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New Castle Branch

One Penn's Way
New Castle, DE 19720

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SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

Renee74's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by Renee74

Dec 5th 2014

Husband received a $2,300 check *FRAUDULENT*

My husband signed up to be a mystery shopper and received a $2,300 check from a criminal named William Dove (if this is his real name). The check was sent certified from a Aaron Smith in Port Henry, NY. They gave me his phone number and he (William) will not return my call. They use Citibank in DE as their banking people. Please be on the watch out!!!! These people need to go down!!!!!!!!!

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TNscam's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by TNscam

Nov 24th 2014


I received a check on this bank to be a mystery shopper. It was sent over night fedex from ny. It has at top of check offical check with this bank name and address. I called this bank and it is not real. Thank you cody for being honest with me. The sender wanted me to deposit it in my bank and get cash and go send money orders to someone in ny. It is a scam. Becareful. What a shame.

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HiddenAgenda22's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by HiddenAgenda22

Aug 14th 2014

Received Phony Check As Well!

Wow, it is unbelievable to see that so many people have encountered the same situation. I was supposed to be starting a working relationship as well, but this time the business name is "dignity health" and i was supposed to western union money to a "vendor" to receive equipment to do work from home data entry. It is really sad to see that people are able to try and pull off scams at the expense of other people that are too gullable to identify the signs. Luckily, i am not effected as i did not allow these people to have any access to my personal accounts. I will be shutting down the erroneous account created specifically to deal with scum like this! If it seems to good to be true..... Wake up people, it is! Follow your spidey senses at all times.

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Deja's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by Deja

Jan 26th 2014

Received a PHONY check printed with this bank name & branch

This is an e-mail and evidently a phone scam involving checks for large sums of money for which a person is supposed to use (in my case) Western Union to send the "balance" back to a strange name and money order number. It's a digital version of the old street sting of "I found a huge amount of money and I'll share it with you if you give me a good faith deposit of $400 CASH".

In my case, the company called itself "At Your Service Marketing", a mystery shopper firm.

Citibank, New Castle, DE: what are you doing about this assault on your reputation? I'm going to call you about it tomorrow.

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trish0621's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by trish0621

Apr 20th 2013

Bogus checks being written on this branch in the name of Mckinsey & Company

When speaking to customer service. I received absolutely no help

Elaine was completely uncooperative. They do not seem to care that bogus checks are being written on their branch nor do they seem to be interested in protecting their customers.

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screwedover's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by screwedover

Apr 7th 2013

Bogus Bank Branch?????

Bogus, fraudulent checks are being written with the name and address of this bank on them from RBF Weston, Inc.

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gmcrum's Profile Image

New Castle branch reviewed by gmcrum

Mar 15th 2013

Customer service

I received a check drawn on Citibank. I called customer service to verify that this was not a bogus check and that it wasn't a fraud issue. The man I spoke with when I called customer service, after I explained the situation told me that because it wasn't my account, I had to wait to verify if the account was even real. He wouldn't help me at all. NOTHING! Citibank has the worst customer service ever! Any other bank would at least verify, since my name is on the check as the one it is issued to, if there were funds in the account or if the check is bad. Citibank is crap.

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