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Royersford Branch

793 Main Street
Royersford, PA 19468

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SUN Closed
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National Penn Customer Reviews

Randyheller's Profile Image

Reviewed by Randyheller

Jan 14th 2014

Fantastic bank, great customer service

I have been banking with KNBT and now national penn. For 15 plus years. The emmaus branch is by far is my favorite. But they are all great, very helpful staff. I always feel like I'm there only customer. Keep up the great work.

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EmoryMcClaskey's Profile Image

Reviewed by EmoryMcClaskey

Mar 2nd 2014

terrible customer service

I called to unlock my account that my wife locked us out of because i am the one who keeps track.the lady asked me my social number i gave it to her where i lived told her birth date told her and security questions answered them. then she tells me i am not on that account she needs my wife social and i told her and she said she has to talk to her. well i have been on that account since it was opened and this happened before. I am going to leave after at least ten years . Real good customer service.

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peterson's Profile Image

Reviewed by peterson

Aug 21st 2013

Horrible attitude never using this bank again

so my husband and I went in to the bank to see if we could put a loan on his Camaro, paid off in full and the woman who works for national penn asked about any other assets and we have a paid off house with a value of 170 thousand but we expressed we weren't interested in holding our home as collateral just the car and she got sooooo rude, looked at me and my husband and said " you have a paid off house and Camaro I highly doubt that and even if you did this bank isn't even interested in looking at you if you don't have a 740 rate"

for her to look at my husband and I and say that she doubted we owed our home and car made me so angry I closed all my account right then and there and will never step a foot into that sorry excuse for a bank again!

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