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16th Street & California Street

640 16th Street
Denver, CO, 80202

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SUN Closed
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16th Street & California Street Customer Reviews

Crys's Profile Image

Reviewed by Crys

Oct 30th 2011


Their new daily overdraft fee nearly left me homeless. I am on disability one check a month and they charged me nearly $400 dollars in overdraft fee's for a 20 dollar overdraft. They are a terrible bank, and i do not see how stealing money like that can be legal. I suggest never opening an account here, and if you have one close it.

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Tiffany C's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tiffany C

Sep 27th 2011


Tcf "the customer first" yeah right!! Should be bpf "bank policy first" very horrible experiance!! First off, they do not disclose all information to you, we were never informed of the $100 credit for opening an account. When we inquired about it we were informed that it was really only $80. 00 becuase you have to order checks to qualify for that $100. Of which the cost of the checks would be subtracted. Well tcf not everyone wants checks! Bs. We were never informed that if you use an atm that is not tcf that not only would you get charged the atm fee that you are using but you also get charged an additional 3. 00 by tcf for not using an atm of thiers.

They claim to be all about security well. We get a call that a fradulent charge was trying to be placed on our account, we cancel the card and wait for 2 weeks for a new one only to receive the card and new pin number in the mail at the same time. Wth??? Are you freaking kidding me?? Where is the security in that. If someone would have gone through my mail and mind you i live in downtown denver!! It would have made a crack heads day! On friady september 30th because it is to late to close my account (direct deposit) i will be closing this account. I will take my business to navy federal credit union where they actually care about the customer first!

My recomendation to you all looking for a bank if you can, go see nfcu they are amazing! You don't get overdraft charges used by your card (only by paper checks) the employee's are so helpful and amazing. You are not charged additional fees to use an atm other than nfcu's. The security measures are precise, accurate and on point. Peace tcf i will tell anyone and everyone that i know, how bad you suck!

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mirko's Profile Image

Reviewed by mirko

Jul 20th 2011

Very, Very Poor

Tcf bank has many locations and some friendly customer service people. However, the knowledge base of operations from the customer service folks, bank managers, all the way up to corporate vice presidents is woefully inadequate. My wife and i both had accounts with tcf and a heloc with them. Over our time with them, we have had numerous errors and frustrations with our accounts that have been extremely disappointing. Of these errors are included: the inability to change our mailing address after four separate calls and visits to branches, an erroneous closing of our heloc by the vp of lending based on talking to a title coordinator and never talking to me (the mortgagor), the lack of diligence in following up on a merchant error claim and (based on not changing our address) sending correspondence to an old address and subsequently sending an account to collections. This is above and beyond the bank's inability to pay tcf loans with tcf checking accounts directly at a branch as well as branch employees inability to look at the lending side of the business from the teller line. Further, i had a number of instances where mangers of branches referred me to other banks to get the service that i requested (this actually happened three times). In all, this bank seems to have grown too fast for its operational capacity. I hope that they are able to rectify the issues in the future, but for now would consider it a very poor option in banking.

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