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Fridley Cub Branch

250 - 57th Avenue, N.E.
Fridley, MN, 55432

Customer service

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Fridley Cub Customer Reviews

Jeremy P's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jeremy P

Oct 6th 2011

horrible fee structure

I have had a TCF account for 7 years but they now charge fees for not using the account and went from a fee per transaction system that would cost 35 per overdraft to a daily fee of $28 for every day you are negitive. Go $10 negitive for 10 days it used to cost you $35 now, that will cost you $280.

The savings here reguire high balances or you get fees, so unless you have over $600 a month direct deposited and never go negitive stay away

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TCF Bank Customer Reviews

lakeland1's Profile Image

Reviewed by lakeland1

May 12th 2014

Happy Customer

I have been a TCF customer for 4 years now. I chose TCF because when I was a customer at Wells Fargo I would be charged new fees all the time for having checking and savings accounts along with fees for having a credit card and a debit card. TCF does not have any of those fees. They also stand by their commitment to pay their customers for referring new customers. Many of the dissatisfied posts are due to people over-drafting their accounts and their not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. It doesn't matter where you bank, if you over-draft your account you are going to be charged fees. As long as you keep money in your account and do not over-draft it you will not have any issues with this bank, and you will also not be assessed many of the regular fees associated with most other banks!

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amanda80013's Profile Image

Reviewed by amanda80013

Aug 23rd 2012


TCF Bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. They constantly change their policies on what fees will be charged, how they are assessed, and how to read them when they are applied to your account. The customer service is horrible and the employee turn around rate is very high (They must treat their employees bad too)! I will be closing my account as soon as I can get to a location.

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