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Red Bluff Branch

950 Main Street
Red Bluff, CA, 96080

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AmericanWest Bank Customer Reviews

glassfish's Profile Image

Reviewed by glassfish

Jul 18th 2014

Getting a Mortgage payoff amount is next to impossible

I sold my home and the Title Company needed a payoff figure to close escrow. They requested the information two times in 2 weeks and got no reply. I started calling and spoke to a different person every time and each person gave me a different answer. I was transferred, on an average, at least 5 times each time I called. I was told it takes 24 to 48 hours to process a payoff request but we are two weeks into this with several phone calls each day and still no payoff information. Today, my first phone call of the day, I was told it was processed yesterday and the fax should come thru today. During my second phone call I was told it was processed today and the fax should be coming thru any minute. Several more phone calls with no result. I was informed I could not speak to a supervisor. On my final call today I was informed the payoff info was in process and would be done in 1/2 hour. 3 different answers in the same day from 3 different people. So apparently these people do not know how to speak the truth. Even if it is not the answer I want to hear, I still expect to hear the TRUTH from bank personnel. I would never use this bank for anything ever again. Closing my escrow account was delayed for over 2 weeks by this banks staff and for no apparent reason.

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blueskies's Profile Image

Reviewed by blueskies

Jun 22nd 2014

Do Not Place Your Trust Nor Your Money In American West Bank

To begin with, I'm a man who keeps and repairs things. Things like my home of many, many years; my 18 year old car; friendships going back to high school and the army. Changing banks isn't something that I take lightly. I've been banking at my former bank since 1992 and until American West Bank took them over in september of 2013. Given the natural coarse of mergers and takeovers, and after nearly one year of putting up with American West's excuses, blather and outright falsehoods, I'm now in the tedious process of relocating my checking and savings accounts to another bank.

What was the last straw you might ask? Aside from the condescension, outright ruddiness and misinformation, i found their simplistic and fundamentally bare bones, monthly statements to be the last insult. A piece of paper that does not even go to the bother to provide you with the total sum of your combined deposits. When asked why they did not provide their customers what virtually every other bank in america provides, as regards this standard feature, i was told (twice by two different people) that "it is how we do it". In other words, "shut up and take a number". I'll be 70 years old shortly and believe you me changing banks, at this stage in my career, is a big deal what with having to change my automatic bill paying and having to insure that my ssi check is properly routed. I hope that you won't be put in this same position and that you'll go online and read some in-depth reviews in order to avoid this particular bank.

Good luck and may you have fair winds and following seas for the rest of your sweet journey.

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Stiffed's Profile Image

Reviewed by Stiffed

Oct 29th 2013

Find a different bank. Plenty of good choices nearby

They recently changed almost the whole staff. Now very unfriendly and extremely unhelpful. They go out of their way to make your experience with them very unpleasant. New assistant manager is one of the meanest people I have ever met. I closed my account here after verbal threats from her. But she does do it with a smile.

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