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North Ridgeville Branch

Shawville Station

35621 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville, OH, 44035

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SUN Closed
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North Ridgeville Customer Reviews

Alicia F's Profile Image

Reviewed by Alicia F

Jun 27th 2011

Seems they just want to find out new ways to charge you fees

The attitude of this bank has changed over the years. I have been with them over 15 years. It just seems they charge too much for the overdraft fees. I had money in my savings and just missed an automatic draft by a day. (Actually I was there that day to transfer into the checking, but they said it came through overnight, so technically the money was not there). They still charged me 31 dollars.

Some banks give you 24 hours to get your funds into your account. They told me also even tough I had a substantial amount in the savings they are not tied and so no luck. This has happened one other time as well when a payment went through a day or two earlier than usual. I came to the bank as soon as I got off work. They still charged me. I don't like to give banks my money. I work way too hard for it. ATM fees are excessive if you don't use their bank. IRA rate was a joke. .86% as I recall. Thinking about moving our accounts.

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FirstMerit Bank Customer Reviews

LotusPrins's Profile Image

Reviewed by LotusPrins

Dec 23rd 2013

Excellent Bank but cashiers need more training.

I have been with this Bank for almost 4 years now. The customer service with the reps is outstanding, they are so caring and listen to you and try to help you in every way possible. They are a cut above the rest when it comes to the numerous banks I have been to around the country. The counter service personnel really are mostly unfriendly a crew, some of them do not seem to speak English, but even if you don't you can still gracefully smile, because that job is customer service. However, there are gems in this group, some of them are friendly and smile. There are also those who don't realize that their job is customer service, they need to socialize without repercussions. Hopefully in 2014 they would all be retrained on how to smile and be helpful and speak English as well.

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Amy's Profile Image

Reviewed by Amy

Jun 15th 2010

Looking for Another One

Although my husband and I have been with FirstMerit for about 14 years, I have been disappointed to see that they are now looking for every way possible to take advantage of their customers.

They charge overdraft fees on authorizations, even though the amount has not been actually captured by the merchant. They take charges from high to low, regardless of order, so if you are overdrawn by $20.00 with 3 transactions for $5 and one for $50, they will always take out the $50 first, leaving you a $26 fee for EACH of the other 3 charges.

Don't even think of trying to make a deposit on the same day to bring your balance up, because they hold all but $100 until the next business day. We found out the hard way when we made our FirstMerit Mortgage payment at the same time we deposited a check that would cover the payment. They had no problem cashing my check and posting it to my account the same day, but wouldn't give us the funds to cover it until the next day, leaving us with another...you guessed it...$26 overdraft charge.

Mind you, my husband and I aren't in the habit of overdrafting, but practices that stack the deck in favor of the bank are not conducive to a good business relationship.

I'm now eying other banks that care more about integrity than they do the money they can weasel out of their customers.

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