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One Main Place Pwm Branch

Main Street District

1201 Main Street
Dallas, TX, 75202

Customer service

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One Main Place Pwm Customer Reviews

danbyler's Profile Image

Reviewed by danbyler

Feb 10th 2014

BofA has NO Fraud Protection! Be careful who you give check info to!

I tried to buy material from a vendor who said they'd give me a 3% cash discount if I paid by check & not credit card. Over the phone, I read the vendor the digits off the bottom of my check & the check #. They were supposed to charge me $620 & mail me material. Instead they debited my account for $62,000 & sent me a box of rocks. They then charged my account an additional $20,000 by making up another, 2nd, check #. BofA said they will not help out at all & this is between me & the vendor. The vendor is fraudulent & does't really exist. Thus, I'm out the $82,000 & the BofA offers no support at all! This fraudelent vendor could have taken every last penny I had in the bank...BofA could care less & offers no recourse or protection. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR INFO or you could lose every penny in the account!

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Sakal's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sakal

Jun 6th 2012

abyoung's Profile Image

Reviewed by abyoung

May 18th 2012

Identity was compromised-bad customer service getting it resolved

10.16.11- Purse was stolen. Reported to McKinney PD. Called BOA to report debit card stolen. They asked if I had a checkbook or deposit slips in purse. When I said no, they did not ask if I wanted to close out my account, they just said that they would send me a new debit card. They are the experts. In my mind, they should have recommended this.

10.28.11-someone has committed check fraud on our account. Multiple checks for over $900 written & cashed at the bank. Called bank on 10.27 about a charge of $993.00. They told me that there was nothing that they could do until it cleared. Called on 10.27 because there were similar charges of $977, $991, $994, $994, & $995 pending for today. I was told that the check from yesterday was cashed and then returned due to insufficient funds. It was cashed in a branch. I did not do this nor did my husband, so they said that I needed to report fraud at Bank of America Called and got Raul and had to go through EVERYTHING again (very frustrating). Then Raul tells me that I am talking to “electronic fraud”, not “paper check fraud”. He gave me a number to call, and I asked if he could transfer me so that I did not have to tell the WHOLE story again. He transferred me but did not tell Rose any of what I told him and there were NO NOTES in my account, even though I had called several times. Rosie said that I must have had a deposit slip or check in my wallet because someone had created a checking account. I INSISTED that I only had a check card in my purse. I asked why it was not recommended that I close my account when I reported my purse stolen on 10.19 and she said that they won’t suggest it unless I had a check stolen.

10.29-went into branch in Rockwall. Got checks printed out that came from someone else’s account. Called the woman whose checks were stolen to let her know, and I also left a voicemail for the Detective. Spoke to Charity and Missy (she used to work in the fraud department). She explained tha

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