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The Lakes Branch

Canyon Gate

8260 West Sahara
Las Vegas, NV, 89117

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SUN Closed
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The Lakes Customer Reviews

onlyfacts's Profile Image

Reviewed by onlyfacts

Mar 19th 2013

Terrible - Discriminate

I have banked at NSB for 8 years and never had a customer's check bounced. never. This bank is NOT SMALL BUSINESS FRIENDLY. You better have a lot of money to bank there, in which case they kiss your butts, but if you are a struggling business, they make your life miserable. They constantly put holds on checks, local or not, up to 7 business days for a $1,000 check. SEVEN, that's more than ten days counting the weekend in between. Everyone who owns a small business and struggle to make a living knows how much we depend on getting our money fast. But NSB couldn't care less. They hold the check for SEVEN DAYS supposedly because of 6 overdrafts in 6 months, 1 a month... A check takes 3 days max. to clear.... even sooner if they call to verify funds. So their policy is bs and discriminatory. The less money you have or make, the more they bury you. Stay away from that bank or be prepared to count on your savings and friends when you expect YOUR money to pay your bills because NEVADA STATE BANK won't give a damn if holding your check puts you in trouble. DO NOT BANK AT NSB OR YOU WILL BE SORRY.

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Nevada State Bank Customer Reviews

hidka's Profile Image

Reviewed by hidka

Jul 8th 2013

worst experience ever!

Never ever do a home loan with this bank I had the worst customer service ever!

me and my husband were first time home buyers we decided to choose Nevada state bank we figured it was a local bank and it would probably be better, it was the worst mistake we ever did they ran our credit with out our noticed after the loan officer said he wouldn't. Had us drive back and forth multiple times because he kept forgetting to give us papers to sign. As soon as we won a bet on a home we asked him to do an appraisal he never did order it! Due to this we lost our opportunity on our dream home . We we're devastated, we kept calling him and he would never answer because he had nothing to say to me! This man strait up lied to us and he kept telling us that everything was fine but it was all a lie. Stupidly we gave him a second chance and again we almost lost our second home. We finally let him go and got with a broker and closed my house in less than 30 days! His excuses were ridiculous and was never honest his name is [Redacted]-run! He's the worst loan officer!

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got2fly's Profile Image

Reviewed by got2fly

Jul 16th 2014


No review

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