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East Pointe Branch

East Pointe

1700 E Pointe Dr Ste 200
Columbia, MO 65203

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Commerce Bank Customer Reviews

David R's Profile Image

Reviewed by David R

Jun 11th 2010

Great service. Online banking is very easy and convienient.

Been with them since I was a minor. Great service and always helpful. Getting something done over the phone is also very easy, though it can take a while to get a hold of a real person at times.

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Richardhill2648's Profile Image

Reviewed by Richardhill2648

Apr 18th 2012

Had Enough!

I have been with this bank since the early 1990's. I have had positive experiences from my local branches (South STL MO) and negative experiences with Commerce Bank. The local tellers are wonderful but Commerce removed the local branches phone numbers from their website so you pretty much have to deal with the main customer service line which is of poor quality.


1) If you close an account, get it in writing. You will have to close your account at least three times. It seems the bank does this on purpose in order to charge a fee for zeroing out the balance. I used to have multiple accounts; I closed two of them at different times and got charged a fee both times. I had the local account rep sign each time I closed the same account. It took 3 times to fully close both accounts (My mother and brother had the same experience).

2) Debate your over draft fee’s. I had a bill got out (via Billpay) that wasn’t going to be cashed for another week. My Available balance went negative even though the check was never cashed (actual balance was positive). Commerce charged me an overdraft protection fee. (I never signed up for overdraft protection and they did not have my permission to charge it). So I debated it and got it erased.


Online Billpay was updated Jan 2012. The new version is very poorly executed. The Pending Payments section was reorganized so the payments coming due in the near term are at the top and payments further out in the future are on the bottom. (This is reversed from the way that almost all other banks have their Pending section setup). What it means is that you have to scroll up and down the screen in order to see what has been paid and what will soon to be paid. This single update has now caused me to start searching for another bank as it cannot be changed on the customers end nor on the customer service reps end. Turned what was once a great system into a frustrating experience. IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!

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Cari's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cari

Jan 28th 2009

horrible customer service

Unfortunately I have not had the same experience with Commerce bank as the other reviewers. The customer service is horrible- the employees that I have interacted with do not come across as people, just greedy mechanical beings out to get your money. I was charged fees for a free checking account and after bringing it to their attention it took them 90 DAYS to fix the error and even then they only refunded half of my money that they had taken. The branch manager did not apologize and did not even acknowledge their mistake after refunding my money. I would not recomment this bank to anyone for personal or business use.

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