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Carytown Branch


3556 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA, 23221

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SUN Closed
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Union First Market Bank Customer Reviews

sparmadj1's Profile Image

Reviewed by sparmadj1

Feb 4th 2015

Poor Internal Controls/Processes For Construction Loans

I started working with the branch of this bank in south carolina june of 2014 for a construction loan and have had difficulties at every critical step of the process. During the documentation gathering process, after everything had been gathered over a period of several months (they had to get updated information because of time lapse) they requested information at the last minute causing me to contact my builder at night, after hours so they could have it for the loan documentation. During the appraisal process, they sent out and appraiser that wend to the wrong property and had to appeal the appraisal. The appeal is a 5 page document which they asked me, the customer, to complaint as they said they had limited time and knowledge to adequately state a case for the appeal.

So, in essence, i did their job. The appraiser re-did the appraisal 3 times. At least i was only charged once. The day of closing, they were not ready with al the documentation and made me and my attorney wait 3 hours as we kept finding problems with the paperwork once we did receive it. During the first draw, they shorted my builder by only baying 25% of invoiced services and materials. After weeks of appealing, once again, they paid and additional 5%. Still not close to amount invoiced. In my january payment to them, the check got lost in the mail. I had several phone calls to them on that.

They finally waived the late fee. Now - with no new draws made, i have received a statement for 3x more than last month. I have called them 3 times in the last week and they are still researching as to why. They cannot figure it out. I do not trust their processes, their internal controls, nor their systems. Unfortunately, i cannot change banks until after closing.

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kelley's Profile Image

Reviewed by kelley

Jun 23rd 2014

Not Worth the Free Checking

I have had numerous problems with this bank that would take too long to write about. I could not retrieve my free online bank statements for last year. Though they would not help me with access to getting all the statements for the prior 6 months to a year. Even though the bank claims to storage up to 7 years for easy access. To this day I still have never been able to access the bank statements prior to changing to paper. Only one location was willing to help me and not charge me $1.00 for each month I needed.

I can not order bank stuff online and have it delivered to my home. I have to call if I need things other than bank statements sent to my mailing address because they keep sending stuff to former addresses. That I was told former addresses were no longer on file. Send important online banking to an old email address I also had changed. The current address they send the paper bank statements too. Makes no sense this has been going on for over a year now.

Certain locations care more about the customer and better able to help. I find however it is rare to find a helpful employee via the toll free online banking number. Therefore I no longer use any of the online banking features. Difficulties when ordering address labels or anything else online Union First Market Bank using their supplier a 3rd party company. The address on the labels were different then the address package was mailed to. You can only use one address on products that the bank has on file. I had to call the 3rd party to have them re-delivered as Union First Market Bank would not help.

Summary Not worth the free banking. I was going to see how the bank was and if satisfied move my larger accounts to this bank. Some Representative just don't care, have an attitude and lie about it taken 2 days before a Supervisor will call back. Issues are rarely resolved much less in a timely manner. I can only my account for POS purchases. Only good to report is free checking and no fees.

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EdgardoRivera's Profile Image

Reviewed by EdgardoRivera

Dec 18th 2013


Filed a complaint for an unauthorized charge to my credit card. I was made to come into the bank in person to fill out a two page form. When I returned a week later the complaint was not processed, and I was asked more questions about my incident. They did not help me and treated me as if I were trying to steal something. The whole time the teller smiled at me while I was aggravated.

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