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One Main Place Pwm Branch

Main Street District Neighborhood

1201 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75202

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Latest Customer Reviews

Piyush's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by Piyush

Aug 30th 2014

Good at robbing money in white collar way

Actually not giving one start even but there is no option for 0.5 star. They just set fees for something so randomly and then keep charging without notice. they don't even bother to reimburse even if they haven't informed to customer and they don't care about customers even. They just reply do whatever you would like to but we will not reimburse. Their customer care representative even do not have enough information they they will just give different answers as they are not on same page for same issue. Worst experience with this bank and thinking to close all accounts with this bank. Wells Fargo and Chase are far better banking services.

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zionoliver's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by zionoliver

Apr 24th 2014

Probably the worst experience every time.

Wait time is the longest of any other banks. Customer Service reps have left me waiting various times for up to 10 minutes (which is ridiculous in this tech age). I get nowhere half the time and just give up on my rep and call back so I can get another rep to help.

Reps have outdated web help.

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wpholland's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by wpholland

Mar 20th 2014

Boa Is A Pos

I called customer service to get an overdraft fee waved and they refused even though my account never went negative. How can you charge a fee for something that did not take place? They had no excuse but still refused to refund the $10. This is theft and nothing more!

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guy9921's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by guy9921

Jan 27th 2014

Terrible greeting, customer service & awful lack of friendliness

I walked in to the Bank of America in Plano, TX and it was by far the rudest, coldest, unfriendly atmosphere I have ever experienced. After that I went to BB&T & Wells Fargo to shop to find my perfect bank. They were all SO friendly, inviting, very nice and helpful. I would NEVER recommend Bank of America to anyone. I left right after I was greeted and handed off to a banker, because it was awful on both of their ends.

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yasminkazi's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by yasminkazi

Jun 3rd 2013


My debit card was lost and i ordered for a new one.

They charged me $5 fee but the card did not arrive even after 15 days.

Later when i asked the bank they told they will issue a new card and will charge $20 fee for rush delivery

How Pathetic is that!

not at all professional.

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BOAhater's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by BOAhater

Feb 20th 2013


Signed up for auto loan 01/13. Received account information and signed up to autopay on their website about 2 weeks later. The first payment was double-billed they took (2) payments out of my checking account. It took forever to reach someone about it but when I finally did they first said they showed no record of the second payment then the "auto loan" division blamed the "online banking" division. I tried to get them to reverse one of the payments and they said that they cannot do that but they could mail it back to me.

I then tried to cancel the autopay but they refused to let me delete my checking account information from my other bank - they claimed they HAVE to have checking account information tied to the account even though there is option to receive a coupon book and pay by mail. It took (3) calls to get the automatic payments to be turned off and delete my checking account information from their site so that they could not double-dip anymore. I immediately refinanced the vehicle at the same rate with my credit union and took the loan out of Bank of America's hands. I won't do business with them anymore. Now I know why they need taxpayer bailout to float their business because they are terrible at managing their accounts and at customer service.

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abyoung's Profile Image

One Main Place Pwm branch reviewed by abyoung

May 18th 2012

Identity Was Compromised-Bad Customer Service Getting It Resolved

10. 16. 11- purse was stolen. Reported to mckinney pd. Called boa to report debit card stolen. They asked if i had a checkbook or deposit slips in purse. When i said no, they did not ask if i wanted to close out my account, they just said that they would send me a new debit card. They are the experts. In my mind, they should have recommended this. 10. 28. 11-someone has committed check fraud on our account.

Multiple checks for over $900 written & cashed at the bank. Called bank on 10. 27 about a charge of $993. 00. They told me that there was nothing that they could do until it cleared. Called on 10. 27 because there were similar charges of $977, $991, $994, $994, & $995 pending for today. I was told that the check from yesterday was cashed and then returned due to insufficient funds. It was cashed in a branch. I did not do this nor did my husband, so they said that i needed to report fraud at bank of america called and got raul and had to go through everything again (very frustrating).

Then raul tells me that i am talking to “electronic fraud”, not “paper check fraud”. He gave me a number to call, and i asked if he could transfer me so that i did not have to tell the whole story again. He transferred me but did not tell rose any of what i told him and there were no notes in my account, even though i had called several times. Rosie said that i must have had a deposit slip or check in my wallet because someone had created a checking account. I insisted that i only had a check card in my purse.

I asked why it was not recommended that i close my account when i reported my purse stolen on 10. 19 and she said that they won’t suggest it unless i had a check stolen. 10. 29-went into branch in rockwall. Got checks printed out that came from someone else’s account. Called the woman whose checks were stolen to let her know, and i also left a voicemail for the detective. Spoke to charity and missy (she used to work in the fraud department). She explained tha

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