The Difference Between a Bank and a Credit Union

Choosing between a bank and a credit union is a common decision that stumps consumers who are looking for a new place to stash their money. By understanding the differences between banks and credit ... Read »

Boost Returns With a CD Ladder

Like savings and money market accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs) are relatively low-risk savings vehicles. But CDs offer higher interest rates because the balance cannot be withdrawn without in... Read »

4 Hotspots for Debit Card Fraud

Being a victim of debit-card fraud is not an experience that any banking customers wants go through, but it happens. As long as there are crooks out to steal your money, you will have to practice vi... Read »

How Many Accounts Should I Have?

The number of financial accounts that you have is less significant than the types of financial accounts you have. Keeping five savings accounts does you no good if only one of them holds your money. I... Read »

What is a Bank Surrogate?

A bank surrogate is formed when a company creates a unique, online customer interface for banking but keeps customer deposits with a true depository institution that is insured by the FDIC, like mos... Read »

Common Fees on Deposit Accounts, How to Avoid Them

Bank accounts may come with fees. You should be aware of these common fees and how you can avoid them. The most common deposit accounts include checking, savings, money market and certificate of de... Read »

Choosing a Personal Financial Management Tool

Personal financial management (PFM) tools have experienced a dramatic rise in popularity as everyday Americans look to grab control of their finances. Financial services providers and technology com... Read »

7 Rules of Saving

“Save, save, save” is what you are told whenever you come into a little money -- whether it is from a new job or a windfall. Regardless of the source of income, you shouldn’t spend it all because yo... Read »

Picking a Kid’s Savings Account

Instilling money principles at a young age allows children to develop sound financial habits before they enter the real world. While the piggy bank is a good place to begin teaching your child to sa... Read »

How to Create a Budget

As you become more tuned in to your personal finances, the concept of budgeting often comes into place. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” type of budget because the effectiveness of a budget ... Read »

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