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Medford Branch

99 Hartford Road
Medford, NJ, 08055

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SUN Closed
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Sun National Bank Customer Reviews

Action12's Profile Image

Reviewed by Action12

Mar 2nd 2014

Breath of fresh air in dealing with seasoned employees in a local bank.

I was tired of the corporate changes in the big bank world of TD Bank, where the avg age of their help seems to be not more than someone fresh out of high school. I decided to try a local branch of Sun Bank and how I was pleased to have seasoned employees welcome me to their branch. I was able to not only receive a no minimum balance account, but they also are paying me cash for using their debit card every time I use it. This is a first in banking, where I seemed so used to being charged for everything and being surprised with minimum balance increases without notice. Did I say this bank is a breath of fresh air? I would recommend this bank to anyone, as they remind me of what banking once was, professional.

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dreed's Profile Image

Reviewed by dreed

Dec 20th 2013

Bank trying to charge me for safe deposit box 3 years after closing account

Closed account almost 3 years ago due to horrible customer service and just received a bill for a safe deposit box, which I hadn't been in since 2009. They could not find the closing paperwork and want to charge me to "drill" open the box. I ended all relationships with this bank and now they are trying to get money for their error. Do not use this bank. I have had nothing but problems with them.

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DrexelGrad's Profile Image

Reviewed by DrexelGrad

Jan 27th 2015

Low Tier Bank

I had to help my mother handle her accounts and also tried to open an online account for her, they were not helpful at all. Two weeks later, i still do not have issues resolved. I personally bank at a big name bank and would nowhere have as many problems.

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