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Lawton Central Mall Branch

#10 Central Mall
Lawton, OK, 73501

Customer service

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Lawton Central Mall Customer Reviews

CarolRobinson's Profile Image

Reviewed by CarolRobinson

May 2nd 2014

Senior 50 Star Account

Done business with IBC for over 18 years and now they are closing my Senior 50 Star account and putting extensive fee on me with another account. Not a good place to do business. Until now I was satisfied with the customer service. I called several times to talk to Sales Rep about the account change and they will not return my calls. I will seek another place to do business.

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IBC Bank Customer Reviews

bradlhutchisongmai's Profile Image

Reviewed by bradlhutchisongmai

Oct 30th 2014

Great People

Have my personel account there and our business account. They are very friendly, always take great care of me. The sales associates are super, and the branch manager is great!

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perrinbeitelA's Profile Image

Reviewed by perrinbeitelA

Mar 6th 2014

The bank closes too early and does not close at the posted hours, which are not very flexible hours to begin with.

The customer service here has been usually good, but recently, their hours shifted from 9PM to 7PM and the tellers have started closing the bank five minutes earlier than is posted.

This does not seem like a big deal, but many workplaces close at 5pm if not 6pm and it's frustrating to have to rush to the bank if not make a special trip for it.

I know that this is not a widespread policy because some tellers *do* close at 7PM, which is the posted time. The tellers I've talked to about this have been snooty and indifferent to this change.

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