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Heatheracromwell's Profile Image

Heatheracromwell reviewed Washington Federal

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst bank I've done business with

I was a BOA customer for over 7 years and in the 9 months I've been with washington federal I've acquired more fees than the whole time with BOA my latest incident was a mobile deposit that shows as available on the mobile app as well as the website.

When my card was declined and I called to see why I learned that not only are funds that show available not available I now have a negative balance as well as I'm sure more fees that just haven't posted yet and I am told after calling my local branch and being transfered to a call center that their system doesn't reflect the same balance as the app they have available and that any fees applied will not be refunded.

I'm not asking for something for nothing but if my balance shows available I expect it to be available. Literally the worst bank I've dealt with I would rather do business with ANYONE else . If I could give a zero rating I would 1 star is way more than they deserve

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shirleyt222's Profile Image

shirleyt222 reviewed TCF Bank

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

First Time Dealing With This Bank and The Last

Went to the bank to cash a check made out on their bank. They wanted to charge us 7. 00 for something that cost them nothing. I know they did not make the policy but the guy was just rude. He shrugged his shoulders when asked a question. I will have to agree with the others regarding this bank. Bad customer service. This was the stand alone bank in apple valley

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member123's Profile Image

member123 reviewed BBVA Compass Bank

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service

I got a flyer in the mail offering 1% Money savings account over $10000.00. I try to open my account online, and spent a lot of time and effort and was told to go to a branch. I visited the brach, and the information was not correctly sent there. Electronic transfer between accounts are $3.00 charge each time. Other banks I am banking with has no fees between accounts.Customer service are no worth even ONE STAR. ZERO STAR (if I have that option).

Customer no service.

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2014Betrayl's Profile Image

2014Betrayl reviewed Woodforest National Bank

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I have a single income family. My husband lost his job a few months ago. We have banked with woodforest since 2005. I always told everyone how they protect my money. I was proved wrong. My husband went to go get a few groceries and our card was denied. We called to find out why our money was taken out of our account and showed a negative balance with no transactions. We were told we owed $10.00 to the state of Louisiana for taxes from 2004, 10 years ago.

Woodforest charged me $100.00 to file the levee Louisiana put on me and took 44.99 out of both of my accounts which put me negative in both. I asked why I was not notified. We were told a letter had been sent to you. I said that doesn't make any since, you have always called me before when my account was hacked? What is the difference now? We were told that they get 500 of these a day and there is not enough staff to call everyone.

I would think if you are making $5,000.00 a day for processing these leans and levees that you would at least sent me an email or a recorded message to notify me someone is trying to put a lean on my account. It has been over a week later. I paid the leve the same day. The lean is still on my account. Woodforest has not released my money even though it is showing in my account. I was told today if the state of Louisiana has not sent the relief, they will send them another 44.99.

I asked what about the money I have already paid, it is clearly posted to my account. I was told the state of Louisiana will be responsible for giving you the money owed. I feel very violated. The bank I trusted to keep my money safe has now trapped me. I have 4 children, no money for food or gas to get to work.

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Response by Woodforest National Bank

Responded by

Sep 9th 2014

Woodforest National Bank is dedicated to providing quality customer service and we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you directly. Please contact our Customer Care department toll free at 1-888-224-0132 or email

RANDYW's Profile Image

RANDYW reviewed Chase

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Retail customer doesn't exist!

Sitting in cavernous empty Chase office waiting to get into my safe deposit box. Two staff people here, both chatting with customers. Nobody at service desk. Pushing thirty minutes. No attention at all for non corporate customers.

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lsutton329's Profile Image

lsutton329 reviewed Comerica Bank

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Customer Experience

Good Morning:

I have been banking with Comerica bank for approximately 5 years as well as my family has been for over 10 years. I have had numerous bad customer service experiences, but the one that I just had was by far the worst. I spoke with a female rep at the call center and another representative at the corporate office and they were both very rude. I received misinformation from a banker in the Houston office and when I attempted to rectify the situation or come to a common agreement with the representative I was told that there was nothing that they can do.

If you look back at my account I am not a customer that contacts the office for issues that I encounter with the bank. I have told myself at least 10 times that I am going to close my account, but today was the last straw. When I spoke with the representative and advised them that I was going to close my account they stated that there was nothing they could do to help me. I understand that there is not something that they “typically” could do in my situation, but as a Center Manager of an organization I have learned that there is an exception to every rule.

