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katemilosyahoocom's Profile Image

katemilosyahoocom reviewed Arvest Bank

Oct 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Customer Service

They lost my night deposit. I asked them to look around for it and they were really rude about it. First they ask for my full social security to verify my identity. I asked if i could give just the last 4, as i am more comfortable with that. The customer service rep says "no", it has to be the full number. So i give him the full number. Eventually i end up talking to a manager who says i could have just given the last 4 digits and answered some other security questions also. So the customer service rep made me provide the full number for no reason. Next, the customer service rep told me that because i was not a business owner, i couldn't use the night deposit box, so they weren't even going to look for my lost check.

I told them that i have been doing night deposits every 2 weeks for a year, and no one informed me that this wasn't allowed. So the customer service rep finally goes to look to see if they misplaced my check, comes back on the phone, and says "i apologize, i was wrong, we do accept personal checks in the night deposit, but we can't find it. "

overall service was rude, unapologetic for losing my check. Also, they have bad hours which is why i was doing night deposit in the first place.

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bwilly81's Profile Image

bwilly81 reviewed Umpqua Bank

Oct 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No Online Payments Possible Unless You Bank With Them!

This is the only bank that does not offer online loan payment options. My auto loan was sold off to umpqua and now i cant make payments online. They also charge you $12 to make a payment over the phone. How can they be the self proclaimed "worlds greatest bank".

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Soniajackie06gmail's Profile Image

Soniajackie06gmail reviewed OneWest Bank

Oct 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service And They Play Cops!

This bank sucks! They refused to cash a check drawn on their bank, citing they couldn't take an id presented, even though it was valid! Even the additional form of id from another bank that they requested was rejected! The teller seemed like chicken, he didn't know what to do and he called his terrible, bespectacled, pimpled face manager who was even worse. I have never been denied bank services based on my id (which is a valid international passport), and the pimpled manager claimed to be an immigration officer of some sorts, claiming he wanted to see immigration documents!! Instead of solving the issue at hand, he started personalizing the matter, saying that i was unhappy because he didn't say what i wanted to hear! I had been served at this branch before, and never faced any issues until he came along with his ignorant, racist, biased attitude which was very apparent.

How the heck could he want to play psychologist cop by trying to enter a customer's mind? He obviously thought i had stolen checks, perhaps he was intimidated by the amount. He is definitely used to the welfare types, not hardworking professionals. He was too stupid even to call the issuers of the checks. When i suggested he could look at my ssn, he insisted on immigration documents. These people need to be closed. They are conducting shady business in this dinghy, dilapidated back-door entrance hell hole. I have since had my checks direct deposited, and will never step into this nasty, racist place again. Stay away from these losers.

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beadcrazy10gmailco's Profile Image

beadcrazy10gmailco reviewed Citizens Bank

Oct 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Citizens NH-Main Street Exeter, NH Branch Complaint

I have been a customer of this Exeter NH branch for 30+ years and, until this week, have had a positive experience with all employees. If problems did arise, representatives of this bank had worked toward a fair resolution in a respectful manner. This week however, I did not have the same positive experience with the current manager of this branch, Ian. I was charged excessive and unfair overdraft charges that I believed would be corrected as soon as a "live" representative was made aware and could review the facts as documented in their system.

Not only did Citizens representatives refuse to correct the excessive and manipulated charges but Ian went on to make arrogant and personally insulting statements about my credit history? The personal remarks were not only unsubstantiated but unprofessional and in 30 years, I've never been treated with such disrespect and ignorance. I have been researching to find that there are many consumer complaints regarding excessive fees that Citizens Bank is now being accused of collecting.

This particular branch manager will most likely not last in this position as he has demonstrated he lacks the skills and that problem will take care of itself but to initiate consumer protection, all victims of unwarranted excessive fees need to continue to file formal complaints.

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digitaldb's Profile Image

digitaldb reviewed Citibank

Oct 25th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Not Bad But Didn't Get Much

I have been banking with citibank for about 3 years because citi @work through my job. However, got a notice in may stating that the account will no longer be free with direct deposit and you will need $15k to waive the fee or pay $20, then just recently they sent notice that they would raise the account fee from $20 - $25. Requested to close my account online, got a message back that they are sorry to see me go but that is it. I had to send 2 additional messages just to get my account closed.

Obviously they didn't care about my business because they weren't doing anything to retain. Overall the service was decent, didn't have many problems, online features are pretty good. But i am putting my money where i actually get something in return. Citi declined me for a credit card but bofa and capital one actually approved me for the cash rewards 1-2-3 and the quicksilver. So i rather put my money into banks that actually offer something versus consistently trying to get more out of me and not doing much.

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tbunni331gmailcom's Profile Image

tbunni331gmailcom reviewed Columbia State Bank

Oct 24th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great bank, zero problems

I was a West Coast Bank member, and was pretty nervous about it changing to Columbia. I had had a previous bad experience with US Bank being ruined by a merger. But Columbia did a great job keeping pretty much everything the same for me. And they have the same great tellers as before, always cheerful and helpful. I'm staying here!

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kromulenthotmailco's Profile Image

kromulenthotmailco reviewed Regions Bank

Oct 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Charge $37 Overdraft Fee For Being Poor.

Not enough money, they charge for that!

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RaviR's Profile Image

RaviR reviewed PNC Bank

Oct 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

PNC should not be offering home loans

I commiserate with Ben Bernanke. I don't know his details, but I do know mine. I thought it'd be a no-brainer.

Consider this:

- I do all my banking with PNC and have done for years.

- I am a PNC Wealth management client, which means that I have "special" relationship. It also means that they have every detail of my finances with them.

- My home mortgage is with PNC and I paid off a significant amount of the loan off with already.

- My outstanding home loan amount is about 60% of the appraised value of my home.

- My credit score is 831.

- I applied for a home equity loan which is about 11.5% of my home's value (well within the home's equity). It also happens to be about 10% of my annual income according to the tax returns submitted to them.

With these parameters, I expected a smooth sailing, right? Of course not. They want profit loss statements from my business interests, investment reports including retirements, real estate deeds, some stuff I have never even heard of and did not even know where to get them from. More absurdly, they have most of what they are asking already with them , since they manage my wealth portfolio!

I gave up and withdrew my application frustrated and of course am reevaluating my relationship with PNC as a whole. The obvious question my brother-in-law asked me was why did you apply for a loan in the first place for such a small amount? For a stupid reason that I would get a loan with low interest that is tax deductible and the mistaken assumption that it would be a breeze to get one.

Well, I am just paying for the home improvement with cash, which I should have in the first place..

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pigcooksgmailcom's Profile Image

pigcooksgmailcom reviewed Santander Bank

Oct 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The Hold Your Checks To Collect Their Fees

There should be laws to protect consumers from banks like this. They hold deposits as long as possible as "uncollected" funds while they clear or maybe bounce checks or transactions at a cost to the account holder of $35 each. If you are considering this the $20 a month account, don't do it. They will take that $20 back from you times ten in no time with these fees! Don't be a fool! Find a different bank.

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jimlocklearyahooco's Profile Image

jimlocklearyahooco reviewed First Citizens Bank

Oct 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Customer Service in Bennettsville SC

I went to the Bennettsville SC branch yesterday, Oct. 22nd to cash a check and one of your tellers there was very rude to me, and acted like a smart butt. Her name tag said Dawn [Redacted], she had blonde hair. I was thinking of opening up a business account there, but i'm not to sure abt that now. I still may do so, i wish someone would speak to this teller abt here bad attitude. Thank you

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