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Citizens Bank Branch

Flanders Branch

1 Flanders Plaza
East Lyme, CT, 06333

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Citizens Bank Customer Reviews

John S's Profile Image

Reviewed by John S

Feb 27th 2010

Citizens Bank pays its customers

They don't take your money with excessive fees. Instead they pay you for using various features of your checking account. The savings account plan will help you reach your goal, track your goal, then they reward you with a gift certificate when you reach your goal. If you are considering a big bank look to Citizens Bank first.

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AngryinPhilly's Profile Image

Reviewed by AngryinPhilly

Jan 6th 2014

Worst customer service experience ever.

We recently got married and joined our bank accounts. I was able to close mine easily enough and thought we had closed my wife's as well. The bank teller said the account was closed when we asked directly. Nearly a month and a half later we get a notice from the bank (labeled as the second notice though we never got the first) saying the account was still open and we were being charged all the maintenance fees for having no transactions. On top of that we were charged overdraft fees because the maintenance fees took the account below zero. When we went to the branch to fix it, they were very unfriendly and unhelpful and told us to call the national branch. When we did so the representative we got essentially told us that it did not matter that the teller did their job incorrectly, offered circular arguments on how it was all our fault for not closing the account, and at the end of the conversation had my wife crying on the phone. Needless to say, they lost all of my business.

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WaterfordLake's Profile Image

Reviewed by WaterfordLake

Mar 17th 2014

Poor Management and Customer Service!

I dread the one day when I have to go to Citizens Bank to make the weekly deposit for the company I work for. Every time without fail, there's an issue. Either their system is down and I'm told to come back or I need to break-up the deposit because one or more checks are from Canada. Two tellers know how to complete the deposit as is while others just pretend to know. Lines can be long, slow moving and each teller has their own rules for completing transactions. Some tellers charge fees for other transactions and some do not. No one is on the same page. This bank is very poorly run. I met the branch manager, Stephanie Luz, and I see why this branch is so dreadful and worth skipping altogether. We will be moving this business account to another bank very soon.

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