The representative that works for your corporate department was very rude. She made me feel as though I was a burden on her. I wrote this letter to make sure you are aware of who you have working for your organization. I do plan on closing my account this afternoon as well as advising all of my family and friends in the Michigan and Texas area as well as on social media of my experience with your bank throughout the years. I feel as though this situation could have been handled very differently, but unfortunately it was not. You lost a loyal customer because of the lack of customer service that your bank has.

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madbanker's Profile Image

madbanker reviewed The Fort Sill National Bank

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank EVER

The only reason they got one star from me is because of the convenience. FSNB is a lot cheaper and open later than most banks. The tellers are always awesome, however Customer Service here is horrible. Don't forget while y'all even have a job, because they act like they pay our bills. They have the nastiest attitudes. If you don't want to be bothered by sometimes angry customers, FIND A DIFFERENT CAREER PATH!

It's a shame that I have to find out my overdraft is being taken away from me because I don't let MY account sit positive for 24 hours. Y'all sure as hell don't let my direct deposit sit for 24 hours before you take it now do you?! When given ODP, it should be explained first, not after I've been using it for months and then I receive a letter in the mail y'all are about to take it. Also, FSNB let's items pend for freaking days to a week before they even decide to process the items and expect you to be okay with that when you can't touch your money until those items have hard posted.

We have bills to pay as well! This bank lacks communication from customer service to the actual branch. Also, FSNB is very outdated compared to other banks whom have mobile deposit, night deposits, opening of accounts online, etc. At this point, I could careless what updates they make, as soon as my direct deposit hits this week, I'm closing my account here and moving elsewhere. I would NEVER recommend FSNB to anyone!

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bankermillions's Profile Image

bankermillions reviewed Wells Fargo

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrific amount of FEES - watch out

I bank with three banks - Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America. I recently opened an account with Wells Fargo and I have never experiences such unforgiving service in my life. Everything is a FEE with Wells Fargo. They take more money from me and its not even my fault. If someone deposits money into your account with a wire and you dont authorize the wire you will be getting a FEE from Wells Fargo.

Their system is slow to update and transfer and I incurred a fee as a result of this. They will fight you for every penny of the FEE and are NOT helpful.

One of the Best banks with the best support to customers and less rules is Chase - Go for Chase! They have paid back ALL accidental fees I have had - ALL! But they are also fully customer focused as a bank and professional. No wonder they win more of my banking efforts from accounts to mortgages, business loans and more.

Chase after the Right Bank guys - Chase!

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Jim90069's Profile Image

Jim90069 reviewed Wells Fargo

Sep 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bad hospitality for public, especially seniors.

Your branch has four sets of tables and chairs for the public to use in front of the bank. But, I assume, in order to keep them safe from theft you have each table chained together with four chairs, so tightly, they cannot be used at all. If you didn't care if they could be used or not, why did you spend the money on the bicycle chains in the first place?

If you DO in actuality care if they can be used, why didn't the bank spend double the money for the chains, buying eight instead of four, ensuring the safety AND the usefulness of the chairs? The chairs are rarely used by anybody but seniors. Could THAT be the reason?

Please talk to your operations manager of that branch, teaching them the REAL reason for the good customer service Wells Fargo is known for. "Penny-wise and pound-foolish" Other than that your branch gets very high marks for "common sense" and caring for their customers.

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angrymary's Profile Image

angrymary reviewed TD Bank

Sep 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Liars or un-proffesionals?

My sister had opened checking account with $100 deposit. At the time it has been opened the officer asked her if she wants paper statement to be mailed to her and advised that it can be done for $1 fee.

She said: "NO paper statements please". the next day she left the country and came back 3 months later. sure enough there were 3 bank statements in her mail and her $100 went down by $33 of bank fees: the first statement had $1 "paper statement" fee, the second and third - $1 paper fee plus $15 monthly charge because the balance fell under the required $100 minimum.

When she called customer service they basically laughed in her face: "too bad so sad, we got you!"

if there were negative rating stars I would've given as many as I could but since there is no such thing i'm giving it 1 star. I also deal with td bank at my work and can say for sure: TD is the worst and most difficult bank ever

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