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Parmatown Mall Branch

8094 Day Dr
Parma, OH, 44129

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SUN Closed
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Parmatown Mall Customer Reviews

Artist's Profile Image

Reviewed by Artist

May 31st 2011

Faulty online tools, no resolution to issues, 90+ minutes on phone with 4 people = NO MONEY

Our son wanted to send us some emergency funds. Emergency, that means we need it fast! He used Quick Pay and so we had to set up a Quick Pay account as well. He has the Chase acct. and we do not (only this Quick Pay). After it was set up, and the money was sent, it would not go through.

The first CS person was bumbling, giving guesses, unprofessional, and putting me on hold. His supervisor was slightly better, but also got nowhere. I called again and the CS was asking for my address and SS#! The next CS I called was more professional, but was still just guessing. I never got a callback, and still do not have the money.

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Chase Customer Reviews

jason's Profile Image

Reviewed by jason

Aug 7th 2008

Free Checking!

Although the interest rate is really low, you can't beat free checking. Also, I can manage my Chase Freedom credit card from the same website, so that's a plus.

Since I've had the account for quite a while now, I can honestly say it's a great bank. They've caught fraud on my account twice and reversed all charges.

Updated to add branches.

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Verydisappointed's Profile Image

Reviewed by Verydisappointed

Oct 12th 2012

Very disappointed

I have had my account with chase for more than two years now. At one time I had, a brokerage, a saving, a checking and two credit card accounts with them. Everything was good till just now when I got a letter in the mail that my account will be closed in two weeks. Called the customer services, who basically told me that bank has performed analysis of my account and found that I wasn't worth the risk based on my account history and therefore have decided to terminate my account. I am really disappointed in this decision because I feel that I have been declared guilty without any trial. I really don't know if they can do that and I am not interested to pursue this matter any further because if Chase doesn't want me as a customer then I don't want it as my bank either and I will switch to another bank.

I do feel depressed and worried as to what might have caused them to flag my account (which they will not tell me). I did had a couple of wire transfer from my home country one 10 k and another 20k but both of them were about a year ago. Also took some cash (about 5k) from my account about a month ago and then redeposited in the same amount to pay a credit card bill of another bank. Other than these all I have been doing with this account is putting money into it and paying my chase credit cards bills.

In the end, I am upset and I wanna tell everyone who might be looking into Chase as their bank that this bank is not depandable and can kick it's customer out without any explanation. To be fair to Chase, I would say that I liked their services (especially online account) till it lasted, but I don't think it was worth it. In the end I am very disappointed in Chase!

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