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Claiborne Branch

Uptown/Carrollton Neighborhood

6235 S. Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125

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Latest Customer Reviews

laffelott's Profile Image

Claiborne branch reviewed by laffelott

Mar 13th 2012

Poor Customer Service And Too Rapid Expansion. Iberiabank Has Lost Touch.

I moved away from my local branch but kept my account. I was proud to watch iberiabank expand to my market and i recommended the bank to friends and co-workers. Iberiabank even took over my employer's bank which was great, i thought. The great service i had become accustomed to has disappeared completely. I've spent hours of my time trying to resolve what should have been simple issues. Each time i've tried to contact customer service was a nightmare.

When i would get a return call, i was treated as if i was a nuisance and not a customer. Also, even a year after taking over a branch two blocks from my home, there is still no way to make an atm deposit. I've got to drive to another branch a mile away! Ok, i'm sure iberiabank is working on it. How long can that take? I asked in july 2011 and was told it would be fixed oct 2011. In oct 2011 i was told it would be fixed before the end of 2011. In feb 2012 iberiabank told me it would be fixed before the end of the year... 2012.

In an age when other banks offer cash deposits at atms and check deposits from your cell phone, i'm amazed it will take iberiabank over a year to offer a basic thing like atm deposits. Sad... Avoid iberiabank!!!

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