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Lawrenceburg Branch

101 North Locust Avenue
Lawrenceburg, TN, 38464

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Greenbank Customer Reviews

Sarden's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sarden

Feb 27th 2012

Customer Service Sucked! (on that particular day)

(this is the bank across from the post office) The day after Thanksgiving '2011 I had to drive all the way to Knoxville just to deposit a check for $1,200 that my band had earned the weekend before just to keep my outstanding checks from bouncing and going into the red because this very intelligent staff decided very quickly they wanted to put a hold on my deposit for 3-5 business days. That could have costed me everything if I even considered that non-sense.

I have been small business banking with these guys for a 1 year and have had over $80,000 in deposits since I have been with their bank. If they were so "weary" about the check not being any good or "suspect" of me, they could have called and at least verified the funds but it was an true example of laziness. So, to save my account, I I drove all the way to Knoxville (unexpected), to deposit my check and they posted it immediately without any questions asked.

I think I will call this a true example of ignorance & laziness. To beat it all, it's the head teller's call, so I blame her for making the rest of her co-workers look as dense as she is. Not all banks, but the one across form the post office in Greeneville, their customer service skills were freakin' horrible. If you do deal with somebody in that branch, go inside and witness this great display of "I sure am glad I gotta office job" mentality! It's amazing! and then I thought about were I was actually at and immediately forgave their actions because they probably just don't know any better. God Love 'em

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soldierj613's Profile Image

Reviewed by soldierj613

May 7th 2012

Bring Back Greenbank! You Suck!

Just like what all the other folks are saying,they lose your money,its hard to get a correct balance. Their atms dont work. From 10pm til 10 am you cant not make any online transactions. When you notify them of a mistake the tellers and the customer service people are smart asses and act like they dont have issues. Do the math retards you lost my money! I’m changing banks what a fucking hassle! You suck and consumer's are happy, word a mouth and networking travels. We want greenbank back they were great!

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