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TCF Bank 16th Street & California Street

640 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202

Downtown Denver Location

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Branch Phone Number (800) 823-2265

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TCF Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Pamela Aug 30, 2013

    Tcf Is Hands Down The Worst!

    3 1/2 years ago, i opened a business account with tcf bank in denver co. Everything was fine at first, once i found a good merchant account company, after being delayed for 10 days falling through the cracks with the co. This bank recommended. Within a 2 month period of time, they "lost" two separate cash deposits made at two different branches. Since i keep all of my deposit slips, i was able to prove i had made the deposits. It took an entire week to be credited the 300. 00 the second time around. Now someone has skimmed my debit card info. Using it in another state in person to buy designer brand items in that store totaling a large amount that i didn't have in my account. The bank approved the sale, even though i had no overdraft, and it was on a local business account. At the very same time this was happening in another state,
    i was at my bank making a cash deposit. The teller after taking my money, handed me back my own hand written deposit slip. I had to honk my horn to get him to come back to the window and trade me slips. Now after 777. 00 of overdraft fees, 4 very frustrating visits to the same branch, simply asking them for a statement form to fax in for my claim, (no one knew what to do and they were very rude)
    i have managed to get that through their dim heads. This is still unresolved 10 days later. They put the money back into my account as a "loan" while they investigate my claim but never told me. At that point upon seeing the money back in my account, i was thinking it was resolved, and used the money to pay bills. Several days later i get a letter explaining it all. Really? I would never have touched it had i known. Needless to say, after a very hard lesson learned here,
    i will never use a debit card again, i have a new account at a credit union, everything has been change over. I am just waiting for the word so i can close my account! Not only am i going to file a formal complaint, i will broadcast to the world, how horrible tcf bank is!

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