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Britton And May Branch

Central Oklahoma City

9225 North May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK, 73120

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Bank of Oklahoma Customer Reviews

dands69's Profile Image

Reviewed by dands69

Oct 7th 2014


Sometimes I realize that things happen and banks screw up. I am concerned that this bank is truly legit now after reading several complaints. Often things happen and customers get the "short end of the stick". However, for every single review available being so negative makes me wonder if I made a mistake getting an account? I am nervous now about the account.

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Lynx410's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lynx410

Sep 10th 2012

Lost Four of My Deposits & Made Up Excuses For It

I am a local business owner and am constantly using my business account to make deposits and other transactions. I have to keep a close eye on my business account because there is always somebody who wants a piece of the pie and if you don't watch the money, it will quickly disappear. Well, this time it is the bank itself. I can understand occasional mishaps, but this is the 4th time this branch has lost one of my deposits within 2 years? It is kind of interesting to note two things. One is that they never miss an expense, ever, but when it comes to your hard earned money that you deposit, trusting the bank to do their job, you really have to supervise what is going on? Second, when they loose your deposit, they put the burden on you to prove that you made a deposit- so don't throw away your deposit slips, ever, or they will not refund the lost deposits! Always check your account online too!

This time was the wost experience of all! They not only lost my deposits, but a woman posing as the branch manager lied to me about posting the cash deposit to my account by midnight? She also lied about being the manager because I have met the branch manager and its a man. Anyway, the deposit never posted to my account and so I called the Express Bank to verify this and was going to show up at the bank, but the deposit suddenly appeared as a credit to my account?

Now, I will say, that this is the only branch that has ever lost my deposits and made multiple mistakes handling my money. However, I should not have to keep dealing with this type of incompetence I have seen at this branch. I will be taking my business over to the 145th & Houston branch from now on, despite the extra mileage. I have never had problems over there. Perhaps, because it's a branch building?

Gee, they are quick to add inactivity fees and penalize their customers for mistakes, but it would be nice if we the customers got financial retributions for their mistakes?

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chas40e's Profile Image

Reviewed by chas40e

Jun 15th 2013

Bok = Mob

The bok saga goes on and on. They closed my account with a positive balance in it. $32. 50 for overdraft fees caused by bok's incompetence. I went to the philippines in february. When i returned i discovered bok closed my account that had a positive balance in it. I went to the bank of course to point out another one of their errors.They said "we cannot give you the same account number, but we can open a new account".They opened a new account alright, but then charged me $35. 00 twice for a charged off account! Closing my account caused my health insurance payments and other payments get behind! I write a company check to my own personal name to deposit into my personal account. Bok employee deposits the check back into the same business account. I went back to the bank to call them on their error. Instead of accepting responsibility they blamed "the system". They tell me "OK, everything is fixed". 2 weeks later bok "fixes" the accounts alright by "adjusting" my entire account causing more than $1,000. 00 in charges to bounce.Yes, you guess it! There was overdraft fee's for their error for $32. 50! I am not a negative person, or make a practice to resort to name calling, but i have to say: i have called to speak with a supervisor at their "call center" regarding several complaints. After speaking with 5 "brain dead" employees i requested a "supervisor". The "supervisor" was absolutely worthless, had a severe lack of empathy for their company messing up my bank account(s), and is completely incompetent. She has no business being in "customer service".

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