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Sidney Downtown Banking Ctr Branch

101 South Ohio Avenue
Sidney, OH 45365

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Fifth Third Bank Customer Reviews

ahoffman01's Profile Image

Reviewed by ahoffman01

Oct 21st 2011

I Have Always Enjoyed Banking At Fifth Third Bank. They Have A Lot Of Lacations In My Area And They Are Very Friendly.

Anything that i have ever needed assistance with they have been there to support me. I have a tendency to go in the bank on a regular basis to make deposits. I can not remember the last time i went through the drive through. They are always very friendly and professional inside and most of them know me by name now and if their are new employees i have been introduced to them by name.

I once over drew on my account because of some confusion on how the balance appears. The customer service rep explained to me what happened, how to avoid it in the future, and ended our conversation by waving the fee. I once had a problem with the direct billing at the gym i belong to. The customer service rep i spoke with at this time did a conference call with me to contact the gym and figure out what the mistake was. The gym being the pain in the butt they are required the explanation in writing.

Fifth third faxed the information to them immediately. When i got married my wife and i decided we want to have accounts at the same bank, lets just say fifth third got a new customer. Over all, i have never been disappointed with them.

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Pam's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pam

May 4th 2009

Don't do it.

This bank is FULL of hidden fees and costs to their customers. Do yourself a favor, and find a local credit union, or at least a more fair and honest bank. You'll be sorry if you do business with Fifth Third!

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Stacy M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Stacy M

Mar 29th 2011


Rearranging transactions to line their pockets with o/d fees...Leaving $215,000 of my money to just sit there and earn interest for them, while they put it on a hold and then turned around and charged my o/d fees for insufficient funds when other transactions came through. Uneffingbelievable!

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