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Bluewell Branch

Routes 20 and 52
Bluewell, WV, 24701

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First Community Bank, National Association Customer Reviews

Wirpel's Profile Image

Reviewed by Wirpel

May 3rd 2011

HORRIBLE! Completely incompetent people who would rather lie than correct their mistakes.

Avoid at all costs. I set up a loan to auto-draft payments and they did not process there own paperwork three separate times. This affected my credit, their administrators and loan officers lied to me on numerous occasions and then put erroneous information on my credit report - all because they aren't smart enough to do their own job. Add to this, they deposited my money into the wrong account four times. Their employees are incompetent and dishonest when confronted. Save yourself the time, the headache and your credit score and avoid this bank. Hope fully they will go out of business and a real bank that really does their paperwork will take them over.

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