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shell1234ny's Profile Image

shell1234ny reviewed PNC Bank

Dec 4th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Thank the Lord for PNC Bank

I am farely new to PNC Bank, and I was in a pickle with someone cashing a check way before they were supposed to. I had a bunch of nsf fees and PNC bank helped me out and waived them all. I couldn't stop crying for all the kindness, I plan on sticking with this bank for a long time!

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Davidbanker's Profile Image

Davidbanker reviewed Regions Bank

Dec 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Drive in teller was rude!!!

i drove up, the girl did not look up, address me and when I tried to speak to her she was rude and walked away.

When I tried to call the branch and speak with a manager there is no way to get thru.

This is unacceptable!

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outwiththeold's Profile Image

outwiththeold reviewed Orrstown Bank

Dec 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank EVER!!

This bank twists everything to make it seem like your fault. Processed a transfer on Sunday to another account. Right away my checking account showed a debit... but they told me it didn't process until the following Tuesday. The accounts were both at Orrstown. Its caused me overdrafts, that they refuse to backout and they refuse to reverse my mortgage payment that shouldn't have been taken out.

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AmandaMarie's Profile Image

AmandaMarie reviewed Suntrust Bank

Dec 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

"you'll Have To Cash This At Another Bank", Said The Teller.

I went to cash in my check from work and the first time i went to this location the man working did this for me with no problems. Two weeks later i go back and get the lady on the left side and she told me that i didn't have enough money in my account to deposit my check and that i cant deposit it anyways since the check is from a different bank. Next time i'll just go to my usual bank in powell where i've never had an issue!

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crwahine's Profile Image

crwahine reviewed Chase

Dec 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Their Mission Is Not My Small Business

I have had a business account with chase bank and/or its predecessors for over 20 years. I just received a certified letter telling me that effective one-and-a-half months from now they are going to close my business account because my business is in hawaii and not in the contiguous united states. I called to find out more information and was told this is a business decision on their part. It has nothing to do with the account itself or the amount of money i deposit. I asked to have my complaint escalated to the executive department and today received a call that there is nothing that can be done.

They are closing my account. Now, for the last 14 years my business has been in hawaii and i have been banking electronically with chase; and there was no problem. All of a sudden because the state i live in is not contiguous i can no longer bank with chase? Are you kidding me? In this electronic age why does it matter to chase that the land i run my business on isn't physically connected to the other states in the united states? I am extremely appalled and offended by chase for this action.

You're going to cancel the account of a long-standing customer for that reason? Meanwhile your tagline on your web page says: your business is our mission. Well, i guess it's only your mission for the businesses in 48 states. I work in a service industry and believe that this is a horrible way to treat a long-standing customer who has never had an overdraft or any issue with their account!

And to add salt to the wound, at the bottom of this letter advising me they are going to close my account there is the following sentence: "we understand that closing account(s) can create challenges, so we are available to help you transition to a new institution. " really? Are you going to make the phone calls and fill out the paperwork so that my electronic withdrawals to the irs can be made and the automatic bill payments will be made? I highly doubt it! Horrible bank!

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GinnyFlip's Profile Image

GinnyFlip reviewed BB&T

Dec 1st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Very Satisfied

My husband and I have been dealing with this bank for many years and we are very happy having them as our bank. They have always been prompt and helpful when needed and very professional as well as friendly. I recently lost my husband and they were very helpful with my personal financial needs. I trust them completely.

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MCFJR's Profile Image

MCFJR reviewed M&T Bank

Dec 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Difficulty Using ATM At Bank

My wife tried to withdraw $1,000 at the atm machine this morning before the bank opened. The machine said the transaction could not be completed, but it gave my wife a withdrawl slip for $1,000, and the monitor displayed "pending. ". This was very upsetting to my wife. My wife called me and i went to the bank this morning and talked with the branch manager, who referred me to a woman called beverly. Both the bank manager and beverly were very pleasant, but they are not aware of the policies at m&t. They both told me we can only withdraw the maximum amount of $500 from the atm.

I told both of them that my wife and i have a gold card and we withdraw $1,000 on a regular basis from other branches, particularly the branch in dover, pa. Beveraly told me all the branches of m&t are the same and she called what i assume was the technical office of m&t. That office told beverly that $1,000 may with withdrawn from the atm with a gold card, which we have. Beverly then accompanied me back to the atm and the atm said the transaction could not be completed. Beverly called the technical office and they told her the problem must be with the atm at the 425 loucks road office.

Beverly finally prepared a hand check and we wainted in line for a teller and then completed the transaction, which should have only taken my wife a couple minutes. This was process wasted 50 minutes of my time this morning, which i did not appreciate. My wife and i will avoid using the atm at 425 loucks road, even though it it convenient to where we live. The personnel at that branch office should be educated as to how the atm functions. I rated the branch a one star, because that was the lowest rating i could give it.

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midthenight's Profile Image

midthenight reviewed Florida Community Bank

Dec 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Nightmare To Get Online

I have dealt with and continue to deal with 5 different banks... Fcb ranks a zero in technical support. I locked myself out of the account... Okay no big deal got sidetracked and never called (yes you have to call to have them unlock it) and the log on fell off the system. Tech support said to simply resign up which i did. It takes 24-48 hours for them to verify your new sign up. Called on the 2nd day that i did not have access yet and a woman told me that yes she found it in process but it was not active yet.

Called 2-3 days later as i still did not have access and a gentleman said there was no record of my online sign up. He told me to redo the request or go into the bank. Seriously? I have to drive across town to do something at the local branch that i should be able to do online which means that i will have to miss work and therefore lose money. This is not the first issue that i have had with their online access.

At one point i was told that they couldn't give me access because i was listed 2nd on the account with my husband. Again having to go into the bank to find out why a married couple with a joint account was being denied access to the female of a married couple. Personally i do not recommend this bank at all and will be looking for another bank for our joint account.

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ajpamc12's Profile Image

ajpamc12 reviewed U.S. Bank

Nov 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Crappy Service

This bank has givin me nothing but horrible service. The bank clerks never give me the right answer and are always making excuses for there mistakes. Never bank here. Please go elsewhere!

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Mafeyos3's Profile Image

Mafeyos3 reviewed Bank of America

Nov 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Ignorant Management

I have never had a bad experience at this bank until today, i have been with this bank for about 7 years because they showed me loyalty and it was a good bank until now. They made an error in their system and blame it on me, they said it was our fault that the problem happened and that they weren't going to do anything about it. I thought because i have been with this bank for so many years they were going to help me and solve the problem because it wasn't a small problem..

We are talking about money loss, but no.. The ignorant manager wasn't professional at all and was very rude. He had no idea what was going on and he didn't have the efficiency or knowledge of the situation and took a very "dumb" decision. I just want to let those know who have an account in this bank that they have ignorant management that do not try to satisfy their costumers even though they have been with them for a long time. I automatically cancelled all my accounts in this bank because they suck.

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