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Shasta Way Branch

1613 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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Washington Federal Customer Reviews

moneyman's Profile Image

Reviewed by moneyman

Apr 1st 2014

Online bill pay sent checks to wrong address.

In the spring of 2013, I used online bill pay to pay my county real estate taxes. I input the correct payment address and account number and they sent it to the electric company. In the fall, they did the same thing so I dug deeper and noticed that the address that I had input had changed. It appears that in a computer conversion that the bank had jumbled all the payment addresses. So the dumb CPA that I am, I thought, surely this cannot happen again. So I went and paid it again through online banking and for the third time they mailed it to the wrong address.

They care so little about my money that they send anywhere they please.

So the question must be asked: does my money really exist in this bank or is it really just a giant Ponzi scheme?

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Ryan's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ryan

Mar 4th 2010

Don't bother

After a few bad experiences with Chase (post-WaMu), I decided to open a checking and savings account with Washington Federal Savings as their Ballard (Seattle) location was close to where I live.

Two weeks after opening the account, I noticed a $14 withdrawal from my checking account by an unknown party. As it turns out, personal checks are automatically ordered when opening their Simple Checking account. I inquired about this charge, as it was not explained to me nor was it documented in the disclosure or fee rate sheet, and they essentially just said it was part of the process and that it was not documented. At one point I asked, "What documentation was I given that explains $14 will be removed from my account for ordering checks?" The teller replied, "Where does it say we won't?"

Thanks Washington Federal Savings for the two weeks of great service and two days of horrible service. I will be closing my accounts.

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readypro's Profile Image

Reviewed by readypro

Apr 17th 2013

It's Larry Curly and Moe!

The bank is very unprofessional and unpredictable. I have a credit rating of 800 and have been jerked around on my home loan to where I feel like I am in a used car lot being run by Larry, Curly and Moe. One minute my loan is approved, the next its not. Then when I insist on paperwork that says its approved, they tell me something like this, "Oh, I need to verify your employment. How do I do that?" Insert your own favorite three stooges line now! So, Im gonna close on Friday, or maybe two weeks from now, or today? Woo Woo wo! LOL I'm done riding this train. Its time to restart this whole process with a real bank.

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