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Bragg Boulevard Branch

Terry Sanford

2507 Bragg Boulevard
Fayetteville, NC, 28303

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SUN Closed
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BB&T Customer Reviews

tvlyonhouck's Profile Image

Reviewed by tvlyonhouck

Aug 25th 2014

So far great bank!

They bent over backwards to refi my house. Gave me a great deal. No one else would touch me. The personnel in this little branch are always very helpful. Haven't had any problems at all.

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Brian W's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brian W

Feb 24th 2012

Awful Banking Experience

Customer service is awful. Constantly making promises to call you back and never fall through. For the past two months every time I go to the drive-thru they are trying to sell me another product. I just want to get through the line and go.

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Benjamin F's Profile Image

Reviewed by Benjamin F

Nov 6th 2011

Any issues you have will not be resolved.

Someone stole my debit card number and spent $401.69 in CA (I'm in AL). I called BB&T immediately when I found out and customer service told me "Oh, we will e-mail you the dispute papers in 24 hours. Never received the papers. Went to the bank the next business day to find out they don't email. It took them 4 days to fax the paper work to me & supposedly 4 days to receive it.

They gave me a provisional credit & are now "taking it back" because they sent me a letter (that I NEVER RECEIVED) and i didn't respond back regarding my account. Mind you the letter that they sent saying they were taking my money back was dated 0ctober 31st, they supposedly mailed it November 2nd, and today is November 3rd and they want to take my money away from me on November 7th. THIS IS A BUNCH OF BS. I HATE BB&T and I will NEVER bank with them again!

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