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In-Store Lincoln Heights (Basse)


999 E. Basse Rd. Ste 150
San Antonio, TX, 78209

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In-Store Lincoln Heights (Basse) Customer Reviews

yecue363's Profile Image

Reviewed by yecue363

Jun 4th 2013

Ibc Bank North Star Management Exels In Rudeness And Poor Customer Service!

I utilize 3 different banks which i was hoping to consolidate all of my accounts into one bank. I am a new checking member for about 3 months. I had just signed up for a life insurance policy with ibc bank and wanted to speak to someone about the possibility of transfering my mortgage insurance and auto insurance, as well as obtaining disability insurance coverage. When i first signed up, i would go to the branch to request to speak to the branch manager. She was never in the office. I left numerous phone calls, she never returned my calls. I am in executive management and always feel more comfortable conversing with management for numerous reasons. I decided to give the sales representatives (two young ladies at the counter) a chance to answer my questions. They were both very knowledgable and friendly. Great! No problem! I opened my checking account and all was well. I called yesterday 6/3 to speak to one of the two representatives to go over some questions i had. When i asked for her, i received a very rude "she's not in"! And then hung up on me! Needless to say, after a moment of shock, i called back and asked to speak to the branch manager, who to my surprise, (was actually in the office today). She said, "this is teresa". I asked, "i need to speak to the branch manager. "she said, "you're talking to her"! I hung up. I am shocked that someone representing numerous employees would be allowed to "visit" work and be rude to customers, when there. This horrible excuse for management and a poor representative of your company, did not feel good about actually having to show up at work? Since, in about 3 months, i have never seen her in the branch. I work nearby so banking where i shop was very convenient and i would visit frequently. I am closing my account, have retracted my application & blank check for my proposed life insurance policy and will never do business with a bank that employs management that is never in the office and hangs up on customers

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IBC Bank Customer Reviews

venessa's Profile Image

Reviewed by venessa

May 10th 2014

They do more!

Beyond amazing customer service and they know their products. I always come out with a smile on my face. This branch is the only one that can do that for me. Sure there's long lines, and we all get a little frustrated, but they recently got some new tellers that are very efficient, and very fast, and very friendly. Keep up the good work! IBC Plantation is my bank of choice.

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perrinbeitelA's Profile Image

Reviewed by perrinbeitelA

Mar 6th 2014

The bank closes too early and does not close at the posted hours, which are not very flexible hours to begin with.

The customer service here has been usually good, but recently, their hours shifted from 9PM to 7PM and the tellers have started closing the bank five minutes earlier than is posted.

This does not seem like a big deal, but many workplaces close at 5pm if not 6pm and it's frustrating to have to rush to the bank if not make a special trip for it.

I know that this is not a widespread policy because some tellers *do* close at 7PM, which is the posted time. The tellers I've talked to about this have been snooty and indifferent to this change.

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