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Carrick Branch


1817 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA, 15210

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Carrick Customer Reviews

singlemom15's Profile Image

Reviewed by singlemom15

Jul 3rd 2013

Don't be fooled by the 24 hour grace period!

I had to write a check ($32.85) for an immediate car repair, knowing my SSA deposit was coming through that night. I also had a balance of $15 already in the account. Much to my surprise, the check was returned and a fee of $37.50 was charged to my account. When I called to ask about the issue I was told that there are only specific situations where the 24 hour grace period applies and that items will be paid or returned, solely at the banks discretion.

So my point being, they claim you can take confidence in knowing that you have that 24 hour grace period, but they don't explain and can't explain in what situations it would be of any benefit to you.

I am closing my account on principal as I feel that Huntington therefore does not offer me anything different then the next bank in town.

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Huntington Customer Reviews

Ashley83's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ashley83

Mar 14th 2012


I would just like to say Huntington Bank is the best bank I have ever banked with. The 24 hour grace is amazing!! After all of the bad reviews I have seen, I have found out it lack of knowledge with people. Quit complaining about 24 hour grace if you dont know how to use it. They have a call center and banking offices to explain it to you. Also if you have online banking it clearly states you have to make a deposit to cover the negative balance and keep it positive to the following day. Its not rocket science to understand if your account is negative to make a deposit for what its over drawn plus all other items that havent posted. Dont try and play the system and pretend you forgot about a check you clearly wrote and when it comes through you get charged fees. Obviously you dont keep a register and balance your books. That may mean you are not grown up enough to have a checking account or you are one of those people who try to play the system and when it back fires you call to complain about the mistake YOU made. Huntington is the only one who has 24 hour grace to make things right for your first overdraw. No other bank out there does this. Either stop over drawing your account or cover what you over draw and stop complaining. It gets old!

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thegler's Profile Image

Reviewed by thegler

Dec 29th 2012

Hunting Bank kept loan application fee w/out incurring expenses

Applied for a mortgage loan. Loan originator was not responsive to questions and did not provide any help with the purchase transaction. It came to the point my realtor even commented that this LO was not getting it. Seeing that this was heading towards disaster I cancelled the loan prior to any other expense other than the credit report. No appraisal was ordered. The application fee was $500. Huntington kept the funds and did not refund anything and won't. After asking them why they feel they should keep money they did not earn or provide services for, the reply was useless.

I am in the industry myself and know they never cancelled my loan like I requested since they have never sent HMDA papers which would be required since I had all of the elements of an application including a purchase contract and property address.

This is an excellent example of how Banks continue to rob, steal and not follow the regulations in place. Since they are so big they think that they are beyond any affects of audits since its a numbers game. They violate lending laws and their is no civil recourse for consumers. Fines and pointed fingers do not scare financial institutions because the have coffers full of money taken from others they did not earn to pay the fines and to hire attorneys.

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