockton and in the last 6 months have experienced the worst customer service in from any bank in the last 40 years. 3 months ago i had to threaten to close my accounts before they would they'll me, they stockton branch called and found out they could do what i was asking.

Yet again this week, i couldn't get them to take a deposit as i had the wrong account. They wouldn't look up the info, "we don't do that". I just closed on my refine with bank of america and i am also moving my accounts out. I can not believe the condescending attitude and lack of service in stockton.

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sullyc's Profile Image

sullyc reviewed M&T Bank

Sep 26th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Short on Customer Service

Today, Friday,

September 26 @ apprioximately 2:00p, I went for the first time to the Potomac Branch and realized I could use the walk up window. I hurriedly wrote my account number on the form and stood in front of the window. You could hardly see as it was almost blackened from my angle. The drawer opened--no "Hi can I help you, nothing." I put my transaction in the drawer.

Well in my haste I put an incorrect account number on the form. The teller came back to the window. Even though the window was somewhat dark, I focused hard and saw her lips moving and assumed she was saying something to me. I told her I cannot hear you. She then put the speaker on and said my account no was incorrect. I told her I wrote it hurriedly and gave her the correct account no. No" thank you," nothing. I said your welcome just to alert her that I was a human being at the window. When she completed the transaction, she put it in the drawer and pushed it through for me to take it,.

Again, no "thank you," nothing. I finally said You're welcome, again. What is going on with people. I have been banking with MandT for years, this behavior was blatantly rude. I gave it two stars because I like MandT, it appears to be a stable bank. Most of the time I get good service, but not today. MandT

perhaps you can counsel the teller with the long dark har and a dark jacket on to use some people skills when servicing people.

Perhaps emphazing the importance of making a customer feel apreciated in light of the massive competition with other more cordial banking institutions. Our money in their bank keeps the bank going and employs the staff. Just a little smile and thank you would be appreciated.

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swilkes67's Profile Image

swilkes67 reviewed Regions Bank

Sep 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Regions Banks Are Bank Robbers!

Have had multiple accounts with them for over 10 years but started experiencing problems when i received an equitity loan. I obtained the loan for convince and immediately paid it off (within days) and requested that regions close the account. It was not until i went to refinance my mortgage and the credit check revealed that the account was showing opened. It took regions 3 months, at least 6 trips to the bank, and me making a scene in the bank to get the account closed.

Each time they said, "we can only request corporate close the account. We can't make them close it. "all the while my interest rate is fluctuating. Then i argue a fraudulent charge on my account because someone was writing checks from an online business with my account number. Regions doesnt know how someone was able to use my account information to write checks. The represenative kept questioning me like i was really writing business checks from my personal account. She made me so angry i final told her to just close my accounts. She then said its okay, we will dispute the charge. I insisted they close the accounts.

They said they had to leave the account opened while they dispute the charges. I told them fine but i want all of my money out of the bank and leave minimal amount to keep it open ($30) and they would notify me once the dispute was resolved. After a couple of weeks (early sep), i receive a letter saying that they were charging me $16 ($8 aug. & $8 sep) for not having a minimal amount in my account.

I went today to argue the charges and get the remainder of my money. First they said i should have known the dispute was resolved when i saw an increase in my balance. First they said, they would give me $8 for sep and i would have to come back to close my account. Isaid forget it just close my account. She said they couldn't because i had a credit coming. Can't give me the money and can't close my account. They said they will send me a check and close my account. Regions will nickel and dime you to death.

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crestrideac's Profile Image

crestrideac reviewed TD Bank

Sep 24th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Never Had Problems

I worked at a restaurant and know how bad reviews can hurt a company. Typically only people who want to put up bad reviews will go out of their way to do so. So while i'm looking up my routing number for this branch i would like to mention i have had no problems with this place. In-fact i just remembered, while i was writing this review: one time the coin machine broke for 5 minutes so the manager gave me and 3-4 other customers in line a check for $10 (or something around there) to compensate for my time. I feel like the people here are great have been pleasant to me every time, and deserve the 5 stars i'm giving them.

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Nicole's Profile Image

Nicole reviewed Wells Fargo

Sep 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Sneaky Fees

I have been bank with wellsfargo for more than 14 years, have more than 20k in my checking and at least $1000 monthly direct deposit. However, i notice they charge me about $10 every month for monthly service fees. When i asked them why, they said because i didn't use my credit card and debit card link to the account for more than 6 months, so wellsfargo cancel my credit and debit cards to "protect" me from theft.

Plus, cancel without notify me! As a result i only have my saving account link to the checking account, thus accumulate a monthly charge. They told me that since this isn't wellsfargo's fault, so the fees won't be reversed. I don't need them to charge me fees when i only give them money every month. So i decided to close my account. Guess what, the banker told me she would have to charge me a cashier's check fee to close my account, because they don't have enough cash in the branch to give it to me!

Or i can go to another branch and close my account there. As a bank, they don't have 20k in cash! And they want to charge me money even when i exit, it is my money, i shouldn't need to pay a fee to get them back! No one should bank with wellsfargo!

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Tiredofripoofsbank's Profile Image

Tiredofripoofsbank reviewed Chase

Sep 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Charge Charge Charge

I will never take a check for payment from any chase customer again. This company charges all non customers a $6. 00 fee to cash checks from their bank customers! What a scam!

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ReallyUnhappy's Profile Image

ReallyUnhappy reviewed Webster Bank

Sep 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Dreams Shattered, Thousands Lost

Being a long time customer of Webster, and a holder of a previous Mortgage, I was told I should have no problem getting a building loan. I have never bounced a check, never been late with a payment to anyone, and havd a credit rating in excess of 800. No problem, right?

Wrong. I went ahead with the applications, got all my permits, and spent over $25,000 on plans, drainage and septic supplies, electrical panels and pex manifold, and many other things that I was able to purchase from day to day. My builder is ready to go, the new house on my existing lot is all staked out and cleared, and I am ready to go.

After 6 MONTHS of going back and forth with them, sending the same information multiple times, and getting absolutely no answers as to why they were not accepting it and the impression that most of my personal financial information was being misplaced, I finally called the president of the bank. The president's representative got in touch with me prompltly and promised to look into it. So what did I get, ANOTHER REQUEST FOR THE SAME INFORMATION !!! I was working with idiots and at one time even had to tell one of their representatives how to properly praocess some of the information. She had no clue as to what she was doing.

I have found another bank and will be transsferring all my accounts to it.

Stay away from Webster Bank!

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Tracy326's Profile Image

Tracy326 reviewed Fifth Third Bank

Sep 24th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

My Team At The Ocoee Branch

I have been banking here for as long as i remember. Ocoee has the best team ever. My team makes me feel comfortable and like family. They go above and beyond to help in any way. They have always known my name since day 1. I love going into this branch. They can always make me smile and laugh even on my worst day. I have to admit that i try to find a reason to go there at least once a day. I want to send a personal thank you to the best team ever.






david (even though he no longer at this branch he is always will be part of the team)

keep up the great work

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ChuckP's Profile Image

ChuckP reviewed Green Dot Bank

Sep 23rd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Walmart Money Card

Well i've been screwed over many times by banks with overdraft protection. I've had my visa card for about 10 years now never had any problem with it whatsoever. I have my check directly deposited in never any fee

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