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Lawton Central Mall Branch

#10 Central Mall
Lawton, OK, 73501

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Lawton Central Mall Customer Reviews

CarolRobinson's Profile Image

Reviewed by CarolRobinson

May 2nd 2014

Senior 50 Star Account

Done business with IBC for over 18 years and now they are closing my Senior 50 Star account and putting extensive fee on me with another account. Not a good place to do business. Until now I was satisfied with the customer service. I called several times to talk to Sales Rep about the account change and they will not return my calls. I will seek another place to do business.

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IBC Bank Customer Reviews

Pierce d's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pierce d

Jun 17th 2010

Great bank with great service

Great customer service. No long waits. Great phone etiquette.

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Nathan S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nathan S

Dec 17th 2010

Rude, obnoxious, incompetent, and crooked. In short, terrible.

I was getting fed up with some of the fees related to these accounts, like $15 to change my signature card, so I went in to close my accounts. While I was closing it the Sales Associate did everything but call me an idiot for closing my account, as extremely sarcastic, and used profanity. After which I requested they give me my account balance in cash and they said they would have to do cashiers checks. They then charged me $3 a check to give me MY OWN money. I was frustrated but just wanted to be done with it so I overlooked the offense. A month an a half later I recieved a call from IBC saying I was negative $200 and had 3 days to pay up or be put on CHEX systems. Apparently the branch did NOT close my accounts, they just emptied them and then charged me exorbitant fees for automatic transfers from checking to savings and vice versa. I contacted the branch and they apologized and said they would take care of it immediately. A week and a half later nothing was done about it so I called the branch that opened my account. Finally I got it taken care of but I'm still not sure they didnt report me for account abuse. Never open an account here. Worst mistake you will ever make.

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