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Munster, In Jewel Branch #2329

716 Ridge Road
Munster, IN, 46321

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SUN Closed
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Munster, In Jewel Customer Reviews

sherri3566's Profile Image

Reviewed by sherri3566

Feb 11th 2014

TCF Bank is all about charging as many fees as they possibly can. NOT customer friendly at all!

I've had my checking account since May of 2013 and have never been overdrawn before. In February of 2014 in the midst of moving I neglected to check my balance online before using my debit card for some purchases and overdrew my account. I called the customer service number and told them I was making a deposit today to cover the negative balance in my account and requested TCF waive the $37 OD fee and they refused. I received a $10 credit and will receive two more $37 OD fees (one of them for a charge of $1.10)! I'm closing my account and using the account I opened at 5/3 bank. 5/3 does not charge for using your debit card or for having a savings account balance below $100. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT TCF BANK!!

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TCF Bank Customer Reviews

Wynder's Profile Image

Reviewed by Wynder

Aug 31st 2014

Excellent Service

Have had several accounts for over 10 years. I appreciate the hours on weekends, Sundays, and late days and they are always professional. The online banking works very well. They were the only bank in Chicago to give me an account when I moved here. I am extremely satisfied with my branch on Milwaukee and if necessary, the actual Bank is not too far away on Fullerton.

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amanda80013's Profile Image

Reviewed by amanda80013

Aug 23rd 2012


TCF Bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. They constantly change their policies on what fees will be charged, how they are assessed, and how to read them when they are applied to your account. The customer service is horrible and the employee turn around rate is very high (They must treat their employees bad too)! I will be closing my account as soon as I can get to a location.

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