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Crestline Branch

23840 Lake Drive
Crestline, CA 92325

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SUN Closed
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California Bank & Trust Customer Reviews

abbybarcelo's Profile Image

Reviewed by abbybarcelo

Dec 20th 2011

They Should Name It California Bank And Do Not Trust

Very disappointed, i had the overdraft protection and i had the insurance of my car billed to my account and i had zero balance they didn't respect the deal the transfer of the payment didn't go through the car insurance company charged me a fee for that and the bank charged me $35. 00 for being overdraft and i don't know why because they never authorized the payment and i went to close the account and they charged me an other $20. 00 they just want to make money from anywhere i would rate them zero if i could

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JLMTME's Profile Image

Reviewed by JLMTME

Nov 15th 2013

Greedy And Appear To Charge For The Air

Letter of credit charges one of the highest in the nation for negotiation. Charges for currency deposits? I guess they don't like to count.

Don't every trust them to cover checks against guarantee or deposits.

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