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Nevada State Bank Branch

Centennial Hills Branch

6505 N. Buffalo Drive
Las Vegas, NV, 89131

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Nevada State Bank Customer Reviews

Skeptical's Profile Image

Reviewed by Skeptical

Dec 23rd 2011

Could be much better

This bank charges fees unfairly. It has now happened to me three times. I am going to close my account because of it. I have two other accounts, one at a national bank and one at a credit union. I have had both accounts in excess of 20 years. I have never had charges like the ones at NSB. In just a few short years NSB has found ways to charge me more fees than both of my other accounts have in 20 years. This bank is shameless. I would not recommend it to anyone.

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hidka's Profile Image

Reviewed by hidka

Jul 8th 2013

worst experience ever!

Never ever do a home loan with this bank I had the worst customer service ever!

me and my husband were first time home buyers we decided to choose Nevada state bank we figured it was a local bank and it would probably be better, it was the worst mistake we ever did they ran our credit with out our noticed after the loan officer said he wouldn't. Had us drive back and forth multiple times because he kept forgetting to give us papers to sign. As soon as we won a bet on a home we asked him to do an appraisal he never did order it! Due to this we lost our opportunity on our dream home . We we're devastated, we kept calling him and he would never answer because he had nothing to say to me! This man strait up lied to us and he kept telling us that everything was fine but it was all a lie. Stupidly we gave him a second chance and again we almost lost our second home. We finally let him go and got with a broker and closed my house in less than 30 days! His excuses were ridiculous and was never honest his name is [Redacted]-run! He's the worst loan officer!

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jasonh's Profile Image

Reviewed by jasonh

Jun 28th 2013

Horrible experience. Stay away from this bank.

Stay away! Worst bank I've ever dealt with. I was ill. My account went negative. Before I could get back into the bank to bring the balance back up they charged me $170 in late fees over a 19-day period of time. They were unwilling to waive the charges or work with me in any way. I could not talk to anyone with authority at the bank. I've dealt with several banks in the past few years and this bank has the most onerous fee schedule I've ever encountered.

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